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Larry Hohm

Larry Hohm tells stories with an edge—compelling works of fiction written by accomplished authors. His repertoire includes stories by H.G. Wells, Joel Chandler Harris, Joyce Carol Oates, Mark Twain, Ray Bradbury, Roald Dahl, and Ursula K. Le Guin. He performs frequently at the Northwest Folklife Festival, the Pocket Theater,… LEARN MORE

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Sarah Comer

A gifted storyteller, Sarah has brought new life to old tales at the annual Bonfires Beaver Pelts and Boogeymen Halloween storytelling event, Pioneer Days, and most recently her one-woman show Telling Stories, where she explored common themes in folktales and the ways storytelling has changed – and in other ways stayed the same – across the centuries. LEARN MORE

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Moved By Words

In 2020, Moved By Words (an Indigenous, Black, Person Of Color lead organization) has organized a writer's weekend and livestream event in partnership with Northwest Folklife. New Voices 2020 is a showcase of award-winning writers in the Pacific NW. Viewers are asked to support the artist by making direct donations. To support Moved by Words,… LEARN MORE

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Living Legacies: A Conversation with Tricia Diamond and Rob Florence

Rob Florence - Preservationist, playwright, filmmaker, author. Friends of New Orleans Cemeteries founder & the New Orleans Musicians Tomb. Tricia Diamond - Preservationist and educator in Seattle since 2008.  LEARN MORE

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Living Legacies: A Conversation with Lori Goldston

Lori Goldston is a Seattle cellist and composer. She performs often, locally and abroad, solo and with collaborators from an enormous range disciplines, genres and places. She is a founding member of the Freelance Artists Coalition of Seattle (FACS). Viewers are asked to support artist by making direct donations. To support Lori, please donate… LEARN MORE

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