Festival Artist Directory

Northwest Folklife would like to recognize the artists, musicians, storytellers, leaders, and culture bearers who were initially slated to perform at the 49th Annual Northwest Folklife Festival. Although we are not able to gather together at this time, we encourage you to continue to show your support for these artists and the work that they do.



MariBased1 is the next generation of Seattle music. Maribased1 comes from the inner city of Seattle Washington. He won numerous awards the “Best Mixtape” award from the Seattle Sound Music Awards in 2018 “Breakout Artist” for the West Coast Hip-Hop Awards in 2018 and “Top 20 Movers N Shakers” in Seattle’s Best of the Best Crane City Award coming in at #8. MariBased1 received an award from his Label BJ&J ENT. for achieving 1 million views on Facebook for his single “Ripping & Running” off his mixtape “Mariotto Mixtape Vol 1”. He has 2 videos in rotation on BET


1000 Cellos

Karen Fardal

Whether you are a cello student, a cello teacher, a member of a community orchestra, a member of the Seattle Symphony, Yo Yo Ma or a cellist without a formal affiliation, you are invited to join this exciting one-time event bringing together Seattle cellists to perform in a Northwest Folklife Festival Cello Orchestra! We will play a number of well-known cello ensemble pieces.

3rd Grade Montlake School Singers

Sharing songs we know!

A Legacy of Laughter

Anne Rutherford, Norm Brecke

Anne Rutherford has been a featured teller at the National Storytelling Festival,Teller in Residence at the International Storytelling Center and five-time winner of Northwest Folklife’s Liars Contest. Her CD “The Habit of Joy” is an Award winner. Before becoming a full-time professional storyteller Norm was an award-winning teacher. He’s told stories from Oregon to South Carolina, L.A. to B.C. This is his 12th year as a performer at the NW Folklife. Festival. Anne & Norm often perform and lead workshops as a duo, and love introducing people to the surprising power of good storytelling.


Aaron Semer

A troubadour for our troubled times.

“With Cape Disappointment, Semer deserves a seat at the table alongside Jeff Tweedy, Steve Earle, Warren Zevon, and John Prine. He's that good." - PopMatters | The songs you grew up with on the radio. The dusty back roads. The grimy alleys. Hobos. Hipsters. Intellectuals. Farmers. Your mulleted cousin. These characters, melodies, and stories effortlessly infuse themselves into Semer’s songs. It’s America itself, in all its glory and horror. Or as The Stranger put it; “A listener feels as if these songs have always been there, waiting for someone to discover them.”



Post-horncore punk for all!

Grounded in blistering punk roots, Actionesse blends twisting, zany brass with anxious, aggressive post-hardcore. The result is both a recorded and live experience that has been described as "a more nuanced level of rock brutality" and "one of the best live shows in Seattle right now". Barreling forth with rejuvenated vigor, 2019 sees Actionesse in their boldest mode yet - after their third tour of the West Coast and Southwest, 2019 festival bookings (including Capitol Hill Block Party), coverage on NPR, and the release of their debut full-length LP 'The Deep Bright Below', post-horncore has made its mark on Seattle.



Explosive Afro Indie music

Afrosonics - a fusion of guitars, drums, percussion, keyboards, electronic soundscapes, vocals, dance and chants. With African and American rhythms, the music incorporates eclectic sounds and the root of each member intermingles to create something both classic and unique they call Afro Indie



Where Fans Comes First

AK-47 aka Ray Jackson born and raised in California but originally from Port Townsend, WA. I called my business BIGHMW official which is called as Heavy Metal Warrior and called my fans, "Legions of Warrior Nation." Ray enjoys listening to 1960s and 70's classic and acid-trip/hippie/groovy/psychedelic rock, plus rap/hiphop, R&B/funk/groove, punk/hardcore, speed/thrash/death and classic metal, and also classic and smooth jazz during his spare time. He went to high school with Cindy Margolis I like to rap old school and performed various places in Port Townsend, Bremerton, and most likely Seattle.


Aleili & The Veils of the Nile

Lively Nile Folkloric Dances!

Aleili & The Veils of the Nile have been performing teaching and studying the Art of the Belly Dance for many decades. Aleili has been recognized as one of Seattle’s most influential instructors and performers. Her inspiration started the North Bend “Alternative Hafla’s” to help her students become more confident and empowered to step onto a stage. Her dance name translates into “A high peak a gathering place and a source of inspiration”. Aleili passionate desire to inspire others through dance has been a life-long commitment. To dance is to live your highest expression of your life story and community.


Alex Dunn

Folk/Americana - Singer/Songwriter

Reformed commercial fisherman Alex Dunn stakes his claim as the latest in a long line of hard-worn men and women making Americana music in the Great Northwest. On his debut LP "Scattered Poems " Dunn explores his reflections on the many lives he's led from his youth along the border of Colorado and Wyoming to the quiet moments on a commercial fishing vessel in remote Alaskan waters where much of the album itself was written. Scattered Poems is an elegant and timeless debut graced by the talents of northwest Folk luminaries Anna Tivel, Eli West, and Birch Pereira among others.


Alexandra Blakely with Amora

Social Change Spiritual Inquiry

Alexandra Blakely is a singer-songwriter, storyteller, solutionary walking a path of ancestral healing, the reclaiming of lost cultural practices and gathering information for becoming an elder. You may have discovered her lyrics via Amora which is an umbrella of collaborative projects with the artist Alexandra Blakely. Amora is rooted in the Spanish verb Amor which means to LOVE. She lives between Duwamish Territory (Seattle WA) and Tenochtitlán (Mexico City). She dedicates her life in service to healing and searches to fill intergenerational holes with rooting. These are the journey's that are braided into her music.


Allspice International Folkdance Band

International Folkdance music

Allspice has been playing for International Folkdancing since the late 1970's. We enjoy the variety of rhythms and the lovely melodies. We play many tunes written or transcribed by past band members. We also enjoy playing for listening and are available for parties as well as dances.


Amber McDowell


Amber Sweeney

Listen With Your Heart

Seattle recording artist Amber Sweeney is a highly sought after performer and songwriter whose often been compared to the likes of Allen Stone Bonnie Raitt and Sheryl Crow. Her distinctive voice and stage presence demand attention and make her the darling of every bill. She draws her fans into the stories with lyrics and music long remembered. She is accessible on stage unlike other artists and fans feel as if they’ve made a new friend in Amber. “Amber Sweeney possesses one of the most powerful voices around the northwest" ~Northwest Music News


An American Forrest

Western Music

An American Forrest is the words and music of Forrest VanTuyl; packer, poet, cowboy, and songwriter from Wallowa County, Oregon.


Ana Montes and Flamenco Danzarte

Flamenco Dance and Percussion

Ana Montes has been dancing since she was 5 years old studying classical ballet, then found her destiny with the art of Flamenco. She studied under many flamenco masters in Madrid and Sevilla Spain, then has performed professionally in Flamenco Troupes ever since. She performed in Spain, Europe the U.S. and Mexico. She is known for her charismatic stage presence, her powerful percussive footwork & clapping, her beautiful arm and hand movements, her beautiful choreography, and her ability to transmit and evoke deep emotion and her joy of dance. She teaches adults and children at her Seattle studio, Flamenco Danzarte.


Anadolu Turkish Folk Dance Group


Anadolu Turkish Folk Dance Group has been performing authentic folk dances at NW Folklife since 1980. Since 2012, the group has performed only at the Turkish Showcase, which is every other year. Showcase dance performances are theme-centered and intermingled with pre-recorded/live music and stories. The group's repertoire includes dances from all parts of Turkey, including some neighboring countries such as Azerbaijan, Georgia and the Balkans.

Anadolu Youth Dancers


We are a youth Turkish folk dance group in Seattle. We've been performing since 2009. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for children to experience Turkish cultural heritage through performing arts. Folk dancing is a wonderful way to build leadership, teamwork and dedication. Although most members of our group are children of Turkish American descent, our group welcomes all children who are interested in folk dancing. our performances We regularly perform at International Children's Friendship Festival, TurkFest and Northwest FolkLife. We also do additional performances at other events, local schools, retirement communities and cultural foundations.


Anatolian Melodies


Recently, we gathered to perform as a Turkish music choir in order to support a charity event. This experience showed us that Turkish music is so rich and powerful and the music is one of the best ways to cultivate friendship, share experiences and inspire each other. Since then, we would like to gather and sing "Anatolian Melodies".

Anga Kala Kathak Academy

Indian Classical Dance -Kathak

Anga Kala Kathak Academy is one of premiere school of Kathak (North Indian Classical Dance) specializing in the Lucknow gharana (school of Kathak) under the artistic direction of Antara Datta. It has branches in Seattle, WA, Cleveland, OH, Columbus, OH and Pittsburgh,PA.


Anne Rutherford

Good Stories, Well Told

Award-winning storyteller Anne Rutherford delights audiences nationwide with funny, touching performances that include tales of personal adventure, Pacific Northwest folklore and prize-winning tall tales. However, she is also five-time first place winner of the Northwest Folklife Liar’s Contest, — so don’t believe everything she tells you.


Anzanga Marimba Ensemble

Infectious African marimba music

Anzanga is celebrating 33 years of performance history including an inaugural performance on the Mural Stage at Foklife. The group under the direction of Sheree Seretse, has toured extensively throughout the country and has performed abroad in China and South Africa. Anzanga, all-time favorite place to perform is Folklife. The group has produced 5 recordings to which the last two are available today.


Appalachian Flatfooting

Charmaine Slaven

Originally from Western Montana, Charmaine is a professional musician & dance instructor, specializing in traditional American roots music and square dances. She loves sharing her love of music with people of all-ages, and performs with her musical projects Squirrel Butter, The Tallboys, The Lucky Shots, and The Piney Gals. At home, her baby girl and two dogs keep her busy hiking, gardening, and creating art. More at charmaineslaven.com


Aradhya Dance Academy

A Kuchipudi Dance Recital

Aradhya Dance Academy, a Kuchipudi style Indian classical dance school was founded by Smt. Bhavana Kudikala. The school has been dedicated to promoting the art form in the Seattle area for the past 15 years.



Soulful Crooner w/hiphop flavor

Araless is an emcee, singer/songwriter, and animator based out of the Pacific Northwest. He's the co-founder of the beat collective Filthy Fingers United and the artist collective Black Magic Noize.When Araless raps, he interweaves sociopolitical, counter-cultural commentary with grimy boom bap production - his execution is like no other. When he sings, he croons smoothly about love and life with more soul than he has any right to.


ART: American Radio Theater

Radio Theater performed live

American Radio Theater (A.R.T.) is a group of classic-radio enthusiasts, dedicated to bringing lost old-time radio shows back to life, along with new plays written and performed in the classic style.


Arvid Lundin and Deep Roots

North Idaho Fiddling

http://Inland North West Bluegrass Association

Askin Sesi

Ottoman Classical Music

Atlas Stringband with Tony Mates, Caller

High octane dance tunes

We are Seattle generated. Our genesis was a Folklife performance almost 15 years ago. Without the opportunities that Folklife offers, we may never have become who we are today .... as performers on the Old Time scene.


Aurora Quadrille Band with Laura Me Smith, Caller

Oregon 19th century dance

The Aurora Quadrille was formed to record music from the music manuscripts left by members of the Aurora Colony, a 19th century religious commune in Oregon. Typical ballroom dances in the 19th century included both square dances (called quadrilles) and couple dances. We are re-creating this style of dance music, based on the manuscripts as well as authentic style arrangements created by Toby Hanson. Members of the band are all experienced musicians with a wealth of knowledge of music and dance.

Autoharping Styles: Old-Time, Celtic, Country, Blues, and Pop

Cathy Britell

Cathy took up the autoharp when she heard Bryan Bowers at Northwest Folklife in 1988.  She went on to win the International Autoharp Championship at the Walnut Valley Festival in 2005. She  wrote the popular beginner’s book “It’s An Autoharp!” in paper and digital form, and also Autoharp for Kids. Cathy is the 2012 inductee into the Autoharp Hall of Fame.  She plays Celtic, Scandinavian, and American traditional music, modern folk, blues, and rock. 


Baby Gramps

Salvador Dali of Americana

Will send by email


Bachata Seattle

Latin dance performances

Bachata Seattle represents the salsa and bachata community of Seattle. Our aim is to spread the love of this latin dance, bring talent to train dancers and make social events accessible to everyone!


Backpack Chris

DJ & Great Guy

My name is Christopher Smith aka Chris Zapata. I am a local comedian. I have only been on the stand up comedy scene for 7 years.

Bad News Botanists

Instrumental funk-soul experiment

The birth of the Botanists started by our saxophonist Frank Vitolo Their diversified styles show extended knowledge of both modern popular music 90's hip-hop R&B Seattle grunge to multiple eras of jazz bebop and soul. Their debut album Venomous Nightshade is available on every major music streaming platform.Though Bad News Botanists is cataloged as Jazz this album sows the seeds of millennial music right into their sound. Fans have compared their music to such bands like: Lettuce Karl Denson's Tiny Universe. After the release they received praise from all corners of the Seattle community including two nominations Earshot Jazz.


Bahia In Motion

Bahia In Motion

Bahia In Motion teaches Brazilian dance, Capoeira (Brazilian martial art) and Zumba in Seattle and runs yearly tours to Bahia, Brazil. Their work is rooted in the Brazilian cultural traditions of Northeast Brazil, but also includes dance forms from Rio de Janeiro and other parts of Brazil. Bahia In Motion collaborates with local organizations to provide educational workshops and performances. Past collaborations include Seattle Theater Group, Pacific Northwest Ballet, Spectrum Dance Theater and Fremont Arts Council. Bahia in Motion values the importance of building community and creating awareness around health, wellness, culture and the healing arts.


Bailadores De Bronce

Mexican regional folk dance

In 1972 a group of students at the University of Washington led by Josefina Jaramillo Alvarez united in a common goal to demonstrate their pride in their Mexican heritage through music and dance. In many ways it was a product of the Civil Rights and Chicano movements. The group was chosen as the representative of the Washington State Hispanic community in the 1986 World's Fair in Vancouver B.C. All dancers instructors and the Board of Directors volunteer their time energy and efforts to ensure that Bailadores de Bronce continues to thrive.


Balkan Sing-Along

Dina Trageser

Dina Trageser is the founder and director of Dunava Balkan women's choir, and Mike Gordon is the band leader for long-time Balkan party band Balkanarama. They share a passion for the intricate rhythms and harmonies of the music in the Balkan countries, and love to introduce new audiences to the genre. This will be their third Balkan sing-along at Folklife.



Southeast European Party Music

Balkanarama plays popular songs of the '70s, '80s and '90s from southeastern Europe, including songs of the Rom (don’t call them “Gypsy”) people who migrated from India to Europe almost a thousand years ago. The Seattle quintet plays instruments popular at weddings in the Balkans today – alto sax, clarinet, keyboard, bass and drums – with four voices singing in eight languages. Balkanarama has performed at festivals, weddings, dance parties and concerts in the Pacific Northwest since 1997 and has released three CDs. Follow them at facebook.com/balkanaramausa.


Ballard Sedentary Sousa Band

Ya Sousa, You Betcha

First there was Sousa, then there was Elvis… The Ballard Sedentary Sousa Band, Seattle’s own non-marching march band, plays the greatest hits of marching band music by John Philip Sousa, Henry Fillmore and more. This spirited 30-piece brass and wind band comes with a splendid collection of band uniforms, appearances by the Ballard Sedentary Sousa Band Drill Team, and the World’s Finest Sedentary Majorette, who performs thrilling feats of seated baton twirling. The band’s sparkling good will never fails to make people smile.


Ballet Folklorico De Mi Tierra

Mexican traditional folk dances


Banda La Mejor

Mexican Regional Banda

Banda La Mejor came together with musicians who trained in Mexico but now live in the Northwest and have the same love of Norteno style music called Banda. Come with your dancing shoes on, because we're going to get your body up and moving to the high energy music!

Bandwidth with Rich Goss calling

Full spectrum contra music

Bandwidth brings together three of Portland’s contra dance music veterans, Gordy Euler (fiddle, whistle, piano), Keith Moe (fiddle), and Carl Thor (piano, mandolin) in a new configuration. Their list of band affiliations reads like a “Who’s Who” of the Portland folk music scene, including: Hands4, Full Moon, The Steeltones, Shanghaied on the Willamette, Stepwise, Cascade Crossing, Celtinalia, Tunestruck, and, of course, the bodacious Portland Megaband. Be ready for an exciting, full spectrum of contra dance music when these gents take to the stage.


Barvinok Ukrainian Dance Ensemble

Ukrainian Folk Dance

Barvinok Ukrainian Dance Ensemble was founded in 2004. Currently we are the only dance school that offers Ukrainian Folk Dance classes in Washington State. Over the past decade our students have performed for various audiences, at cultural festivals and private events, and participated in many competitions. Our main goal is to turn dancing into a passion and spread knowledge about Ukraine's vibrant culture to our local community. Each of our dances originates from a specific region in Ukraine, and the choreography, costumes, and music represent that region’s uniqueness.



Topical satire sung acapella!

The Beaconettes are an all-female acapella singing group from Seattle. We sing familiar tunes to which we write our own satirical Seattle-centric lyrics. We have put on a workshop in the Cornish Courtyard at Folklife for a number of years. We performed with the Seattle Symphony at the Holiday Pops concert series in 2017 and 2018.

Beats 2 The Rhyme

206 Zulu Hip Hop Legacy





I have been performing on bones for 45 years. I first learned to make and play bones from Hank Tenenbaum and Percy Danforth.



Rick Fogel

In 1975, Rick first learned to build and play the dulcimer in Charlottesville, Virginia, after receiving a masters degree in nuclear physics. He has since founded the Whamdiddle Dulcimer Company, built hundreds of dulcimers, performed and taught workshops at the Augusta Heritage Center in West Virginia, the Wisconsin Stringalong, Northwest Folklife in Washington, and collaborated with the Seattle Symphony on a movie score and recording. Rick was featured in a TV documentary for PBS and NHK Japan on the “Craftsmen of the World” series.


Beginning Talking Drum & Sakara Drum

Mohammed Shaibu

Belfast Bandits

Celtic infused folk rock

The Belfast Bandits are a Celtic folk rock band formed in Seattle in 2013 by founding members Ian Henderson (drums), Josh Johnson (bass guitar and backing vocals), Chris Cass (guitar and backing vocals), and Tim Kariel (lead vocals, Irish whistles, and harmonica). The band has followed an inspiration over the years for performing Celtic rock versions of traditional Irish/Celtic songs, Irish reels and jigs, and covers of Celtic-influenced modern songs. The band has developed a fan base performing at many smaller music venues around the Seattle area.


Bella Jovan

Bella Jovan International Dancer

Bella Jovan is a professional international award winning dance artist and choreographer renowned for her energetic enticing and vibrant style. Bella is extremely passionate about modern Egyptian and American style belly dance. Bella is known for her dynamic style of belly dance which has mesmerized audiences all over the world such as Egypt, China, Turkey, India, France, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Hawaii,Arizona, California,Costa Rica, Florida and more! Bella has had an exhilarating and engaging year so far and looks forward to more international travel shows and classes. Please visit Bella Jovan's website for more information www.bellajovan.com


Belladonna Border Morris

Beautiful Yet Deadly

We are an all women’s border Morris dancing side. This type of dancing comes from ancient English Morris traditional dancing.


Benjamin Hunter

Funky, Folky, Futuristic, Fiddle

Ben is an award winning multi-instrumentalist—violin mandolin guitar percussion voice—whose interests lie in roots music from around the world. Born in Lesotho raised predominantly in Phoenix with stints in Seattle and Zimbabwe Ben was raised classically on violin but now plays a variety of styles—roots folk jazz blues gospel world. In 2017 Ben composed music for a dance piece Black Bois that has received critical acclaim and most recently played at The Moore Theater in February 2020 and is currently an artist-in-residence for


Bess Hepner


Bess Hepner is a multi-genre musician who has collaborated with hip hop artists, circus performers, and folk singer-songwriters. From ages 15-20, Bess played in the Western Massachusetts-based multi-genre dance band Who’da Funk It? She studied classical guitar at Smith College with Phillip De Fremery 2012-2016. In 2016 Bess moved to Seattle and began pursuing her solo project. In April 2019 she released her debut solo album 17-24. Bess was involved with Bess and Amber, a neo-soul Seattle duo 2018-2020. She plays bass for Erika Lundahl, guitar for jazz vocalist Alina and guitar for A Frayed Knot’scircus production “The Vivarium.”


Bharat Kids Choir

Hindustani Classical Pop Fusion

Bharatanatyam Duet Performance

Rhythm Gestures Expressions Storytelling

Neha Venkatesh and Shradha Shankar, both high school sophomores, have been passionately learning Bharatanatyam from Smt. Vidyalakshmi Vinod for the last 10 years. The dancers have both completed their Arangetram or dance graduation and also performed at various dance productions and festivals in Seattle as well as India. Shradha and Neha were chosen to be part of the Raga Labs in Advance category, representing Washington. Neha is a Judge's Special Mention award winner in the Cleveland Aradhana Dance Competition and is now continuing her learning of the art form with Smt. Shweta Prachande.

Billbillies with Joe Micheals, Caller

Billacious Contras

All members have played old-time and Bluegrass music for many years, and have played in many bands. Some members appear on commercially available recordings. One member has played on the Grand Ol Opry.

Blazing Fingers with Susan Petrick, Caller

Sizzling hot contra tunes


Blue Flags and Black Grass

Viper Jazz Jug Band

Blue Flags & Black Grass is a combination of many flavors of acoustic American Roots Music. With the instrumentation of Banjo, Res-o-phonic Guitar, Fiddle, Washboard, Kazoo and Upright Bass, Blue Flags emulates the String Bands of the 1920s and ‘30s. Their typical gig will blend Ragtime, Viper Jazz, Country Blues, Old-Time, Jug Band and Bluegrass.


Bluegrass Grand Finale

Bollywood Traditional Dance style

Nalini Bollywood dance instructor

Nalini is a professional dancer choreographer and teacher in the greater Seattle area. She is known for captivating audiences with her technical skill emotionally expressive performances and compelling choreographies. Her repertoire includes Belly Dance Bollywood and Russian Gypsy dance. Nalini is the founder and director of the Blue Lotus Dance Company a professional company that performs throughout the region. Under her direction Blue Lotus has become an award-winning company receiving 1st Place in “La Danse Orientale Belly Dance Competition” and “Belly Dancer USA” in 2010.


Bonnie Dundee

Ancient, Modern, Scottish Dance

We are a group of dancers from Seattle and points north to Bellingham; some of us are founder members (1992). We perform Scottish dances from the 1700s to the present day and enjoy both ancient and modern music and dance. We like to give historical context with costume and props and we try to provide the atmosphere of dancing in Scotland whether in Village Hall or at a Highland Ball. We focus mainly on 2 of the Scottish dance traditions social country dancing and solo step dancing. We have performed at many venues and love what we do.


Boom-Boom Diggy

Seattle Hand Drummers

Our mission is to enhance our communities through positive connections using the experience and power of rhythm and group drumming. SHD and its members are dedicated to giving back and serving the needs of others in our greater Seattle area. Community Engagement by way of learning, loving, teaching and sharing is our main goal and directive.


Bran MacGuffin with Caller, Isaac Banner

Suspenseful and nutritious

Yet another combination of local contra dance musicians who really enjoy playing together. Counting only other contra dance bands: Amy also plays with Wake Up Robin, the Free Raisins, and The Waxwings. Brandon plays with the End Effects and Contra Sutra. Dave plays with KGB, Contra Sutra, Bag o'Tricks, and more bands than he can easily count.

Breakers Yard with Woody Lane, Caller

Hoedown meets wow.

Breakers Yard is the Willamette Valley’s most eclectic acoustic band. Sampling from ragtime, country blues, jug band, hot jazz, and delta blues traditions, we do everything from Lindy Hop dances to cowboy ballads to bootie-shakin’ dance parties. You can find our most recent albums I Don’t Hurt Anymore and Tried and Untrue at shows, on Spotify, and on CD Baby, or you can pay us a visit at www.breakersyardmusic.com. Break it down!


Brett Habenicht


Brett Habenicht is a singer-songwriter from Ravensdale, Washington. He draws from his love of our natural environment and the history surrounding his family story here in Western Washington. Influenced by blues, roots rock, americana, country and bluegrass/folk, Brett writes with a passion and feeling that evokes thoughtfulness from the listener. Brett has been a part of the local music scene for many years .


Brian Vogan and his Good Buddies

Big songs for wee-folk

Brian Vogan and his Good Buddies play creative and interactive music the whole family can enjoy! Led by rambler, early childhood music educator, and smile provider B. Vogan, the Good Buddies specialize in dance inducing grooves with the catchiest melodies this side of Sunday! As and educator, Brian's decade of work with "at risk" children around the NW was championed by Chris Cornell who graciously funded Vogan's music program and children's music recordings throughout the years. With help from rock producer Barrett Jones (Nirvana, Foo Fighters, etc.) the Good Buddies have released 7 albums of original songs for rock kiddos.



Vintage Jazz and Blues

Both Briar and Joe Seamons grew up in tiny Pacific Northwest communities where their fathers worked in local paper mills. They met in 2014 at the Port Townsend Acoustic Blues Festival where they began to bond over a shared love of Bessie Smith dancing and banjos. In 2016 the duo now a couple began performing jazz blues and folk songs throughout the Northwest. Together in 2017 they began bringing teenaged musicians from South Seattle to join them at the annual PT Blues festival so that more youth and especially students of African American ancestry could connect with their cultural heritage.



Antifascist Yiddish Folk-Punk

Brivele is a Seattle-based anti-fascist klezmer folk-punk trio, who braid together oral history, Yiddish language, contemporary and old-country musical genres, American vaudeville, and visual arts. Brivele — Yiddish for "a little letter" — sing songs that have become letters to us; ancestors' voices that speak clearly and uncompromisingly, sometimes sweetly, to our present moment. These songs have traveled through time and over borders, picking up dirt, aromas, fingerprints. They’ve been stolen, censored, and salvaged. Brivele sings a bisl Yiddish, because sometimes Yiddish says it best, tasting familiar and unfamiliar at once.


Bulgarian Voices of Seattle Women's Choir

Bulgarian Women's Folk Choir

Bulgarian Voices of Seattle is a women's choir, formed in 2011 by founding director Mary Sherhart, now directed by Michael Lawson, and sponsored by the Bulgarian Cultural and Heritage Center of Seattle. All of the singers were born in Bulgaria and range in age from 18 to 85. The choir sings traditional and arranged folk songs from Bulgaria. The choir provides a musical bridge into Bulgarian heritage for the Bulgarian community and the general public through performances at Bulgarian and other community events.


Bunny Holiday and the Highball Boys

Vintage swing for dancers

The Highball Boys coalesced around the effervescent personality of Bunny Holiday, accomplished jazz singer with an affinity for all things antiquated. While she brings the long-forgotten verses of jazz standards back to life, the band reanimates the tunes with their hot licks and wild rides. It all adds up to a swinging, slinging, singing good time for listeners and dancers alike.


Ca Gaze

Vintage jazz for dancers.

Members of Ca Gaze met as students at Jazz Night School in Columbia City. They've developed an affection for the music of Django Rheinhardt and other artists of the swing era. Ca Gaze especially enjoys playing for dancers.


Caitlin Jemma

Soul, Country, Mystical Folk

To experience a Caitlin Jemma performance is to witness an artist blossoming in real time. Her sound fills the room with an assertion that remains open to all that it encounters and each song is a living growing entity that reflects the melding of a myriad of influences. Her versatility emerges through an honest exploration of her art and her identity remains steady as she traverses the musical spectrum of soul country and mystical folk.



Samba / bossa nova

Caixa performs traditional Brazilian bossas and sambas with an acoustic sound.


Cajun Jam Session

Nick and Soon Andrews

Camp Songs & Rounds

With Rita and Micki

Micki Perry is a founding member of 3 Rivers Folklife Society in the Tri-Cities of Eastern WA. She has been producing concert there for over 30 years and Tumbleweed Music Festival for 23 years. She has attended Rainy camp for 5 years and her Camp Songs workshop has been popular there. This is her 36th year performing at Folklife.

Cape Disapppointment

Local Indie Americana

Cape Disappointment is the moniker for Seattle-based songwriter, Jeffrey P. Martin. He writes “raw, honest, stripped-down” songs about places, loss, love, and life. He’s been playing all over the country for the past decade—everywhere from New York to Seattle. Formerly as Jeffrey Martin, now as Cape Disappointment. The first release from songwriter Jeffrey P. Martin under the moniker Cape Disappointment.


Capoeira Angola

International Capoeira Angola Foundation

International Capoeira Angola Foundation it is a non- profit-organization founded in 1997. Our mission is offer Capoeira Angola class for kids and adults as a way to promote healing and create a strong and vibrant community. Our studio is located in Seattle, international district, and we also host classes in Afro-Brazilian dance, West African dance, Bomba and Orisha dance.We provide also lectures, performances for colleges, schools and community centers to present and discuss the cultural arts from the African Diaspora.



Modern Street Piano Instrumentals

Capriccio is a multimedia art project centered around recording instrumental compositions within the the natural backdrop of Seattle's green spaces. Headed by pianists Noel Pelland and Josh Alexander, the Capriccio project celebrates the role our natural environment plays in our collective upbringing. Capriccio explores the interplay between planned compositions and urban unpredictability - the contrast between the order of the cityscape and the serene parks, ravines, and forgotten pockets that quietly but inexorably infuse the landscape. This performance includes musical highlights of the project, which is set to debut as an audiovisual album in 2020.


Captain Awesome Sauce

Fun, family-friendly, interactive music.

Captain Awesome Sauce (aka Dan Metteer) plays fun and interactive music for the whole family. He has been playing music for kids for more than 15 years. He and his wife, Rebekah, especially enjoy singing and dancing with their own three kids, Julia, Katie, and Andrew.


Carl Christensen & The Sobbing Rainbows

Orchestral Indie Rock

Carl Christensen graduated music school with a degree in music composition & for a senior project he recorded and released an album, Double Decades, that blurs the lines between classical and rock music. While the music features bold orchestral arrangements the songs themselves maintain a core of storytelling through lyricism. Think Bruce Springsteen & E Street band meets a full orchestra. Song topics range from rushing into an ill-advised romance, to expressing gratitude to your closest friends, to depression & therapy dogs. Double Decades is currently enjoyed by a small but extremely dedicated fan base, which expands with every show.


Carolyn Cruso

Adventurous Dulcimer, Story Songs

Carolyn grew up in the culturally rich Hudson River Valley, home of Pete Seeger and the river sloop Clearwater. Playing music since the age of ten starting with flute then guitar in her teens and hammered dulcimer in her early twenties. Carolyn came to the northwest after graduating from University of New Hampshire with a degree in Environmental Conservation. She spent three years as a wandering minstrel in Europe in the late 80's and has been traveling the northwest and the nation ever since performing at festivals, folk clubs, coffeehouses and churches. She's recorded nine albums.


Carroll-Henderson School of Irish Dance

Irish Experience in America

The Carroll-Henderson school seeks to provide an Irish experience in America for each and every student that walks into our studio, and we hope to create the same for each audience member that watches us perform. The school aims to create a community environment fostering friendships, confidence, and discipline while teaching the traditional, artistic, and competitive style of Irish dancing. Students of the Carroll-Henderson School of Irish dancing develop a strong technical foundation alongside artistic movements, and, moreover, they learn to share their art form with community.



Traditional and Contemporary Celtic

Portland, OR based "Castletown" was formed in 2012 and has a sound best described as "AmeriCeltic," blending the heart and soul of traditional Irish reels with modern folk, blues, jazz and country influences. The band is spearheaded by Singer/Songwriter Guitarist Robert Richter. Talented Singer/Songwriter Heidi Beth Sadler joins him on fiddle. Known for their engaging live performances they perform as both a duo and with their full band. Castletown’s new CD titled “Traditions” features 15 songs from the band.



High-kicking Celtic music

Goat, strings, and flutey things make this Celtic band! Our energetic songs will launch you straight out of your seat and propel you to Ireland.


Cedar Revolt

indie rock originals

A band that is connected through parenting and music, and dedicated to developing original material.

Cello eXperiment

An eXperiment in Cello.

The Cello eXperiment, aka “Cello X” was founded in 2010 by Peter featuring his highest-level students. They have recorded an album at Jack Straw Studios and performed at the Seattle Mariners, Triple Door, the Moore Theatre and elsewhere. As comfortable performing Metallica as they are performing Bach, their mission is to push the boundaries of cello playing.


ChaoPraya Ensemble

Thai Traditional Music/Dance

ChaoPraya Ensemble members consist of Thai immigrants and Americans living in and around the Puget Sound area that come together to perform and teach Thai traditional music and dance. Our ensemble performs Thai classical and folk music on traditional Thai instruments as well as a wide range of dances, from lively regional folk dances to the graceful and stylish court dances. Our mission is to help preserve, protect, promote and share our Thai cultural heritage, particularly in traditional music and dance with all people, especially with younger generations.


Chaotic Noise Marching Corps

Renegade punkrock street band

A Seattle based renegade marching band that's bringing the party to pacific northwest streets, bars, clubs and beyond.


Chennai Beats

Gramiya Nadanam is a deep South Indian folk dance form. This is performed especially during harvest festivals where the entire community gets together to rejoice.

Chennai Beats was the manifestation of Valli's love for dance. Chennai Beats believes dancing helps one relax and is an outlet to emotions hidden deep within. The patrons together explore Bollywood, Kuthu, classical, fusion and various other dance forms. They have consistently grown every year with increased participation in competitions in Seattle area and humbly accepted awards at few events as well! Chennai Beats' aim is to spread joy in the community through dancing.


Chinmayi Bhavanishankar

Bharatanatyam, Shiva & Peace

Chinmayi Bhavanishankar is an Indian classical dancer, amateur photographer and marketer. She started learning Bharatanatyam in India when she was 8 and it has been a continuing journey as she steps into her thirties. After a decade of learning in India she moved to Los Angeles and was part of the Angahara dance ensemble with guru Ramaa Bharadvaj and performed in and around California. While she was doing her graduate studies at Carnegie Mellon University she gave a talk at TEDxCMU in 2013. Chinmayi continues to learn and perform in Seattle along with her career in marketing at Microsoft.

Chris Barnes & Patrick McMonagle

Tricky Zwiefacher Dance Rhythms

Chris Barnes - regular travel to Alpine areas, othen chasing new Zwiefacher tunesPatrick McMonagle - dance leader at Folklife since 1972


Chris Klimecky

Melodic Acoustic Singer-Songwriter

25 years after the release of his first record, Chris Klimecky has performed across the US and settled in Seattle as a regular contributor to the NW Singer-Songwriter scene. His brand new 6th album, 2020's Crystal Monkey Project, features melodic band arrangements with both acoustic and electric stylings. Chris is also Executive Director of the non-profit organization Songwriters in Seattle, which has over 3,800 members and runs more than 10 events every month.


Chris Spengler

Explore, Dance, Grow!

Chris was born in Brooklyn, raised in Queens, and came to Seattle for the good weather. Chris has an affinity for things that start with 'S' like storytelling, square dancing, and sumo wrestling. Currently looking for a girlfriend, preferably a Sandra, Susan, or Sophia, but will make an exception for the right person. Chris has been storytelling at Fresh Ground Stories for the last 5 or 6 years. She tells at Under the Rainbow in Edmonds, and occasionally at The Moth in Fremont Abbey.


Christopher Frick

Folkrock Fingerstyle guitar

Seattle folkrock fingerstyle guitarist challenged by the current times hoping only to play with power and sing truth and hope.


Circular Reasoning

Logical Psychedelic Funk

Circular Reasoning is an unconventional retrofitting of R&B and funk from the fertile grounds of the Seattle music scene, overlaying psychedelic, jazzy audacity over old-school stone grooves for a sound that can be described as… logical. Materialized in the U-District by arranger/keyboardist Mikko Nynäs, CR has been romping around the area since 2011, and released their second full-length album in early 2020.



Exuberant, Intense, Fun, Entertaining

The Ciresarii cultural experience was founded in the spring of 2017 By Andrei Rusu and Smaranda Abaco at Saint Mary's Romanian Orthodox Church in Portland. With the help of the Romanian community, Ciresarii was able to grow through talented and dedicated youth, who have worked countless hours in preserving the traditional Romanian dances from varies areas of Romania.


Clallam County

Woody, Pete, Kingston Trio

Clallam County, "Seattle's Slowest Rising Folk Group", formed in 1980 as a collaboration between Pat McIntyre and Peter McKee, when Peter was living in Port Angeles, Washington - the county seat of Clallam County. A couple of years later, Peter's wife, Judy Oerkvitz, joined the duo, as did Pat's wife, Kristi. In 1990, Jim Douglas joined the band on bass. As of 2018, the band continues playing shows around the Seattle area with current original band members Pat McIntyre, Peter McKee, and Judy Oerkvitz. Our music is inspired by Woody, Pete, Kingston Trio and many others.


Clave Gringa

Lively Cuban Jazz

CLAVE GRINGA is a Seattle-based Latin jazz ensemble showcasing the compositions of Ann Reynolds. The music is Cuban-flavored, makes you want to move. Their concerts are varied, dynamic and engaging. The repertoire draws on traditional Cuban styles - from the European influenced danzón and chá to the Afro based rumba and 6/8 folkloric rhythms – with an infusion of jazz. The band was formed in 2008 and released a second CD, Joy in 2019. Bandleader Ann Reynolds has traveled to Cuba many times to immerse herself in this music and present it in the states.


Cliff Perry and Laurel Bliss

Ageless Old Time Duets

Cliff Perry and Laurel Bliss began as a singing duo in the late 80’s and are now recognized veterans in the bluegrass and old-time music communities. Respected by their peers and beloved by their fans Cliff and Laurel always deliver a wonderful collection of old-time country duets. You can tell they are greatly influenced by the Carter Family however they’ve also internalized and taken their own approach to the material. Old-time country music encompasses a myriad of styles and Perry and Bliss opt for a composed straightforward approach that like the Carters’ music, suggests an earlier era.

Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann

Traditional Irish Set Dancing

Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Éireann promotes traditional Irish culture in the form of music, dancing, and language. Jim Belcher, the caller, leads Irish set dancing ceilis twice a month in the Seattle area, he has been teaching and calling traditional Irish Set dancing since the mid 1990's. The Pride of Bothell ceili band plays traditional celtic music for these set dancing ceilis. Susan Burke, Joan Maybank and the other members of band are great practitioners of the music tradition, and have many years of experience playing Irish and Scottish music, keeping the tradition of reels, jigs and polkas alive.

http://Seattle Irish Set Dancers

Cornerstone Studio

More than just dance!

We offer top-notch dance training for youth, and our students are encouraged to think, create, and grow so they leave every class learning more about dance and themselves. We foster self-confidence in our students through the art and discipline of dance and our teaching style is supportive encouraging and fun! We are currently accepting new enrollments into our beginner-level online dance classes and up to an intermediate level for kids who have previous dance experience. Our Virtual Learning platform delivers pre-recorded classes to your inbox featuring unique content & training each week!



Fiery transatlantic fiddle/guitar duo

Brian and Alex have been friends and bandmates for over ten years. They got their start as freshmen at Oberlin College in Ohio, where they formed the contra dance band Gallimaufry. In 2014 they moved to western Washington, where they have emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the contra dance and folk music scenes. Brian's darting fiddle, Alex's powerhouse guitar, and the duo's constant creativity and willingness to push boundaries create a sound that is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and movement to your feet.


Cowboy Andy and The Salamanders

Family friendly rock-n-roll!

Cowboy Andy and the Salamanders are a high-energy, family-friendly, all-original, rock-and-roll, hyphen-using band from Missoula, Montana! The group brings movements, sing-alongs, and their whacky bright energy to every stage. Excellent fun for all ages, especially those with whimsy in their heart and a desire to dance!


Cowboy Camp Sing-Along

Rich Hinrichsen

The cowboy camp sing-along performers have led sing-alongs all over the northwest, included songs of social justice and cowboy songs of the open range. Hinrichsen led the Cowboy Camp Sing-Along at Bellingham Folk Festival earlier this year (2019), which was quite popular and led to the book "Sing Along Cowboy," now available on Amazon books. Hinrichsen will bring the book for participants to use. Info on the book may be found at https://www.amazon.com/Rich-Hinrichsen/e/B07QGGMJQV%3Fref=dbs_a_mng_rwt_scns_share.


Cowgirl's Dream

Western swing and hillbilly.

Cowgirl’s Dream is the dream of singer/bass guitarist Kristi Nebel. The band specializes in western swing interspersed with the Americana songs of her husband, Steve Nebel, and an occasional cowboy song thrown in. As well a polka pops up now and then and a number of songs from the Texas Playboys are in the band repertoire. Kristi’s first solo CD has been nominated by the Academy of Western Artists for both best song and best female artist of 2014. Their recording of “Swingin’ In Tucson”,has has been #1 on the Swingin’ West radio show out of Seymour, Texas.


Craig Wolfe

Practically Perfectly Paired Dances

Craig has been calling dances in the Seattle area for about 7 years now and this will be his 5th time calling at Folklife.

Crankie Showcase

Magical Moving Panoramas!

The Crankie Showcase features a collection of Northwest artists, musicians, and storytellers spinning yarns and singing songs, all accompanied by illustrated scrolls, or moving panoramas, called "crankies." Crankies are a once-traditional folk art form in resurgence - a charming, flexible artistic format that lends itself to the telling of stories both old and new.


Creative Kidz

Bollywood Dance Fusion


Culture Shakti

American Tribal Style® Bellydance

Katrina Ji & Culture Shakti is a Seattle dance company specializing in Bollywood, Bhangra, Rajasthani Folk, and ATS® Belly Dance. Led by owner and director Katrina Ji they have performed locally at Key Arena, NW Folklife Festival, Microsoft, Democrats of Washington, the Boeing Diversity Fair, and the World Rhythm Festival. Katrina Ji also tours internationally with the Rajasthani Gypsy Caravan. Come join us for classes in the Seattle Center Armory or find us at www.CultureShakti.com for more


D. Mikey

Smooth and Smokey

The sour smell of cannabis hits your nose haze streaks the space between you and your friends like smoky galaxies the vibe is bona fide and the music? Well reach for any of D. Mikey's releases. Timeless—that’s Mikey’s one word describing what he wants his music to be. You’ll find most of his music is about smoking— make sure to ask him to roll you one because seeing is believing—but in reality the lyrics are dipped in double entendres laced with emotion and filled with feeling.


Da Oddah Guyz

Auntie's Backyard, Hilo, 1950

We've been jamming together for the last 12 years. We have played at the Roeder House in Bellingham, the Seattle Slack Key Festival, the Lalama Heritage Festival and private parties in the Puget Sound area



Nepalese Traditional/Folk Music

Dabuli aim to advance deeper understanding and strengthening of rich music, arts & cultural heritage of Nepal and the Himalayan region to build strong intercultural communities. We facilitate music and culture workshops; offer lectures and residencies; collaborate and perform music, arts and cultural heritage of Nepal and Himalayan region with those from other communities.


Dale Russ

Traditional Irish Fiddle Music

Dale Russ has been playing Irish fiddle for 45 years. He has performed and taught at festivals, ceilis and feiseanna throughout the U.S. and Canada, including many years at the Lark in the Morning camp in Mendocino, California. In 1990 he was invited to perform as one of the 16 finest Irish fiddle players in the U.S. at the first Boston College Irish Music Festival, “My Love is in America”. He has many recordings to his credit and has been featured in Fiddler magazine. He has also performed as far west as Japan yearly since 1996.


Dalrymple MacAlpin

Irish Illumination Tales

Dalrymple MacAlpin is a professional composer playwright puppeteer storyteller and poet. He has been writing preforming and touring with his characteristically offbeat repertoire for over two decades and has recorded and produced seven albums of original material. When it comes to storytelling MacAlpin has a particular fondness for myths legends fairy tales and riddles from Ireland Scotland and Wales. A Bard by his very nature he accompanies his stories with a distinctive lyrical tenor and sprightly harp accompaniment. MacAlpin is also a visionary scholar culling together a cohesive and exhaustively researched program of artistry which both delights and informs.


Dance Masti

Bollywood Dancing

Bollywood Dance group, We perform very ethenic dances, which showcases Indian culture. Dance Masti is a group of high energy performers age ranging from 5 years to adults. We have been performing in NWFL for past 2 years and very excited to perform again.


Dance with Dora

Brazilian fusion from Piauí!

Seattle-based Dora Oliveira, a native of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, has been performing and teaching Brazilian dance to adults and kids for decades. She is an esteemed dance instructor and beloved by her diverse community of students and audiences alike. Her choreography encompasses dance styles and rhythms from all over Brazil, including all flavors of samba, funk, modern, and orixa dance. Her style is constantly evolving, and her creative energy is endless. In a word, Dora is captivating - a natural born star performer not to be missed!


Dance-O-Rama with Sean "Gator Boy" Donovan

Northwest Dance Network

Sean Donovan combines passion for music and dance with his great love of teaching to provide joyful, exciting lessons for all skill levels. Sean is a creative and highly effective communicator, focused on the vital power of dance to delight and transform us. He began teaching in 1999 and has been on faculty at Northwest Dance Network since 2004. A professional DJ as well, Sean hosts dances, provides music and private lessons for special events (through his company Gator Boy Productions), and loves to help get the party jumping!

http://www.nwdance.net or www.gatorboyproductions.com

Dances of Universal Peace

Sing/Dance for Peace

Elizabeth Dequine, Hayrafatah and Hassan Swanson are certified leaders and mentors of Dances of Universal Peace and have led dances and retreats world-wide. Dances of Universal Peace are simple multi-cultural circle dances that use phrases music and movements from many traditions of the earth. Building on the work begun by Samuel L. Lewis in the 1960s they promote peace within individuals and understanding and connection within groups worldwide. During the Pandemic, we our holding our Wednesday night dances via Zoom. The link and details are at our website, listed below.


Dante and Eros Faulk

Innovative Cello/Fiddle Duo

Dante and Eros Faulk have been playing music their whole lives, both picked up a string instrument at the age of 3. Today, at 18 and 15, they are both multi-instrumentalists. In addition to cello and fiddle, they play guitar, bodhran (Irish drum), banjo, cajon, among other instruments. Performing, recording, and arranging are some of their favorite things to do! Their unique sound blends old traditional Celtic music with new and exciting arrangements. As of November 2019, they are working on a new album of dynamic original music, produced by renowned fiddler Ryan McKasson.


Dave and the Dalmatian

European Men's Folk Acappella

Dave and the Dalmatians started and still enjoy singing the songs of the klapa tradition which originates along the Dalmatian coast and islands in the Adriatic Sea. Celebrating their 26th year, the guys sing multi-part a cappella songs from Croatia and the Balkans, various Mediterranean islands, Italy, Wales, Russia, Armenia, and Georgia. They have released three CDs and are recording a fourth.

David Guilbault

Heartfelt Americana

Seattle singer-songwriter writes, records and performs soulful music of life, love and loss - heartfelt Americana songs that live in the truth. A former journalist devoted to reporting the objective truth, David is now free to present a subjective view of our times.


David Maloney

Venerated northwest songwriter performer

David Maloney as one half of the legendary songwriting duo, Reilly and Maloney. He has recently released his thirteenth solo album, "Reflections" to go along with the eleven Reilly and Maloney albums. David is one of the founders of the west coast folk roots movement. From the Seattle Weekly: Throughout his long, nourishing career, David Maloney has fine- tuned his craft as a visionary songwriter and affecting storyteller…David’s intuitive and personal delivery is something fans everywhere have come to cherish.

http://David Maloney - singer

Dear Crow

Sweet harmonies, twin fiddles.

Penka Jane began playing fiddle as a child and has been singing since she first heard the radio. After discovering a love of traditional Irish music, she found Old-time, Bluegrass, and Quebecois along the way. Brian Lindsay was a Mid-Atlantic champion Irish fiddler by age 16, but his love of contra dancing brought him to other flavors of fiddle tunes including Old Time. Dear Crow was formed on a roadtrip in the summer of 2019; they're looking forward to many tunes to come.


Deb Seymour

Martian chicken colonoscopy songs

Funny lady Deb Seymour's songs will take you on a wild ride with hitch-hiking chickens, tango-dancing Martians and maybe a miscreant alley cat or two. She'll pause to re-fuel with a jazz-infused torch song, then resume the rollicking journey with her musings on the absurdities of day-to -day life. Seymour's influences include Christine Lavin, Chuck Brodsky, Weird Al Yankovic...and nearly every Broadway show ever written. Prepare to have your imagination tickled and your heart strings pulled!


Debbie Miller

Indie-folk story-telling

Seattle songwriter Debbie Miller is like a tantalizing book of short stories. In fact there are few musicians who work as diligently as she to be as narratively engaging. Often described as Joan Baez meets Sarah Silverman, Miller weaves honesty humor and melodic prowess into a one of a kind performance. Miller, who has played prominent Northwest festivals like Timbrrr! and Upstream, also appeared on PBS’s “The Great American Read ” which highlighted her song “Queen of Hearts.” Following that the musician released an anticipated 7-inch vinyl called 'Two Sides,' which features songs inspired by literary works.


Debbie Wooten

Humor Nurse

Comedian Debbie Wooten is an expert on overcoming adversity. Debbie has suffered adversity. Born with Spina Bifida Debbie contracted Polio when she was only five months old. Because of her skin color the white kids wouldn't play with her and the black kids didn't accept her because she was different. Her adult life wasn't much easier. She had two marriages that ended one because of suicide one because of abuse. But fortunately for her audiences she's taken her problems and faced them with strength grace and a lot of humor.

Deep Roots Dance

Tribal Folkloric Fusion Bellydance

Deep Roots Dance is an ATS®-based tribal fusion bellydance company in Seattle, with a focus on joyful expression and strong technique. We offer classes and workshops for dancers of all levels, from bare beginners to ongoing students wishing to hone their technique. For almost 20 years we have been known for our excellent instruction and welcoming and supportive environment, which nurtures the whole student as a valued member of our creative community.



Sultry, powerful, soulful rocker

Dejha is a Northwest rock icon by way of Brooklyn. Performing all over the world, she is widely recognized for her powerhouse vocals and incandescent performances. With influences as diverse as David Bowie, Prince, the Kills and PJ Harvey, Dejha’s evocative work has become crucial listening for any fan of soulful rock and roll.


Diatonic Button Accordion

With Kory Tideman

Kory Tideman has been playing diatonic accordion for 45 years. He has lead a workshop at the Leavenworth Accordion Celebration and is thrilled to host a workshop at the Northwest Folklife Festival. Come join this workshop for an overview of the diatonic accordion, history, styles, discussion and demonstration of Cajun, Tejano, Scandinavian, Alpine and British Isles.



Psychedelic hip hop

Diogenes makes beats. It's neat.


Dirty Cello

Cello blues and bluegrass!

From China to Italy and all over the U.S. Dirty Cello brings the world a high energy and unique spin on blues and bluegrass. Led by vivacious cross-over cellist Rebecca Roudman Dirty Cello is cello like you’ve never heard before. From down home blues with a wailing cello to virtuosic stompin’ bluegrass Dirty Cello is a band that gets your heart thumping and your toes tapping!


Don Cho Slack Key

Hawaiian slack-key instrumental music

Don Jenkins & Friends

John Denver Sing Along

Don Jenkins is a vocalist/guitarist performing primarily in the Puget Sound area covering folk and pop artists. His friends, Charlie Torres, Paul Withington, and Bruce Hanson accompany Don on ukulele, banjo, mandolin, percussion, and bass guitar.



New music, traditional tools.

Dréos is a Celtic ensemble of performing composers who create new music and reimagine old music using a traditional vocabulary. Combining the blazing piping of Eliot Grasso virtuosic fiddling of Brandon Vance and powerhouse accompaniment of Glen Waddell Dréos offers listeners exciting handcrafted music in a living tradition and brings audiences and students into a centuries-old cultural-artistic dialogue. Dréos has been engaging listeners in North America and in Europe since its inception.


Dub Lounge International Featuring- Adrian Xavier and Stingshark

Championing Rootz Reggae Dub



Balkan women's choir

Dunava ("the Danube") is Seattle's premier Balkan women's choir. They have been delighting and moving audiences with folk songs from Eastern Europe for 15 years. Dunava’s repertoire spans the vast range of vocal traditions from the Balkans and beyond featuring lush harmonies and strident dissonance dance tunes and mournful ballads. The expressive music speaks for itself and communicates with listeners all over the world across language boundaries.


Eckstein Middle School Jazz Band

Eckstein MS Jazz Band

Eckstein MIddle School Senior Jazz band has been performing for over 28 years, and is part of a long tradition of jazz in Seattle. Currently, there are 1100 students at Eckstein, and there are multiple ensembles for students to choose from: 3 jazz bands, 4 concert bands, 2 vocal jazz ensembles, 3 orchestras, 2 choirs, and drumline. Band director Moc Escobedo has led the North End bands since 1994.

Eckstein Middle School Wind Ensemble

Eckstein MS Wind Ensemble

Eckstein MIddle School Wind Ensemble has been performing since 1950. There are 1100 6th, 7th and 8th graders. We perform music from around the world. We have 3 orchestras, 3 jazz bands, 4 concert bands, 2 choirs, 2 vocal jazz ensembles and a drumline.

Eclectic Cloggers with Moonshine and Turpentine

Clogging to Old-Time Music

The Eclectic Cloggers is a Seattle dance group that performs a high energy style of traditional Appalachian step dancing to live Old-Time music. This percussive dance form comes from the eastern mountain region of the United States, where it began as a mix of Irish, Scottish and English step dances with African and Native American influences. Since 1982, the Eclectic Cloggers have performed at festivals and community events throughout the Northwest.


Ed D'Alessandro

Ragtime Bluesy Contemporary Folk

I've playing guitar and singing since I was a teenager over (gulp) 50 years ago. I learned, played, and taught finger style guitar for many years. I cut my teeth on traditional folk blues and ragtime guitar songs. I have lately focused on my own songwriting, often incorporating my background in the folk blues and finger style into my songs.


Eduardo Mendonça & Show Brazil!

Brazilian Music

Eduardo Mendonça Last name pronunciation: (menDONsa) Eduardo Mendonça a native of Brazil throughout his travels in the US Canada Nepal and Brazil the talented musician composer-arranger and musical director has explored the many and varied genres of Brazilian popular music entertaining such notable personalities as the 14th Dalai Lama Pope John Paul II and former South Africa President Nelson Mandela. Mendonça appeared in the PBS “American Masters” documentary: “Paul Simon: Born at the Right Time”.



Salsa Con Jazz

Eléré are a new Latin jazz group on the Seattle music scene. Led by conguero Danny Mendoza, they bring you the sounds of jazz, salsa, Afro Latin folklore, bossanova and more to move your body and soul.


Eli Rosenblatt

Beats! Songs! Stories!

Eli Rosenblatt brings beats, songs and stories from the heart for humans of all ages. World roots guitar stylings, beatbox, and lyrics that focus on connection to self, nature and other humans create space for singing, dancing, connection and celebration of life!


Eli West

Deep songs, honest delivery.

Eli West is a Seattle-based acoustic musician. Known for his solo work and collaborations with Norwegian fiddler Olav Mjelva Cahalen Morrison and more the singer and multi-instrumentalist oozes understated talent. ‘Making music the world needs’ – Tim O’Brien ‘West is an artist overflowing with ideas and music’ – Green Man Review ‘Eli West is an exceptional singer guitar player and musician really deep stuff’ – Martin Simpson "I had such a wonderful time playing music with Eli West and am so happy our first notes together are documented here on this beautiful recording.” - Bill Frisell



Seattle based singer-songwriter

Coming all the way from Miami, FL, singer-songwriter Elisha brings a funky, jazzy, groovy style to the Seattle music scene. With silky-smooth vocals and a swing in her strum, she aims to raise awareness and combat mental illness while spreading love and joy to all. Norah Jones, India Arie, and Tracy Chapman are primary influences. She released her debut EP titled "Blue" in November of 2019.


Ella-Bella Bee & the Pollinators

Bee Concert Musical!

EllaBella Bee received support from 4culture KC and the Seattle Public Libraries.  Twelve shows this year have allowed Composer/Writer/Performers Janet Rayor & Clayton Murray, who met as members of French acoustic band Rouge, to develop this musical. Rayor is an avid gardener and concerned environmentalist.  Her songs and recordings have been on radio, in films, plays, and even CBS! Pianist Clayton Murray, has performed in Australia, Japan, and around the Northwest including Moisture Festival, PantoTheatre, and as a solo jazz-variety player.  A life-long full-time musician, he also plays the bandoneon, accordion, tuba, organ, and euphonium--a small tuba.


Elliott Bay Blues Band

Classic Electric Blues Rock

The Elliott Bay Blues Band is fairly new on the Seattle blues scene and is playing Folklife for just the second time. But although the band is new, most of its members have years of experience performing in other bands, from folk to bluegrass to rock - even country western and dance bands. They span the ages, so to speak, and hail from all around the US, and even Europe. They love living right here in the great Northwest and are excited to bring you some great blues tunes.


Elspeth Tremblay

Australian singer-songwriter

Elspeth Tremblay is an Australian singer-songwriter and musician, known for her pared-down songwriting style in the folk music genre. Following the success of her debut release Return (2014), Elspeth toured the U.S, Australia, and Canada, where she now calls home. Elspeth is currently recording a new album, set for release in early 2020.


Emerald Ballet Theatre

Classical Ballet Character Dance

Founded in 2007 and led by former Bolshoi ballerina Viktoria Titova, Emerald Ballet Theatre (EBT) is dedicated to advancing the arts through education performance outreach and collaboration with other arts organizations. EBT’s company allows young dancers to perform with regional and international professionals in classical and original contemporary ballets staged by EBT. EBT’s outreach takes dance into the schools and the broader community and provides support for those not usually exposed to the arts. Emerald Ballet Theatre aspires to challenge celebrate and inspire setting the standard for dance performance on the Eastside and beyond.


Emerald City Songwriter Circles

ANYONE at the festival can share an original song

Folklife's celebration of original music. 11th-annual, open-to all circles where ANYONE at the festival can join the circle to share an *original* song! Listeners welcome, too.

Enzian Schuhplatter

Bavarian Folk Dancing

Enzian Schuhplattler is dedicated to the promotion of Bavarian folk dancing culture and costumes. The club was founded in 1965 by German and Austrian immigrants in Seattle Washington (USA). Enzian Schuhplattler has performed at a variety of events around the Pacific Northwest including the Northwest Folklife Festival, Leavenworth's Maifest and Oktoberfest, Oktoberfest Northwest at the Western Washington Fairgrounds in Puyallup, and a multitude of other regional events.


Estonian Dancers

Seattle, Portland, Vancouver Estonians

Estonians formed dance groups in the West Coast towns of Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles after WWII. These dancers are members of the Vancouver, Seattle and Portland dancers who are part of that West Coast Estonian lineage. Many of these dancers were in Estonia last summer for the song and dance festival there. All of them performed last summer in Portland for the West Coast Estonian Days. They will be performing in Seattle for the West Coast Estonian Days in summer 2021.


Exploring Brazilian Choro’s History Through Forgotten Songs

Eclipsed music tradition revived

Lifelong musicians Karen Tsao and Paul Korsmo have been immersed in Brazilian choro, studying and performing as Chorando na Chuva (Singing in the Rain), for the past decade. To research the importance of song in choro, Karen was driven to pursue a Masters in World Music Studies and has developed presentations and workshops to share this knowledge. Though they play flute and guitar as well, Karen and Paul are foremost singers, giving expression to the emotions of both lyrics and melody.


FACES Dance Group

Authentic Filipino Dances/Love Song

Family Worship Center

Probably a cult.

Behold, May you find joy in the following message as I have found joy in you! We are but one collective 9 member VIBE forever rotating throughout time, space and consciousness.


Fantasy A

Be Positive Be Inspired

Fantasy A aka Alexander Hubbard is an autistic rapper, songwriter, self-promoter, & beat maker who was born and raised in Seattle, WA on May 23rd, 1993. He started his rap career in 2014 after he started posting flyers to promote himself, his music, and social media platforms that gets recognized by hundreds of people in Seattle. He joined Strawberry, Lizette Love, & Jenna on KUBE's The Wake Up Show to be a special guest in July 2019.


Ferry Bound

Fiddle tunes from everywhere.

JJ and Andy have been scratching out tunes on fiddle and guitar for decades. Over the years they have explored an eclectic range of tunes from around the world.

Festival Sundiata presents "All those Originals" with Funk E Fusion, Mach X, Lizzie Sunchine, Zhanea June, Shelby Poole, April Shantae, Grady & More

Black Arts: Original Style

Zhanea June: Young and talented has four Original Songs Shelby Poole: Neo Smooth has two original Songs. Lizzie Sunchine Powerful Gospel Driven,April Shantae: Sultry,Jazzy (In a Breast Cancer Battle) Grady: Pure Gospel. Mariah: 14 years Old Gospel Driven Funk E Fusion: They play it all Etta James to Bruno Mars. Mach X: Young they play the new R & B

Fiber Arts

Jill Green

I have knit 12 years. Teacher by trade. Bus driver by day. Knitter all the time!

Fiber Arts Booth

Folklife Festival

Born in the Chicago area in 1950. Raised a strict conservative Lutheran and became a free-thinking atheist. 4 years as a medic in the US Air Force. 34 years as an RN. Retired.


Fiber arts demonstration - weaving

Fiber arts: Jill Green

I do handweaving on everything from tiny looms to big looms.


Fiddle Footed Cummings

Scottish Gaelic Family Band

Our daughters Flora and Elinor have been around Scottish and Gaelic music and language all their lives. They have been studying violin and learning Scottish and Gaelic tunes and songs for the past 9 years During that time they have also been studying Scottish Highland Dance with Karen Shelton and have green competing in the northwest and in Scotland. Judith is originally from Glasgow Scotland where she played harp and sang with the Whistlebinkies for 17 years. Judith teaches harp and is a fluent Scottish Gaidhlig (Gal-Like) speaker. Dale sings mostly Scots songs. Our family band started in 2012.

Filipiniana Dance Co

Filipino Song/Dance Company

Filipino Community of Seattle - Kalahi

Philippines Traditional Dances-Music

The Filipino Community of Seattle Kalahi Philippines Dance Company or also known as “FCS - Kalahi ” is a cultural dance group whose members are made up of Filipino parents grand parents children and grand children. The group’s primary goal is to encourage family participation and involvement in the Filipino Community events and activities, and also to promote Filipino culture through dance and music. FCS-Kalahi Philippines Dance Company is under the leadership of , Relations Manager, Arlene Perez and Dance Teacher/Choreographer, Juliet OmliCawas Cheatle.


Filthy FemCorps

All women/non-binary brass band

We are an all women and non binary brass band who fosters a nurturing environment where all types of women are empowered to freely express their creative talents, push boundaries joyously, fiercely and unapologetically through high energy music and movement developing both as individuals and as a sisterhood of musical warriors.


Filthy Fingers United

hip-hop beats freestyle showcase


Fire & Ice Irish Dance Company

Irish Ensemble Choreography

It’s the fire of the feet and the icy stillness of the upper body that makes Irish dance mesmerizing to watch an even more fun to do. Fire & Ice Irish Dance Company began in 2001 in order to give performing opportunities to dancers of all ages and skill levels. We hope you enjoy our show.


Five Nordic Dances, One Easy Step

Use these dances at tonight’s Scandinavian Dance in the Armory.

Kathi and Don have been dancing and teaching together for 30 years. They have taught Scandinavian dance workshops several times at Folklife, as well as regular sessions in Seattle with the Skandia Folkdance Society, and guest teaching gigs in several other states, Canada, and London, England. Their approach is to help people appreciate the joy of Scandinavian dance and music through clear and enthusiastic teaching. They have trained and competed in Sweden & Norway. They have been awarded medals by the Swedish Organization for Culture for their proficiency.


Southwest Lousiana Dance Music

We all have individually been playing the dance music of Southwest Louisiana for over 20 years. We have played together either in band form or at jams for almost as long. We have all made numerous trips to Louisiana to study with the masters and to enjoy the dancing, food and music there. This music is our passion and our favorite thing is to play for a room full of dancers.

Folk Voice Band

International Folk Dance Music

Staring in 1988 in California, moved to the PNC in 1990... Philip native of Holland, Birgit from Germany met at an International Halloween party in Long Beach, CA. Performers at Cultural Crossroads, Swedish Club and Midsomar Festivals.


Folklore Mexicano Tonantzin

Youth dance group


Forgatós Hungarian Folk Dance Ensemble

Hungarian Folk Dance

Forgatós Hungarian Folk Dance Ensemble (former Kisbetyárok) preserves and share the treasures of Hungarian folk dance culture. Supported by the Hungarian American Association of Washington, practices are held weekly at the Overlake Christian Church. The children and adult groups learn the improvisational village dances progressively. The group performs regularly from Seattle to San Francisco.


Free Range Folk Choir

Worldwide Acappella with Soul

Welcoming singers of diverse ages, backgrounds and musical experience the choir celebrates the ways that music from around the world can lift the spirit and cultivate community. Founded in 2008 the Free Range Folk Choir has grown to include 60-80 members each season. Under the direction of Shane Jewell the choir goes to the roots of folk tradition -- audience members at choir concerts often find themselves drawn into the music, learning to sing along or clap gospel-style. Come join us in song!


Fromwithin Dance Academy

Medley of Bharathanatyam Margam


Frozen Charlotte

Crankie Box Story Songs

Alex Ramirez and Erin Elliott, best friends of over a decade, make up Frozen Charlotte and this is their first artistic collaboration together. Alex is a well known wedding cake designer and artist in PDX and Erin is a singer in the Portland folk band The Saying and the Said. Alex brings otherworldly visions to accompany Erin's sonorous singing voice creating stories made of paper, light, and shadows using the Crankie box to share both Erin's original songs and resurrected long buried treasures.


Fun tango steps for all levels

With Ilana Rubin Tony Fan

Tony Fan and Ilana Rubin have been dancing the Argentine tango together for more than 25 years. The beauty of their movement and instruction comes from their maturity in the dance, strong connection and deep respect for the music. Their tango program offers weekly group lessons on Tuesday nights in the Greenwood area and Thursday nights in the Capitol Hill area. Tony and Ilana also host a popular weekly social dance on Saturday nights at their beautiful dance studio, Dance Underground, on Capitol Hill, promoting a verity of dance and fitness programs. For more detail please visit their website: www.seattletango.com.


Gin & Pontic

BlackSea Greek Dance music


Ginny Reilly

My Own Songs

I sang harmony and lead as part of the duo Reilly and Maloney. We performed at the Northwest Folklife Festival for many years and recorded 11 albums on our own independent label in Seattle. We performed at the Philadelphia Folk Festival the Cellar Door in Washington DC Passim in Cambridge MA and the Earl of Old Town in Chicago. We retired in 2016; our final show was at Seattle Town Hall. Since then I have performing by myself. I have written several songs that were audience favorites such as "Did Beethoven Do The Dishes?" and "Wild Man" .


Glass Beaches

Folksy, bluesy, alternative, indie-rock.

Glass Beaches is an indie-rock band from Seattle, WA, combining elements of alternative rock, blues and folk music. Formed in 2017 in the guts of post-industrial Georgetown in South Seattle, Glass Beaches' self-titled debut album was released in 2018. Songwriter Nick Gendreaux grew up in the epicenter of the Northwest indie-music indie culture of the 90's and 00's, inspired by bands like Nirvana, Modest Mouse and Death Cab for Cutie. Nick's writing is very lyrically focused and features a rag-tag symphony of instruments. Glass Beaches gets both loud and sensitive, like good Northwest indie-rock should be.


Glo//Zobel Featuring Robin & Arturo

Intimate Tango for Dancers


Grae Violett

Indie-pop, singer-songwriter

Grae Violett is a singer-songwriter and poet living in Olympia WA. Having traveled a lot growing up, she has encountered many different people, which has given her a very diverse perspective on life and human emotion that she works to incorporate in her art. Performances include Hugo House for a Bushwick Book Club performance and various open mics. Recently accepted into Cornish College of the Arts, she plans to pursue a degree in music and share her heartfelt lyrics with as many people as she can. You can find her on Instagram @graedreamer and Soundcloud at Grae Violett.

Great American Trainwreck


Based out of Seattle, Washington, Great American Trainwreck blends southern rock, bluegrass, and classic country. Lyric-driven songs combined with melodic riffs and heavenly harmonies help to define their progressive approach to traditional genres.


Great Gambian Griots- Jali Bakary Konteh and Pa Bobo Jobarteh

Kora Masters from Gambia



Group Asi Somos

Venezuelan Latin Folk Music

Asi-Somos was established in Vancouver April 2014. The diverse performers of Asi-Somos have played/performed regularly since1998 in Latin folk groups and for West Coast audiences, the members Carlos Cortes from Chile (cuatro and base) Ricardo Ascanio from Venezuela (drum) Richard Villalobos from Venezuela(drum) Jose Villaroel from Venezuela(shakers and vocal) Elizabeth Baena from Venezuela (cuatro and vocal) and Norman from Colombia(congas) . Asi Somos mainly performs songs and music taken from the vast Venezuelan folk traditions that encompass Spanish, natives caribbean and African influences providing a style of music that is engaging yet unpredictable and haunting.


Grupo Folklorico Citlali

Mexican Youth Dance Group

We are a youth traditional mexican folkorico dance group from Burien, WA. The group was founded in 2012 by their director, Lauren Robles. Their dancers range from the age of 4-22. Their goal is to not only share their passion of dance but to build friendships and teamwork.


Grupo Folklorico Nuestras Raíces

Somos Cultura y tradición

- We are a group that started activities in October 2015, composed of young people with roots and Mexican traditions, with the intention of keeping our culture alive, we have a passion for folk music and dance and motivated to have our young generations related to the folklore of our country. Our mission Make an extension and dissemination of our culture and make demonstration of our folk dances, inculcating the taste to keep alive our traditions.


Halau Hula O Napualani

Hula Music and Dance

Halau Hula O Napualani, under the direction of Kumu Gloria Nahalea, has been performing and teaching hula for over 40 years, in the Pacific Northwest. Live music is provided by Napua and Friends.


Hālau Hula Pulamahiaikalikolehua

Traditional Hawaiian Dance

Halau Hula Pulamahiaikalikolehua is a traditional hula school located in Kent, WA. Our goal is to preserve and perpetuate the art of Hula through the teachings and stylings of Ma’iki Aiu Lake.


Hands4 with Chris Page, Caller

Not usual contra tunes.

Since 2004 Hands4 has delivered its high-energy music to dance halls throughout the Pacific Northwest. Combining mostly original tunes by band members with lesser-heard modern and traditional tunes Hands4 offers a unique blend ofmusic that is definitely not your usual contra tunes. With their carefully-constructed tune sets varied instrumentation and well-crafted harmonies and arrangements Hands4 brings a fresh flavor and excitement to the dance hall wherever they play. Chris Page: I started contra dancing in Philadelphia in 2001 and quickly got hooked. By early 2003 I started calling and I moved to San Diego in 2005. I also


Handsome and Gretyl

Upbeat acoustic folk duo.

Handsome and Gretyl is a husband and wife duo from the PNW. They have released 4 albums, toured the US and Canada, had major TV and commercial placements, and have accrued more than 10 million streams of their songs. This duo draws from real life, delivering optimistic though realistic lyrics, seasoned with the chill of snow, the sea breeze, and the hope of tomorrow’s sunrise.


Harmony Singing

John Palmes

A folk musician from Juneau Alaska, John Palmes sings and plays mouthbow, guitar and fiddle. John is featured on National Public Radio for his songwriting and playing the Appalachian mouthbow and is a regular performer at the Alaska Folk Festival, Northwest Folklife Festival and the Fisher Poet’s Gathering, in Astoria, Oregon where he sings about thinking like a fish. “I try to be topical and put new light on traditional folksongs. Otherwise I write songs like Go Lemmings Go and We Don’t Sing No Kumbaya No More.” He teaches workshops on Harmony Singing, Fiddle Chords, and Songwriting.

Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar

With Kory Tideman

Kory Tideman has been playing Slack Key since 1979- his first real foray into finger-styles. He has played at various Hawaiian festivals in the Pacific Northwest and have played with Led Kaapama. Ozzie Kotani and others. Come join this workshop for an overview of the Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar (Ki Ho'alu), brief history, tuning, fingering and a demonstration.


Hazzan Isaac Azose

Hazzan Isaac Azose was born in Seattle, WA on July 14, 1930 to parents reared in Turkey. Early on he attended Sephardic Bikur Holim Congregation (one of Seattle's two Sephardic synagogues); he became Hazzan at Ezra Bessaroth Congregation in 1966.

Ike Azose is the former Hazzan at Congregation Ezra Bessaroth, Seattle WA. www.isaacazose.com Asher Hashash is a Jewish Educator and song leader in the Pacific Northwest Jewish community.


Helene Eriksen & ANAR DANA

Dances from North Africa to Central Asia

Helene is a dance ethnologist, teacher, performer and choreographer of traditional dances of the Balkans and Islamic Orient. ANAR DANA is her international intensive women's training program in traditional dance theater.


Hjärta Herring

Scandinavian Songs and Tunes

We met at a Scandinavian jam a number of years ago, and found that our instruments worked very well together, we loved the same songs and tunes, and we had a whole bunch of fun playing and singing together. We have the only autoharp in a Scandinavian band in Seattle, our twin fiddle sound is unique, and our vocal harmonies are pretty awesome if we do say so ourselves.


Holler & Glen (part of the Crankie Showcase)

Trad fiddle, bagpipes, crankies.

Traditional music from Scotland and Ireland, blended with American old time. Tracing the journey of traditional music from the british isles to the united states. Kevin Auld on bagpipes, whistle, and vocals, Melanie Brauner on fiddle, and Emily Logan on guitar and vocals. Tunes, songs, and crankies.

Holy Pistola

Hip-Hop, Soul, and Funk

Formed in the fall of 2014 Holy Pistola is a well rehearsed 8 piece band that seamlessly blends elements of Soul Funk & Hip Hop. Our musical direction reflects a wide array of inspirations across those same genres. Inspired by everything from 70’s Soul & Funk pioneers like Mother Father Sister Brother, Sly & The Family Stone to golden era hip hop artist such as The Fugees, Nas, &The Roots to contemporary artists like Robert Glasper Experiment & Kendrick Lamar. Our #1 mission is to Move The Crowd! No matter the color, sex, creed or background…Everybody needs some soul!


Hopa Trop Folk Ensemble

Keeping Bulgarian traditions alive

Hopa Trop Folk Ensemble performs Bulgarian dances and songs since 2013 when it was founded by the Daniela Makedonska - master choreographer of Bulgarian dance. Our hearts are dedicated to preserving Bulgarian culture and traditions here among our community in the Greater Seattle area. We strive to make sure each one of our performances conveys our deep respect to our ancestors, and portray the Bulgarian proud and freedom-loving spirit through the fascinating world of rich traditions and customs.


House of Tarab Arabic Music Ensemble

Traditional Arabic Music

House of Tarab aka "H.O.T" performs vintage Arabic Music often accompanied by World Class Belly Dancers


How to play Native American flute

Peter Ali

Peter Ali has inspired and comforted many through his music and sharing for more than a decade. Hearing the call of a Native American Style flute on the wind at a low point in his own life, Peter found his way towards healing through purchasing and teaching himself to play his first flute.Peter has shared his gifts with many through performances and workshops. He was also a featured performer for the Dalia Lama during Children's Day,Seeds of Compassion Tour in Seattle,


Hungarian Folk Dances

Flora Carlile-Kovacs, Tibor Horvath

Founded in 2016, the goal of Seattle Tánchaz (Dance House) is to provide an opportunity for recreational Hungarian folk dancing in the Puget Sound area. In our regular events "Dance Houses" start with authentic games and kids dances. It is followed by a dance circle where a dance of a village is taught during each semester, and a party follows with open dancing, singing and games. Occasionally, the Forrás Band provides live music.


Huong Viet Performing Arts Group

Vietnamese traditional music

Hướng Việt Performing Arts Group is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization founded in 2001 by Dr. Hong with the goal to study promote preserve and popularize Vietnamese traditional music and arts. we focuses on the musical techniques and traditions of our ancestral Vietnam. TSince 2001 Hướng Việt has performed throughout the United States and around the world such as Canada France Australia and regularly provides educational opportunities through lectures exhibits and workshops on Vietnamese culture at universities community colleges elementary schools and libraries. On February 22 2018 Huong Viet Performing was invited to perform at the White House.




HYWAYS is the new Seattle project led by singer-songwriter Mike Giacolino featuring an all-star line up with members of Son Volt, Sera Cahoone and Rose Windows. Their new self-titled debut album pushes the boundaries of genres by seamlessly mixing country and psychedelia with indie rock, folk and prog rock. HYWAYS nebula formed three years ago when Nils Petersen and Pat Schowe of Rose Windows reconnected with troubadour Mike Giacolino and pedal steel guitar wiz Jay Kardong. “Space is no longer the final frontier. HYWAYS are the new cosmos.” Sean Jewell – AMERICAN STANDARD TIME



Building Bridges, No Walls

IBuildBridges use music and storytelling to inspire individuals to actively build relationships with people of different backgrounds.


Ilana Rubin and Tony Fan

Ilana Rubin, Tony Fan


Improper with Tom Wimmer, Calelr

Sax, violins, oh my!

Melissa, Sean, Nick, and Julie have been dancing and playing for contras for a combined total of several decades. They feel very grateful for having been able to learn from some of the greats of the contra dance scene, and find great joy in being able to contribute back to the contra dance community with their music.

In Folkmotion Cloggers

Family Cloggers

IN FOLKMOTION CLOGGERS are all students at Shoreline Spartan Recreation Center in Shoreline and Edmonds Senior Center in Edmonds. Classes are family oriented and all members of a family are encouraged to participate together as we believe this encourages a unity for the family and because we believe music and dance makes for a happier world and environment. Some dancers are fairly new to clogging while others have been dancing for 3 years. As well as traditional Appalachian music we include dances performed to other ethnic tunes, for example "Korobushka" from Russia & "Alla en el Rancho Grande" from Mexico.


Professional BellyDancer

Indigo is a professional BellyDancer and Yoga instructor whom is constantly drawn to ancient movement. She has studied Turkish, Egyptian and Folkloric BellyDance to bring fun and awe to audiences all over.


Inner-City Medicine Show

20's/30's Country Blues/Rags&Jazz

We are a group of Seattle musicians/friends that came together in 2016 to play our favorite tunes from the 20's and 30's. We have recorded 1 full length album 1 EP and are just finishing up our 2nd full length. We can be found playing venues in and around the Seattle area. We play consistently at the Pike Place Market because we love being a part of what makes Seattle such a great city and meeting/interacting with people from all over. We have busked Folklife the past 3 years and would love to have some stage time this year!


International Folk Dance

Susan Wickett-Ford

Susan Wickett-Ford is a lifelong dancer and dance teacher. She began her career focused on choreography and performance and founded a modern dance company. In the 90's her focus shifted to dance education for every student. She was trained by Anne Green Gilbert in a concept-based approach, and developed a specialty in folk dance. Wickett-Ford taught for 17 years at The Northwest School in Seattle. She has been a guest teacher at schools throughout Seattle, and presented numerous teacher trainings.


Introduction to Balkan Party Dance

E. John Doubt

We are a group of recreational folk dancers, many who have danced for decades, who started dancing at the Russian Community Center on Capitol Hill in 2010. We dance every Friday evening from 7:30 to 10:30. Often there is teaching the first hour. We have live music on average every six weeks depending on availability of various bands. We dance dances primarily from the Balkans and welcome new participants.


IPAP Seattle Childrens Ensemble

Indian Music Youth Ensemble

IPAP Seattle organization was founded with the sole purpose of promoting Indian classical arts and artists in the greater Seattle area. IPAP Seattle provides a platform to local artists of all ages and experience levels to share their art with the local community. IPAP Seattle youth ensemble provides a unique opportunity for local young students of music to come together and apply their education to present songs and compositions based on Indian classical music.


Ireland Bridge with Laurel Thomas, Caller

High-energy trad Irish

Ireland Bridge shows off the tight, danceable rhythms and melodies of traditional Irish dance music.


Russian Folk Dances

“Ivan-da-Mar’ya” Folk Dance Ensemble was created in 2008 by choreographer Maria Levochkina. Both children and adults actively participate in the ensemble, making the performances interesting for all age groups. The purpose of this ensemble is to introduce the Greater Seattle Area with Eastern European culture. Our ethnically diverse repertoire consists of Russian, Moldavian, Ukrainian, Jewish, Gypsy, and Kazakh dances.


Izumi and Black Sea Horon Group

Turkish Showcase: Ceremonious Moments

Izumi Fairbanks studies and plays the music of Turkey, Caucasus and the Balkans.

Jack Straw Writers Program 2020

Northwest poetry and prose

The Jack Straw Writers Program was created in 1997 to introduce local writers to the medium of recorded audio; to develop their presentation skills for both live and recorded readings; to encourage the creation of new literary work; to present the writers and their work in live readings an anthology on the web and on the radio; and to build community among writers. Each year twelve writers/writing teams are selected by a curator out of dozens of applicants based on artistic excellence diversity of literary genres and a cohesive grouping of writers. The 2020 Writers Program curator is Anastacia-Renee.


Jacques C Migeon

That's not Bluegrass!

We have been playing around Seattle for over ten years including multiple performances at Folklife. We play a variety of different types of music adapted to our string band instrumentation, often nestling traditional fiddle tunes into the middle of Beatles or Grateful Dead songs. Our music benefits from the easy comradeship of old friends who have played and sung together for many years. We are all seasoned vocalist and layer harmonies into nearly every song we play.


Jam Session with Strum: Seattle's Totally Relaxed Ukulele Musician

Spreading Happiness in Ukulele!

STRUM was started just over 7 years ago by Chontel Klobas and Uncle Rod at the Ballard locks. We got permission to play there for 6 weeks Six years later we have only grown to over 100 members and performing various 4 to 20 players all over the Sound and beyond. The relationship with the Ballard locks is wonderful as we play every Wednesday the in the Summer, and in their concert series.We meet twice a week , and have grown to be a true STRUM ukulele O:hana. spreading happiness in ukulele!


Jamie Hascall

Clawhammer Banjo Tone Poems

Jamie Hascall has been playing clawhammer banjo for square dances for over 40 years. Jamie and Fiddler Betsy Brown have lead the square dance band Victory Chicken for over 10 years and have played dances from Albuquerque New Mexico to Seattle's Folklife Festival.

Jamtown John

Jamtown John


JamtownLive Howdy Band

Join the Howdy Band!

Bio (170 words/800 characters) John leads toddler music classes and facilitates school business and community events featuring hands-on participation with rhythm instruments. He is a pioneer in the field of accessible music programming for all ages and skill levels. His workshops have delivered in-the-moment musical excitement throughout the Northwest including the Alki Summer Fest, Bellevue Movies in the Park, Experience Music Project (MOPOP) Bumbershoot, NWFolklife, and WOMAD Music Festivals He currently teaches adult hand drum, leads Tots Music classes and is waiting to hear from you to lead your next


Janice Alexander

stories crafted incorporating songs

Janice Alexander, a kindly grandmother, lived alone in the woods for such a long time that she forgot how to speak. However after a fortuitous encounter with the local goat woman and her many entrancing goat stories Janice regained her ability to talk and has been telling tales ever since. A retired schoolteacher who continues to find pleasure in creating with story and also with clay. Janice joined the Portland Storytellers Guild about 4 years ago, has performed on stage at the Clinton St.Theater in 3 shows, and is is still having a really good time!


Japanese Koto Club

Japanese koto music.

Mirei is a native Japanese who plays traditional koto music, modern songs and church songs. She has taken lessons in Tokyo and Seattle. She has played at local international festivals, museums, schools, parties, political campaigns and wedding receptions. She is working hard to introduce the history and the beautiful sound of koto music to new people. She also performs a concert once a year in Japan and sings as a R&B singer in addtion to her koto performances. Contact her at japanesekotoclub@gmail.com



Contemporary Big Band Jazz

Jazz Underground is a Seattle-based ensemble that plays contemporary big band jazz. Their repertoire includes a wide variety music from the libraries of Count Basie, Buddy Rich, Snarky Puppy, Stan Kenton, Blood, Sweat and Tears, and Charles Mingus, as well as music by jazz greats like John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, and Charlie Parker. In addition, the group performs music by local composers and arrangers, including original tunes by members of the band.


Jb and Groove Fiery

Dancehall,rock and groove.

Je Ka Jo

Afropop dance music

Je Ka Jo is a 11 member big band that plays a variety of urban African dance styles- highlife, Afro-beat, soukous, Congolese rumba, with a three member horn section and lots of African percussion. The band is re-uniting after 30 years at Folklife this year, having played its very first time at the 1986 folklife festival and throughout the rest of the 80's. Eight of the original members will be getting back together, adding some special guests. The group formed at the UW ethnomusicology department and includes two former program directors of Folklife.

Jessie Thoreson and the Crown Fire

Pacific Northwest Folk-rock

Jessie Thoreson and the Crown Fire is a kind, upbeat, folk-rock group. We are driven by spunky fiddle and lyrical melodies.


Jim Hanna

original blue-country folk-rock

Jim lends his smooth, tenor vocals and strong flatpicking guitar work to a variety of catchy original songs and cover tunes. A veteran performer, he has spent most of his life as a hobbyist musician, playing in bands ranging from folk-rock to bluegrass to solo singer-songwriter performances. Jim also plays in Ryegrass, a Seattle based bluegrass band, and is a member of Songwriters in Seattle. He formerly hosted an open mic at the Creative Arts Center in Maple Valley.


Jim Page

Folk Music With Teeth

Jim Page was named by Seattle Metropolitan Magazine as “One Of The 50 Most Influential Musicians In Seattle History.”  He has recorded 23 albums over the course of a 50-plus year career and written a mountain of songs.  He has toured in 13 countries including the US, Canada, Ireland, the UK, and Taiwan. Lyricist Robert Hunter said, “If Jim Page ain’t the bastard son of Woody Guthrie I’m T-Bone Walker.” Bonnie Raitt says, “I'm a longtime admirer.”  The late Utah Phillips said it best: “If you’re ever going to get the message, this is the messenger to get it from.”


Jo Walter, Storyteller

There and Back Again

Jo has combined storytelling for kids and adults in teaching and social justice work for more than 20 years. Her teaching mission is to inspire imaginations through the spoken word. "In our culture where images arrive fast and furious from television screens, our imaginations blossom when we are invited to make up our own pictures by listening to the words in a well told tale!" Her social justice mission is to help us imagine and believe in the possibility of a world that will sustain us all for the next seven generations and beyond..


Joe and Jess

Country/Western Duets

Joe Ellingson (of The Warren G Hardings) and Jess Jarris (of Old Country Rose) met playing bluegrass together at jams and house parties in Seattle and Portland. While enjoying the hard-driving bluegrass music scene, Joe and Jess wanted an opportunity to slow things down a bit and sing some country duets. Their set will include classic duets from some of their favorites with guitar and mandolin.

Join a Neighborhood Sing-Along!

Ming K Chen

This group has been building musical fellowship in their community with monthly sing-alongs since 1986. We started as a family-friendly alternative to the SFS weekly song circles, and have evolved into a place where singers of any age and any ability can gather in a supportive, easy-going environment for the simple pleasure of singing along with others. Greenwood Family Sing has been sharing the neighborhood group singing experience with Northwest Folklife audiences for over 25 years.




Honorary life members of Vancouver Folk Song SocietyBoth Past Presidents of Canadian Society for Traditional MusicFounders of Princeton Traditional Music FestivalPast editors of VFSS Three Quarter Times, Come All Ye, Canada Folk Bulletin, Canadian Folk Music Society BulletinAuthors of many articles, scholarly & otherwise, on traditional musicSinging together since 1975Attended and sang at every Folklife Festival since 1975Seven CDs of traditional song, two books


Jori Chisholm and Friends

Bagpipe music that rocks!

Jori Chisholm is one of the world's top bagpipers and a NW Folklife Favorite. He's played bagpipes around the world, including at some of the top competitions in Scotland. He's a four-time US National Champion. Today, Jori is joined by some of his friends on guitar, bass, and drums.

Joy Mills Band

Americana rock and country

Joy Mills Band is a 5-piece Seattle band that brings together roots music, lyrical ballads and soulful country songs, all set against the backdrop of the Pacific Northwest. They have a new album Echolocator that came out at the beginning of 2020. They've previously released four albums, have toured nationally and to Europe several times. “Organic country…both delicate and edgy… For the lo-fi country enthusiast.” – Maverick Magazine


Joyas Mestizas

Joyas Mestizas dance group

Joyas Mestizas is a youth folkloric dance group whose main goal is to help preserve and promote the rich culture and diversity of Mexico. Since 1988, Joyas has delighted audiences across the Puget Sound with colorful performances that celebrate music, tradition and regional costuming. Co-instructors, Deleana Guerrero and Luna Garcia teach dance classes every Saturday at South Park Community Center.


JSIS Club Folklorico Mexicano

Kids Mexican Folk Dance

It all started with the dream of beginning kids' mexican folklorico dance groups all over Puget Sound to feed into the professional Bailadores de Bronce company so that a nearly 50-year tradition of celebrating our music, dance and heritage would grow roots in the Pacific NW and never die. JSIS Club Folklorico Mexicano was founded in 2018 by Professor Julian Perez for this vision. Celebrating Mexican culture is in line with the school's mission of preparing our students to be international citizens with fluency in a second language.


Jules Esquire

Your neighborhood NeoFunkSoul singer.

Imagine if Neil Diamond David Bowie and Nate Dogg were able to create a love child who and what would you get? Jules Esquire is an unrivaled baritone crooner and songwriter with a melodious and soulful sound. His sleek vocal style captivates your senses by paying homage to the past yet ushering in present and future funk vibes to create a style all his own. Jules has performed in front of a host of audiences gracing many stages.


Julia Francis

Roots-rock vocal powerhouse and her band.

Julia and her band harken to the formation days of rock ‘n’ roll and soulful blues music. With mind clearing guitar solos and pronounced rhythmic strolls the music like a bursting cloud washes out the gutters of one’s own mind time and time again. And while it’s nearly impossible not to picture the great Janis Joplin when you hear Francis tear into a mic there is more than sweet homage embedded in the songs and epic vocal performances. There is relationship and pain bridges and waves sunsets and daydreams in the front woman’s tone. www.juliafrancis.com


Juliana & PAVA

Ancient Russian Folk Songs

Juliana & PAVA was founded in 2008 by a Russian folk singer and an ethnomusicologist Juliana Svetlitchnaia with the goal of preserving and promoting Russian folk songs gathered in expeditions to Russian villages where they existed for centuries and were passed down through generations only by oral tradition. The ensemble is on 4Culture Touring Arts Roster and frequently performs at major multicultural festivals throughout Northwest and beyond. Juliana & PAVA has recorded 2 CDs and received grants from 4Culture, Artist Trust and Jack Straw.


June Apple with Truman Price, Caller

Old-time Dance Caller

Truman Price has called over a hundred evenings of old time square dances for adult or mixed dancers, including many groups of lively teenagers. He also taught in Oregon's Artist-in-Schools program for two years, teaching approximately 14,000 kids, grades 1 through 6, at least five dances each. For the final all-school presentations at each school he fiddled several of the dances solo while calling them. He will be joined here by his son Adam on banjo, and two close friends who are regulars of the Seattle scene.


Just Us Singers

Sing Together for Justice!

We are life-long musicians and song-writers who've sung with Seattle Peace, Labor, and Community Choruses at rallies, vigils, and fundraisers. We met singing in the Rainier Valley UU Choir. Our day jobs include bus driving, public service, writing and social action. We delight in sharing classic folk songs and new, original songs about immigration, climate, racial and social justice. We believe singing together about our joys and concerns can help us all create a more just, peaceful world.


Kaba Seattle

Rhodope dance music

We have been dancing and playing Bulgarian music for 30+ years and performing music from the Bulgarian Rhodope mountains for 20+ years. The gajda (bagpipe) speaks to us.

Kabuki Academy

Shamisen music, Japanese dance

Mary Mariko Ohno, Director of the Kabuki Academy, born in Japan, has been teaching traditional Japanese dance & shamisen music for the past 40 years in Seattle/Tacoma area, as well as all over in USA and Italy & Singapore on Skype. Most of her students are non-Japanese ---- American, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Italian, Japanese-American. Age are 3 yrs old ~ 84 years old.


KalaAlaya School of Dance

Classical Indian Dance performance

KalaAlaya School of dance was founded by Ms.Preetha Babu. Ms.Preetha has over 30 years of experience learning and teaching dance. The school was established on the east side several years ago to teach kids the classical Indian dance form. The kids of KalaAlaya school have performed in various events around Seattle and the east side like Ananda Mela, Festival lights , navrathri events in the temple, Lakewood festival etc.


Kapka Cooperative Primary School

please copy last years

Kapka Cooperative School was established in 1989 and is celebrating its 30th Year! Jamie Shilling has been an Art and Music teacher at Kapka since it began. Art, Music, Environmental studies, and Service Learning are integrated into the academic curriculum. Please see the web site.

Karen Iglitzin's Teen String Chamber Orchestra All-Stars

Classical and Folk Orchestra

Karen Iglitzin is the former first violinist of the Philadelphia String Quartet, and has served as a chamber music expert in Washington schools since 1982. Karen has been an ambassador between the classical and folk worlds, and has led the students in explorations of folk-inspired classical masterpieces. Students in this ensemble are top orchestra students from a variety of schools, including Inglemoor HS in Kenmore and Kamiak HS in Mukilteo. Beyond Folklife activities, Karen teaches violin, viola, chamber orchestra, and improvisation. In addition, Karen does college counseling for high school kids. :-)



Skandia Gammal Dance Music

Karusellen is a group put together to bring musicians together in hopes to broaden the exposure of this great music and dance. It's our way to inspire more to bring musical talents to a genre they might otherwise have not been able to realize before. Karusellen aspires to be inclusive of any interested in the world of Scandinavian music and dance. Some of our performances include Midsummer at St. Edwards Park in Kenmore the Nordic Museum's Julefest in Ballard, Seattle's Swedish Club and Soos Creek Boranical Garden in Auburn. We look forward to playing today. Thank you and enjoy!

Karvans Dance Troup

Arabic and Persian dance


Kathak Dance of North India: footwork, compositions, pryers and stories

With Annie Penta and Dancers

Our teacher, Urmila Nagar, known as Didi, comes each year to teach for several months. At that time we present our annual student concert. After she returns to India, we continue to practice weekly and perform in area events like the Children's International Friendship Festival and Cultural Crossroads. We welcome everyone to join us; all ages, all levels.

Katie Jane Band

Fiery Hot Celtic Fiddling!

The Katie Jane Band is all about spreading the joy of Celtic music to their listeners. The talented group has a fiery energy that is only rivaled by their unmistakable on-stage chemistry. Not only do these talented musicians perform original arrangements of high-speed AmeriCeltic fiddle tunes and heart-warming original songs but their dynamic performance gets toes tapping and dancers dancing in every venue they attend. The Katie Jane Band brings to life the Celtic melodies that remind us of home with a fiery twist that ignites the fires of a deepened love for fiddle music.


Katie Kuffel

Lyrically driven soul/folk

Katie Kuffel is a tongue-in-cheek Seattle-based musician smashing the piano in a manner that's not quite blues not quite folk and not quite like anything you've heard before. With songwriting that is both innovative and thoughtful she explores community feminism and her personal experiences as an advocate against sexism and violence with a contemporary sound that supports turbulent poetic lyrics.


Ke Liko A'e O Lei Lehua E Kapuaokalani

Traditional Hawaiian Dance

Originally from Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii, my mom started teaching hula and Tahitian dancing and drumming in 1974 in the Seattle and South King County area. She studied under Kuulei Punua and Joseph Kahaulelio. She stressed basics in both hula and Tahitian, just as I do. I am carrying on her legacy with the support of my father Clifford, my brother Kahanu, and my family. Her wish was that her children would continue to perpetuate our Hawaiian and Tahitian culture for many years to come.


Balkan brass band

Kef plays dance music of Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania and Greece in the style of the great Macedonian brass bands of the '60s and '70s. Hailing from Eugene, Oregon, the group formed in 2006 and has been playing for dancers and listening audiences throughout the Pacific Northwest ever since.


Kelsey Sprague Band

Dream Folk Bedroom Pop

Kelsey Sprague, backed by an all-star band, manages to convey something beautiful and simultaneously desperate. Through dreamy melodies and irresistible pop hooks drenched in rich harmonies, reverb and nostalgia, Kelsey tells stories of the many facets of the heart, deep and bittersweet, light and romantic, lulling and full are all ways to describe this Dreamfolk Bedroom Pop delight. Influences range from more retro sounds like Connie Francis, The Beatles and Patsy Cline to more contemporary artists like Neko Case, Rilo Kiley, and Brandie Carlisle.



Soulful harmonies, foot-stompin' tunes!

Keltoi has a long history of performing in the Northwest, having produced two albums, Drunk With Autumn, and Far Memory. After a long hiatus, the band is back, with some new members and fresh repertoire! Over the past two years, Keltoi has performed for Folklife, and put on multiple House Concerts in the region, including a recent appearance at Doug Plummer's. Keltoi has also been hard at work in the studio, and is excited to have just released a brand-new album, which is available for purchase!


Kermet Apio


Kermet Apio is a past winner of the Seattle Comedy Competition as well as the Great American Comedy Festival. He is a regular on Sirius/XM radio.



Authentic Klezmer Music

Carl Shutoff and Laurie Andres constitute the Kesselgarden Klezmer Duo in Seattle where we have been playing for the last 16 years. Our name comes from the way Yiddish-speaking Jews pronounced "Castle Garden", the facility on the southern tip of Manhattan where Jewish immigrants entered this country prior to the opening of Ellis Island in 1892.The term Kesselgarden was eventually generalized to mean any situation that was noisy and chaotic. We are a traditional band playing Eastern European instrumental Jewish music of the 19th and 20th centuries with original, joyful arrangements which are neither noisy nor confusing.


KGB with Michael Karcher, Caller

No collusion, just dancing

Seattle band KGB (it's our initials!) has been playing innovative contra and other dance music for 25 years.


Kidd Fresh

Music is my life!

It has been an amazing road for Kidd Fresh as she per-sues her dream. Her dream to become a worldwide known artist who does rap/ R&B hip hop. Kidd Fresh credits her siblings for the start in music as she tagged along with them in every aspect from writing their music to the stage performances. She quickly knew that she also wanted to have a music career. Since those tender years she has developed her voice and writing style into a music machine. Her latest single “Attitude” has an added feature with Omar Gooding Jr. is available for streaming online.


Kiddus Fecto

Melodic Sampled Hip hop

Kiddus Fecto is a local producer, songwriter, rapper, vocalist and performer who plans to reach and inspire millions of people in the future. He's currently apart of totem star and was a member of The Residency. He started producing in high school after completing a hip hop project in his piano class. He'll be releasing a new album this year titiled Feels Good To Be on Juneau which talks about his experiences as a youth.



Celtic Fiddle Sensation

Kiérah is an award-winning Celtic fiddler from White Rock BC. She has completed her A.R.C.T. with the Royal Conservatory of Music receiving one of the highest marks ever given. With an Irish/Scottish heritage, however, Kiérah’s passion is composing and performing traditional and contemporary Celtic fiddle music. Kiérah captivates her audiences by taking fiddling to a completely different level demonstrating her mastery of the instrument and radiating her love of the music. Kierah's third album “Stonemason's Daughter” won a Canadian Folk Music Award and she has also written BC's first book of all original fiddle tunes.


Killdeer String Band

Eclectic acoustic string band

Formed in foothills of central Washington in the Summer of 2016 the Killdeer String Band are making a name for themselves regionally and beyond with their signature brand of energetic acoustic music. Performing at farmer’s markets, ale houses, folk festivals and other cultural events the Killdeer String Band is best described as a refreshing blend of European and Eastern folk styles ranging from Nordic to Celtic to Turkish. The four-piece weaves NW indie, progressive rock, and classic metal into their sonic fabric.


Kimya Dawson

Acoustic singer-songwriter

Kimya Dawson is a celebrated writer and singer of songs and an all-purpose force for good in the world. First making her artistic mark as half of the antifolk duo the Moldy Peaches Kimya soon turned to solo work where the twisted punchline poetry of the Peaches was deployed in the service of Dawson's gem-like personal narratives. Kimya has created 7 solo albums, numerous collaborations, and earned a 2009 Grammy for her work on the platinum selling soundtrack for the movie Juno.


Klez Chaos

Lively Klezmer community orchestra

Klez Chaos is a community klezmer orchestra playing Jewish music originally from the old countries such as Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania. People emigrated and brought their music to America from the turn of the last century into the 1910's, 20's, 30's and beyond. Klezmer music has enjoyed a tremendous revival starting in the 1980's. Klez Chaos draws its members from an open monthly klezmer jam held in Seattle.



Intergenerational Klezmer ensemble

Klezkidz was started 1997 as intergenerational Klezmer ensemble. It is supported by Temple Beth Am.Klezkidz has throughout the Seattle area. It is open to anyone who wants to play klezmer in an ensemble setting.


Klezmer & Yiddish Song Jam

With Harvey Niebulski

Kochleffel Syndrome

Stirring up in-the-moment klezmer

Martin Morgenbesser: Klezmer Accordionist Andrew Ehrlich: Klezmer Violinist

Kofi Anang

Anansi The Spider Stories

Kofi Anang and Ocheami has been in the NW for 40 years performing Stories From his Native land Ghana. Anansi the Spider is a trickster and famous to children growing up in Ghana and beyond. Enjoy stories, live music, singing and drums from Ghana West Africa.


Balkan and Mediterranean Fusion

Koshanin, a pianist and composer from Serbia, transforms piano into a modern-day folk instrument with his unique interpretations of traditional Balkan folk songs and music from all over the Mediterranean, featuring an abundance of odd time signatures, delicate sound & minimalist style. By blending the sounds of the Old World with the contemporary Western music Koshanin places these folk songs into a non-traditional context to create subtle musical tales that take the audiences to a journey – from Portugal & Spain to the Balkan lands of Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey and beyond…


Kosher Red Hots

Inland Empire Klezmer

“More fun than a barrel of pickles. Best thing since sliced bagels.” The Kosher Red Hots from Spokane, Washington embrace a timeless world-café of folk songs and whirlwind klezmer music from Eastern Europe, Judeo-Spanish romances from the eastern Mediterranean, and the songs and swing of New York’s Yiddish theater. The musicians are an adventurous vocalist who sings in Yiddish, Ladino, and English, and three master players on clarinet, violin, bass and guitar.


KUD Behar-Seattle

Bosnian Traditional Folk Dance


KUOW's RadioActive Youth Media

Teen audio storytelling showcase.

We will have five youth performers who have not been selected yet. RadioActive Youth Media is the youth journalism program at KUOW Public Radio. RadioActive is where young people discover public radio journalism and gain access to the skills, community and institutional resources that spur their growth as media makers. Through their stories, listeners of all ages gain a deeper understanding of young people whose voices are rarely heard by the greater public.


La (FKA Language Arts)

Nine Six and forever

Emcee La officially established himself as one of the best rappers in the city. He plays it cooler than on his proper solo debut Roll With The Winners but that’s because the music requires him to. Gravity stands firmly to the side of Seattle’s so-called “Third Wave hip-hop ” a position that’s especially important to the purist set. All the current innovation in local rap is a great thing but so is the creation of more traditional forms like Gravity. - 206up.com


La Famille Léger

Acadian + French-Canadian Traditions

Born of a time when family and friends would gather in the warmth of the kitchens of Québec and New Brunswick to play and dance time-honoured tunes together La Famille Léger keeps that rich tradition vitally alive. The Légers play the dancing music of French Canada - the music handed down through generations in the New World the music of back porches and kitchen parties. Patriarch Louis Léger leads the band on the one-row melodeon (a type of button accordion) son Devon plays fiddle Devon's mom Barbara plays guitar and his wife Dejah is on piano.



Fushion dance of Bengal

All our performers identify ourselves as Bengali immigrants. Our cultural roots are deep, and far away from the land we come from we still like to nurture our passion for dance. We specialize in semi-classical, rabindrik and folk dances of India. Our productions also include drama along with dances. We have collaborated with other groups and local talents for various productions. We have performed in many places in the Washington state, and also in Vancouver, Canada. Our goal is to create new ideas through dance and excel at every performance.


Lady of the Lake Family Gathering

Susan Michaels

Susan Michaels is a well known contra caller and storyteller. Originally from L.A., Susan now lives on Vashon Island and is on staff at the Lady of the Lake Family Music and Dance camp in North Idaho. Ryan McKasson grew up in a musical family and has played for contra dances and camps from California to Alaska. Ryan lives in Tacoma, WA. Seth and Graham Richards are members of the contradance band Intentcity which has performed across the US. They are currently building a family homestead in Sandpoint, Idaho and traveling to dances throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Larry Hohm

Stories with an Edge

Larry Hohm tells stories with an edge--compelling works of fiction written by accomplished authors. His repertoire includes stories by H.G. Wells, Joel Chandler Harris, Joyce Carol Oates, Mark Twain, Ray Bradbury, Roald Dahl, and Ursula K. Le Guin. He performs frequently at the Northwest Folklife Festival, the Pocket Theater, and the Swedish Club, all in Seattle. He is on the Board of the Seattle Storytellers Guild, and manages the Guild's website.


Laurel Thomas, Caller

Top flight contra calling.

I have been calling contra dances since 2008. I've called up and down the West Coast and also in North Carolina, Florida and Vermont. I'm known for clear teaching, calm demeanor and well-crafted programs.


Lauren Napier

Poetic Punk Folk

nspired by all forms of energy and art, lauren.napier takes comfort in the written word and in creative performance. With this latest musical incarnation, she hopes that you feel as though you are sitting next to her, surrounded by candles and the pull of the moon. Most sounds were written on her guitar, Görli, with productive tears, new addresses, and a few sips of whiskey.


Learn a Tune: Chinese Breakdown

Steve Akerman Mimi Geibel

While in a swing band, Steve and Mimi decided to give in to their desire to have a group that would center on fiddle tunes, Celtic music, and other great melodies Some songs were even so beautiful, they just had to fall in love and get married. They've been leading workshops all over WA for 10 years. Mimi is an autoharp teacher and leads autoharp workshops at various festivals. They now live in Seattle and are owned by 2 cats.


Leela Kathak

Kathak Dance of India

Our original teacher, Prabha Rustagi, passed away in 1994. We asked her teacher, Urmila Nagar, if she would come to teach and she has been coming from India for 23 years! Urmila-ji comes for several months, teaches and presents our annual concert. The rest of the year we practice weekly. All ages, all abilities are welcome to join us.

Left Turn on Blue

Layin’ Down the Groove

Left Turn on Blue, An 11 piece Ballard/Seattle band with horns two stellar lead vocalists, and rhythm section - “Layin’ Down the Groove”. This band fills the house with driving blues and soul music that gets people off their seats and onto the dance floor. Playing a mix of blues, swing, funk and soul. Featured at the 2020 Seattle Center’s New Years Eve celebration, we've packed the house at the Bite of Seattle, Taste of Tacoma, Peddler Brewing Co, Pono Ranch, Crossroads Mall, Hilliards Brewing Company, 192 Brewing Company, Third Place Books, Magnolia Fall Fest/Wine Walk and more.


Leonard Podolak

One Man Banjo Extravaganza!


Les Fabulous Girls du Ouest Coast with LauraMe' Smith, Caller

Lively ladies, lively contras

We are a group of women who enjoy sharing our love of contra dancing and music. We met through contra dancing and most of us are often found on the dance floor.


Les Gens des Chutes with Suzanne Girardot

Rollicking Dances from Québec

Les Gens des Chutes (People of the Falls) hails from South Puget Sound - Olympia Lacey and Tumwater. When French Canadian fur trappers came to our area in the early 1840s they encountered the water falls at Tumwater and called out - "Des chutes" which means water falls in French. When we formed our band in 2013 we decided to name ourselves from this historical reference. Today the Deschutes River runs through our area as does Deschutes Parkway alongside the river. All band members frequent the lively French Canadian jam sessions held each month in Olympia.

Liars Contest: 8 Minutes to Glory

Sign up outside of the Center Theater at 4:45pm to share a story! Stories are limited to 8 minutes and must be told without notes.

Lietutis Lithuanian Folk Dance Ensemble

Lithuanian Folk Dance Ensemble

Lietutis is celebrating its 39th year. We're either of Lithuanian heritage, or have earned our "stripes" the hard way, through marriage and friendship. Our small community embraces folk dancing as an exciting way of celebrating our heritage. We look forward to sharing the joy of our culture with others in and around Seattle. We're proud to have been performing continuously at Folklife since 1983. We've also performed in Vancouver, Chicago, Toronto, LA, Boston, and Baltimore, with over 140 performances on our resume. Lietutis binds us together and is considered the unofficial goodwill ambassador of Seattle's Lithuanian American Community.


Lindbergh's Laundry

Family String Band

Lindbergh's Laundry is a multi-family string band. Born out of recent years at Fiddle Tunes Festival of American Fiddle tunes three families have combined for a nine piece string ensemble. The "Laundry List" includes Old Time Celtic and Americana interspersed with a few swing classics and a couple of jokes. The parent portion of the band consists of veteran Seattle players from various projects including The Debaucherauntes Touloulou Zazou Pearl Django Hot Club Sandwich and SuperSones. The kids, ages 10-13 have cut their teeth at Fiddle Tunes and the group has developed a fun repertoire sure to please all ages.

Live2Dance Seattle

Boogie to Bollywood Beats


Living Room Kirtan

Chanting the Hindu Spirit

Living Room Kirtan are many Hindu practitioners who gather in living rooms and yoga studios to sing in the spirit. Though these gatherings are informal, the music is excellent, as previous Folklife audiences have confirmed. We all love each other and it comes through.

Lone Wolf & Kub

Father/Son conscious rap duo.

An aging and embattled ronin searching for his final fight discovers a sense of direction through travels with his son, a vicious micsmith . He is Shao Sosa, his son is Nobi. Together they are Lone Wolf & Kub. Hailing from Tri-Cities Washington the duo cut stanzas fit for battle and reflection alike with verses and beats filled with undertones of hope and redemption as a master who has spent his life in rebellion passes on the lessons and trials that come with the never-ending quest to preserve honor in a world consumed by material and vanity.


Long Odds with Heather Webster, Caller

sprightly and graceful

Long Odds from Vancouver BC gives "a spring to the step" for English Country Dances. Serene, graceful, and at the same time vigourous and driving.. Oh, and occasionally rambunctious.

Los Rebeldes de la Cueca

Chilean Folklore traditional dances

Los Rebeldes de la Cueca are the natural heirs of various Chilean folk groups who have been present in the Northwest since 1978. We love sharing and showing our culture with the local community at cultural events, universities and community centers. Our main objective is to contribute to the richness of multiculturalism in the Seattle community. We perform dances from different areas of Chile. A lot of them have Spanish influence, while others are inspired by the pre-Columbian cultures and their interaction with the Spanish conquerors.


Lounge on Fire

Rockin' Sexadelic Freak Funk

A 7-deep battalion with a brass section fused from the ashes of indie rock seductive soul and sexadellic funk Lounge on Fire is a cacophony of formidable freaks. Rapid and percussive vocals often combine with dark and hypnotic grooves reinforcing a boisterously brassy fanfare to create a unique coalescence of rock soul jazz latin disco hip hop and funk.


Low Hums

Blissful timeless garage-beat experience.

Low Hums began in 2009 and sounds like they were minted back in the day of golden LPs you could play forever (despite having to flip over every twenty minutes). There’s mystery, killer hooks, an alien allure to the fuzzy, good-time danceable vibes, and a lot of fun insights and midnight confessions found in the layers of lyrics beneath the astral energy of each song. Low Hums is Jonas Haskins, Miles Panto, Mike Bayer, John Faryar and Leland Corley. We live in Seattle and perform around the greater pacific Northwest.


Lyric Divine

Conscious Hip Hop Artist

Lyric Divine is a seasoned rapper who has rock stages from the east coast to the West Coast. Is Cher the stage with members of Wu-Tang, Nappy Roots, and Sean Price, to name a few. Is music ranges from Jazzy, to trap to old school boom-bap. His first album, Black & Mild, has been met with great reviews, leading to anticipation for his upcoming album, Auras.


Madcap Pusher

Seattle Rock Goth-tafarian

Seattle Based Rock Pop


Mahonyera Mbira Ensemble

Traditional Zimbabwean mbira music

The Seattle-based ensemble Mahonyera performs traditional mbira music of the Shona people of Zimbabwe. Three to four mbira players perform complex interlocking patterns on the 22-24 key mbira dza vadzimu and are accompanied by hosho (gourd shakers) and vocals. Mahonyera members, most of whom have spent time studying in Zimbabwe, are: Claire Jones, Kevin Ugarte, Sheree Seretse, Phillip Page and Sooja Kelsey. *Mahonyera, in the chiShona language, is a style of low-pitched syllabic singing. It also refers to “the sound of distant voices.”


Malavika & Group

Bharatanatyam fusion and folk

Malcolm Rebel

Seattle's stoner trap rapper.

Born and raised in the CD, Malcolm's musical influences have evolved at a breakneck pace. Raised on mo-town, a genre his lineage helped to define, Malcolm has embraced the boom-bap style of his father Vitamin D. Bringing to his craft a unique and incomparable energy, flow and lyricism Malcolm is poised to be Seattle's most sought after export in the years to come.


Maplewood Middle School Orchestra

Eclectic, energetic, orchestra strings.

The Maplewood Middle School Orchestra is a a mixed group of 7th and 8th Grade students from Maplewood parent Co-operative school in Edmonds, Washington. Maplewood Parent Co-operative school is a K-8 school and all students start learning an instrument in 5th Grade. Northwest Folklife Festival is our favorite performance event of the year and we are always so excited to come and be part of this special Seattle event.

Maritime Beer Garden Sing with Jon Bartlett

Sea Chanteys and Beer

Jon Bartlett has been singing maritime, mining, and folk songs for over 40 years and has been a major influence in the maritime scene for all of those years. His booming voice needs no amplification and has phrasing makes it seem like your are on deck beside him at sea.

Marshall Family Band

Funky Fiddle Family Folk

The Marshall Family band has been playing together for over 10 years. They are a real family and manage to get along and communicate well enough to pull off performing in a band together. Chrissie and Roy- the mom and dad- met at Folklife in 1980. The Marshall Family Band performs in clubs and breweries in Columbia City. They are also involved with Community Arts Create and have performed at the Hillman City Collaboratory and The Southend Heritage Festival.


Marshall Law Band

Seattle's Home Team Band

Marshall Law Band is a collective of musicians who use their platform to uplift and inspire other’s. Creators of local events like Summer Splash Fest, Culture Fest and The Emerald City Gala the MLB know how to have a food time. This year they will embark on national tour which will be capped off by an epic performance at Folklife!


Massive Monkees Presents Massive Break Challenge Championship

Youth Breaking (Breakdance) Championship

Seattle's largest regional Breaking (Breakdance) battle for middle & high school students! This dynamic finale event is a partnership between Northwest Folklife Festival, Scott Oki Foundation & Extraordinary Futures a nonprofit affiliate of the Massive Monkees. Massive Break Challenge has supported students from nearly 20 schools around Washington state to compete in the ultimate championship at the Cornish Playhouse. Hundreds of people show up every year to witness the students participate in this high-energy competition as they challenge each other’s skills in front of a live audience.


Math IS Musical

Math IS Musical

McKenzie Briar

Celtic Ladies Gone Wild

"McKenzie Briar" are two lively ladies singing and playing Celtic songs, including Celtic inspired originals. Guitars are their main instruments, complemented by ukulele, concertina, chimes and the occasional drum. Their music ranges from medieval ballads to contemporary, plus originals. This delightful duo consists of Kathi McKenzie and Donni Briar; their award winning performing and recording experience collectively spanning several decades and continents, and ranging from collaborations with sea shanty groups, renaissance fairs, rock bands, indie-acoustic bands and Belgian film-composers, to being featured at highland-games, SCA events, medieval fairs, pubs and private parties.


McPage & Powell

Inane & intense

Mary McPage & Jevon Powell have been making music together since 2003. McPage & Powell is just plain good! Purely acoustic music. No place to hide… electric guitars no drums. Great songs rich harmonies entertaining and captivating! Their original compositions fuse Roots & Blues with Pop sensibilities. Their Cover songs have been deconstructed reassembled & remade entirely their own. McPage & Powell are not your typical duo… They are the core of a sometimes five piece full on always acoustic band. Incorporating harmonica acoustic bass backing vocals & percussion. Mary is a WBS BB performer of the year 2009



Seattle dreamwave quartet

Medejin is a Seattle based dreamwave quartet led by songwriter Jenn Taranto. Taranto’s expressive vocals often soaked in delay weave in and out of drifting guitar melodies and sparse-but-punchy rhythms. With Matthew Cooke on drums Rebecca Gutterman on guitar and Ramsey Troxel on bass their live sound is both nostalgic and euphoric with a disarming intimacy that tends to leave audiences quietly beautifully devastated.


MEDENA PITKA Children’s Folklore Group

Bulgarian folk performance

MEDENA PITKA Children’s Folklore Group is a program of The Bulgarian Cultural and Heritage Center of Seattle (BCHCS). It was established in September 2013. The overall aim of our program is to stimulate children’s growth by providing a cultural environment where they will learn to sing in Bulgarian, dance the Bulgarian way, laugh to Bulgarian jokes, and hopefully create their own folklore. Traditional arts workshops are organized every month. We appear at the Bulgarian Christmas show and other community events. Since 2015 Medena Pitka regularly performs at NW Folklife Festival and since 2016 – at the International Children’s Friendship Festival.


Meera Krishna (amOha Dance Company)

Bharatanatyam Dance

Meera Krishna has been a bharatnatyam dance performer for 20 years in the PNW and her dance company has been around for many years as well. She has performed any times as the Northwest folklife festival and has conducted many workshops for them as well.


Megan Heavlin Ochoa

bluesy singer/songwriter sensual looping

Singer/songwriter for over 13 years, I have lived, fronted bands and performed in Austin, LA, SF and now Seattle. My songs are love songs really, crafted from my own experiences but stretch across other's as well which I've been told, resonates. I use an electric guitar to loop and provide depth, and a bit of a unique performance from a female artist that's often...unexpected. :)


Melanie Dekker

A voice like chocolate

A voice like chocolate. Musical diversity. Soulfulness. A vivacious entertainer who has created fantastic award-winning songs and played 1000’s of shows worldwide. Dekker hails from Vancouver, Canada, and when a singer at her high-school fired up her heart, she decided she would do the same…for life! Her sentimental love songs and world class percussive guitar style created radio hits, delighted charity events, released 7 albums, and opened for Bryan Adams, Faith Hill & Russell Peters. Her popular youtube videos include the Polar Bear Swim, her Wisdom tooth removal, an Afghanistan Christmas and a romantic run-in with a mannequin.


Melody Institute

Chinese traditional/modern/ethnic dances

Melody Institute is dedicated to teaching & understanding of Chinese language culture and dance in the Puget Sound region. We believe that learning should be a positive and memorable experience. Fun and school should go hand in hand! We strive to tailor our classes around students’ needs skills and interests. Melody Institute Inc. offers Chinese dance and language classes in the Seattle area to students of all ages. Melody Dance Group made up of students in the dance classes has been performing Chinese folk traditional modern and ethnic dances around the Pacific Northwest for more than two decade.



Argentine Tango Dance Music

Mermelada is a performing ensemble dedicated to Argentine tango music. We started six years ago as a small group of four musicians who would jam on tango tunes once a month. Over the years the group has grown to 11 members and two years a we decided to transition from the Seattle Tango Jam into Mermelada, Seattle's own tango orchestra. We've developed into a regular band with expanded repertoire, more standardized arrangements, and we perform regularly at milongas throughout the greater Seattle area.

Michael Guthrie

A thought provoking “Songster”

I have been a featured performer at: Florence, Oregon “Winter Folk Festival”, “Juan de Fuca Festival”, “North Coast Folk Festival”, “Tumbleweed Music Festival”, “Pike Market Buskers Festival”, “The Lavender Festival”, “Festival of Fools” (Astoria,OR), “Yakima Folk Festival”, Portland Folk Music Society “Concert Series”, Featured on “River City Folk”, KBCS “Lunch With Folks”, Kootenay Co-op radio “Make Room For The Blues” (Nelson, BC), KMUN “Troll Radio Revue” in Astoria, “Lakewood, WA International Festival”, Three Rivers Folk Society “Coffee House Series”, The Langham Society’s 40th Celebration Concert/dance (Kaslo, BC).


Michelle Lang and Imago Dei Gospel Choir

Vibrant, Soul-Stirring Goodness

This choir turns the whole park into a party! Come have a good time with the choir and its guests who bring a vibrant and soul-stirring sound and feeling to the festival. Sure to be an unforgettable good time!

Michelle Lovrich

Michelle Lovrich


Smoothest Hip-Hop out Now

Micstro’s newest EP “Six” is one of the most epic put together projects of 2019 and for years to come. Micstro is bringing all types of great vibes with a fun type of flow. The “Six” EP was produced by Vitamin D, Kuddie Fresh and recorded at the Balance Of Concepts Studios with Intylekt. This combination of Seattle artist comes with a heavy unique sound. Six Ep is dedicated to Rickey Allen


Milner Family Fiddles

Texas and Old-Time fiddle

Milner Family Fiddles started out over 30 years ago when Aaron started playing in public (when Starbucks used to have live music and at other venues.) Alisa and Jacob joined him at fiddle contests and at performances. Pete Martin was their teacher and they have played with the guitar players and good pals on stage for years. Special guest with us is Ian McFeron of the Ian McFeron Band.


Mirabai Kukathas

indie folk singer/songwriter

Mirabai Kukathas is a storyteller. A playwright, spirited conversationalist, and (most importantly) a singer/songwriter, she loves nothing more than telling an absurd story with an honest emotional core. Mirabai’s music is an act of healing; a confusing celebration of her culture, identity, and life. With lots of love, effort, and community, she works to create her own unique sound to tell her own unique story.



Urban Reggae Fusion

With a vocal style inspired by 90's era Reggae Dancehall toasters out of Jamaica & NYC, Seattle based MISTA CHATMAN continues to hold a place on the global Reggae fusion scene with his lyrical versatility. And since 2018, he has restarted his "ChatAttak Productions" and is back to releasing his own music.


Mohammed Shaibu and Soyaya

African music

Soyaya play African highlife music. For more information please go to my website www.mohammedshaibu.com


Montgomery Rose

Classic country/Americana

It doesn’t get more high and lonesome than Montgomery Rose, with deep cuts of old classic country to Appalachia to bluegrass with soaring harmonies sure to get you right in the feels. Hailing from Portland Oregon the group is comprised of singer/songwriter Rose Gerber a Portland music scene veteran who also is the front person for the alt/country band Rose Gerber and Sweet Relief John Montgomery a stellar flat picker hailing from Arkansas with dulcet country pipes and Seth Wiggins who honed his banjo chops in the heart of West Virginia where he played on the traditional


MossyBack Morris Men

40 Years Dancing Together

The MossyBack Morris Men dance an English tradition of dance known as morris dancing. This type of dance was well known in Shakespeare’s times and has been danced every year in England for last 400 years. The MossyBacks are introducing the next generation of Morris Dancers comprised of sons and friends of sons. This type of dancing has traditionally been passed on from father to son in England with some teams spanning three generations.


Motley Feet

International Step Dance Showcase

See previous year

Moved By Words

Intergenerational Poets of Color

Moved By Words presents Intergenerational Voices of Color hosted by Skyler Reed featuring NW Native Writers Circle curator Sara Marie Ortiz, Jack Straw fellow Robert Lashley, Winner of the Washington Book Award Laura Da, from New Poets of Native Nations and Poetry Magazine author Trevino Brings-Plenty, and author of 'Naked' Nastasia Minto. Intergenerational Voices of Color presents a platform for new voices of People of Color in the Pacific Northwest. Interested in Workshops? Visit www.movedbywords.org for full schedule of workshops by these writers during NW Folklife


Moved By Words

POC Myths & Fairytales

Michelle Ruiz Keil's a recipient of a 2020 Literary Lions Award from The King County Library System, her debut novel All of Us With Wings was called "...a transcendent journey" by the NYTimes. Trevino Brings-Plenty's work has appeared in New Poets of Native Nations and in three collections, explores the American Indian identity in American culture and how it has through genealogical history affected indigenous peoples in the 21st century. Dawn Pichon Barron is a writer and the Director of the Native Pathways Program at the Evergreen State College, and "Future History: Indigenous Speculative Fiction"



Transnational Dance Performance

Maysun, Tiphany, and Victoria formed the group MTV for a special Star Wars themed performance of Queen Amilada and her handmaidens. They performed this number for a Star Wars themed showcase and it went over so well they are bringing it to Folklife.

Mudra girls

Bharathnathyam...ancient Indian classic dance

Music Magic,the magical Language of Music

Birgit Ages pianist Accordionist Leade

Ages Closet pianist turned folkdancer and later converted to accordion under protest. Loving the international sound, I soon learned to appreciate the accordion for its versatility and adaptability. Although german by birth, the haunting sounds of both slavic and finnish music keep me fascinated

Music Together @ Music Center of the Northwest

Monica Allen

Music Together @ Music Center is celebrating over 20 years of making music with our youngest of musicians! Our dedication to providing high quality early childhood music education to our entire community is paramount to our success! As a non-profit, we value bringing together students from all backgrounds and abilities. Come celebrate Music Together with us!


Na Hilahila Boys

Traditional Hawaiian music

Na Hilahila Boys have been playing traditional Hawaiian music in the Seattle area for almost 20 years. We love the beautiful Hawaiian language, but also perform hapa haole and novelty songs.


Nā Lei O Manuʻakepa

Traditional Hula Academy



Middle Eastern RaqsSharki Dance

Nadira is an internationally acclaimed Belly Dancer, holding 7 national titles and is a professional performer, instructor and choreographer. Currently, Nadira performs and instructs throughout the United States and abroad, but calls Seattle home. Nadira has also been featured on several performance and instructional DVDs, and has a solo instructional DVD out. For more info and class information, please visit www.nadira.com



Eargasmic Hip Hop-Soul Fusion

Their is a astounding soulful renaissance brewing in South King County and one of the leaders of the next generation of Hip Hop and R&B producers and performers is NajaesBeats. NajaesBeats is an award winning producer having won Zulu Nations Beat Makers Championship of 2018, and is broadly sought after for her Unique style of Soulful Hip Hop production. NajaesBeats is also a performing artist herself able to sing or rap with equal dexterity and as a young rising star (age 21) she will be a force in the Northwest music scence for many years to come.


Nalini and The Blue Lotus Dance Co

Bollywood Indian dance style

The Blue Lotus Dance Company under the direction of master performer choreographer and teacher Nalini brings together performers from diverse dance backgrounds to showcase Bollywood Belly Dance and Russian Gypsy Dance. They have performed in many venues from local festivals and private parties to large-stage productions.


Nalini Dance

Bollywood Indian Traditional Dance

Nalini is a professional dancer, choreographer, and teacher in the greater Seattle area. She is known for captivating audiences with her technical skill, emotionally expressive performances, and compelling choreographies. Her repertoire includes Belly Dance, Bollywood, and Russian Gypsy dance. Nalini is the founder and director of the Blue Lotus Dance Company, a professional company that performs throughout the region.


Nalini's Jewels Of FIre Bellydance group

Belly Dance Oriental dance

Jewels Of Fire is Nalini's Belly Dance performance group. Under the teaching and direction of master performer, choreographer and teacher Nalini the group has been performing at local festivals, restaurant shows and many other events in Seattle area since 2012.


Nalini's Romani Soul

Russian Roma Dance

Romani Soul is Nalini's Gypsy Dance group based in Bellevue WA, and performs the Ruassian Roma dance style with big colorful skirts.


Naomi Baltuck


Naomi grew up in Detroit, packed her diploma in the saddlebag of her bicycle and headed west to seek her fortune. In Seattle she was a teacher and puppeteer, then a storyteller and author. Her books and recordings have earned the Anne Izard Storytellers’™ Choice, three Storytelling World Awards, and a Parents’™ Choice Gold. Her novel, The Keeper of the Crystal Spring, was a Book of the Month Club selection. Through her writing, telling and teaching, Naomi celebrates the powerful connections to our past, our future, and to each other, created through the simple act of sharing a story.


Narrow Tarot

Witchy Beachy Surf Rock

Narrow Tarot is an Everett based Rock n Roll group. Drenched in the world of the mystic, they balance the line of in your face abrasion and mysteriously laid back music. Always a pleasure to hear.


Nathan Collins

Nathan Collins

Nathan Hale Jazz Band

Big Band Swing Music

Nathan Hale Jazz Band is part of the Nathan Hale High School Music Department. The jazz band performs at many concerts and festivals throughout the Pacific Northwest. It is a before school class that meets five days a week. It includes freshman through seniors as its members. The Nathan Hale Music Department includes: Chamber Orchestra, Concert Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Concert Choir, Vocal Jazz and Piano Lab.


Natyashiksha - A Dance Academy

A bharatanatyam performance


Nelson Wright

Americana Singer-Songwriter

Nelson came of age in rural upstate New York, and he’s been picking, writing, and gigging ever since. His guitar style has been compared to Mississippi John Hurt and Dave Van Ronk, and his writing to early Bob Dylan and John Prine. Nelson’s recent album, Orphans & Relics, is a Roots Music Report Top 100 Folk Album for 2014. He is currently Seattle-based, and his current drug of choice is caffeine.


Nick Vigarino

Lightnin' Slide Boogie Blues

Nick took 2016’s "Best Of The Blues" Award for Slide Guitar and has been placed in the Washington Blues Society’s Hall of Fame. “Nick plays from the heart with high energy it’s definitely THE blues” – Lee Oscar “That slide is naaasty!!” - Bo Diddley “You shouldn’t miss this experience. It’s cut and dried…this guy kicks ass.” - Musician Magazine (NY NY) “Nick took to dismantling what was left of all sensibility with the skill of a surgeon and the impact of a wrecking ball. We were promised that this guy smoked but even that’s putting things lightly.”- The Bluesletter


Nimbus with Frannie Marr, Caller

Fiddle tunes without reservation

Nimbus sees Brian Lindsay and Alex Sturbaum of Countercurrent join forces with Vermont fiddler Cedar Stanistreet (Nor'easter, Cloud Ten, Maivish). Adding Cedar's lyrical fiddle to Countercurrent's trademark power, Nimbus makes contra dance music with verve, soul, and energy that's guaranteed to get you moving.



Elegant and exuberant English

Nonesuch was founded in 1988 as a way to entice people into participating in English Country Dance and to delight audiences with the beauty of the dances. Dances are staged to present a variety of patterns, meters, and moods, flowing magically from one formation to the next and ranging from lyric elegance to noisy exuberance and playful flirtatiousness.  The group occupies a special place as the only performing group of English Country Dance in the Northwest. Performances have been given at festivals, nursing homes, senior centers, schools, and Jane Austen events. Victoria Bestock is the Artistic Director. 


Norm Brecke

Story & Song

Before becoming a full-time professional storyteller, Norm was an award-winning teacher who told stories daily in his classroom and taught storytelling skills to students after school. He’s told stories all across the United States. He’s been a featured teller at the Powellswood (2012), Art of the Story (2017), Stone Soup (2018), The Ark (2020), and Village by the Sea (2020), Storytelling Festivals. Norm’s proud to have narrated for the Seattle Symphony (2012), told at Seattle Art Museum (2014), National Storytelling Summit (2017&18), and Northlands Storytelling Confabulation (2020). Norm tells traditional stories, personal narratives, historical tales, and stories in song.


North by Northwest Morris

Northwest Clog Morris

Northwest Clog Morris is from Northwest of England It has its origins in the 19th century industrial towns Lancashire and North Cheshire. The dances involve much stepping, the clogs add to the rhythm provided by the band which generally plays tunes from the 19th century




North by West has been performing for over twenty years. They introduced shanties to Folklife at the 1975 Festival. They enjoy singing!


Not For Sissies with Jonelle Mejica, Caller

New Tunes, Unusual Sources!

Drawing on material from various sources: Canadian, Métis, Midwest, old tunebooks, 19th century pioneer manuscripts, original compositions—as well as standard contra dance repertoire Not For Sissies is… Vivian Williams: Current US Senior fiddle champion; Northwest tune historian and fiddle tune composer; genuine Northwest treasure. Contra bands include Small Pleasures, Pleasures of Home. Sono Hashisaki: Talented multi-genre fiddler. Bands include Montana Shorty, Les Pieds Chaud Jay Finkelstein: Quarter-century experience playing rhythm guitar. Contra dance bands include The Contra Quartet, Grey Owl Jonelle Mejica (caller): Joyous dancer, emerging caller from east of the mountains


Notable Exceptions

Western Folk Music

Notable Exceptions is a bundle of energy, experience, talent, and musical joy.  The Notable Exceptions sound is western folk music, delivered with finely crafted vocal harmony.  Their original tunes are lighthearted and conversational.  This delightful pair has been recognized by the International Western Music Association with the 2017 Marilyn Tuttle “Best of the Best” Harmony Award, and the 2015 Harmony Duo of the Year Award.  Notable Exceptions is driven by a commitment to spreading joy and laughter through song. Follow their adventures on Facebook, and be sure to catch them live when they tour through your town.


Nritya with Romi (Indian Dance School)

Kathak, Bharatnatyam inspired BollyDance

Romi is an Indian Classical Dance Teacher and Choreographer with a passion for promoting the art. She enjoys teaching to those who shares her love for dance. Nritya students can train in Bharatanatyam or Kathak and gets opportunities in performing at various events. The students go through the basics to advanced trainings. There are exams half yearly and annually.


NW Tap Connection

Connecting Dance and Community

Northwest Tap Connection is a distinctive urban dance studio specializing in Rhythm Tap. The studio's philosophy is that dance enriches the lives of the students, while developing self-discipline, instilling self-confidence, and encouraging achievement and goal setting.

Ojasvi Dance School

Vibrant Bollywood dance


Old Country Rose

Country duets and originals

Old Country Rose set roots in Seattle in 2018. Since then, Jess and Country Dave have been swooning audiences with classic country duets and originals about living, loving and losing. Sometimes performing as a duo and other times with a full band, you can count on these two blending old favorites with just enough of new to capture a sound that feels timeless.


Olga Kalata

Russian folk Russian Roma

I grew up in Russian Far East and always enjoyed folk dancing. After I moved to Seattle 20 years ago I was involved since at the Russian community center of Seattle performing at the events such as Bazaar, Maslenitza and various festivals in Seattle area and Portland. I had been performing with Russian folk groups as well as solo. I love big colorful skirts and shawls, they help me to express rich Russian and Russian Roma style music!


Caucasus Georgian Polyphonic FolkSongs

onefourfive is a 10-member mixed voice ensemble singing (mostly) a cappella folk songs from the Republic of Georgia. The group formally started in 2010 upon acceptance to Seattle’s Northwest Folklife Festival singing exclusively Georgian folk songs. onefourfive has continued since then with members of the group traveling to Caucasus Georgia to learn songs technique styles and of course Georgian language and culture. They were featured at the Table Songs Festival in 2018 and 2019 where songs were sung in the traditional way -- at the table!


Open Drum & Dance with Lance Scott

With Lance Scott

Open Irish Traditional Music Session

Ming K Chen

I have been playing Appalachian old time, New England contra-dance and Irish traditional music for over 35 years. For the past 15 years I have concentrated almost exclusively on playing the flute in Irish music. I am the host of an on-going Irish session at Couth Buzzard Books in Seattle, and regularly play at local pub sessions as well. I also sit in on sessions in the San Francisco Bay area, and have played in sessions across Ireland from Dublin to Galway.


OPM Ensemble

Original Filipino Music/Songs

Orkestar RTW

Balkan Dance Music

Orkestar RTW has been playing Balkan music in the Pacific Northwest for the last 30 years and is a favorite of regional recreational dance groups. Featured for years as one of the house bands for the Radost Folk Ensemble, members of Orkestar RTW have worked with musicians from the Balkans, primarily Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Serbia.


Orkestyr Farfeleh

Klezmers play classic Israel dances

A radiologist, a music theorist and a spiritual philospher walk into a bar... and play klezmer. Orkestyr Farfeleh, the winsome concoction of Harvey Niebulski, Marianne Tatom and Thaddeus Spae, is a portable feast for lovers of Jewish music, replete with frelachs, Eastern European folk tunes, Yiddishkayt and hats of overwhelming personality. Performing on accordion, clarinet, trombone, guitarron and vocals, they present their diverse material with sharp ears, quick fingers and irrepressible humor, in a program sure to delight young and old alike.


Osem i Devet

Balkan Folk Dance Band

Osem i Devet is Michael "Awesome" Lawson and and David "Devet" Bilides, the accordion and tapan duo, that began playing for folk dance parties in 2015. Tonight we are featuring vocalist Dina Trageser, director of the balkan women's choir, Dunava.


Panama Folklore Seattle

Colorful, eye catching fun

Panama Foklore is a non profit organization thats is mission is to promote, celebrate and cultivate Panamanian traditions and customs in the Pacific Northwest.


Tribal fusion belly dance

Pandora has studied several forms of movement training: tribal fusion, cabaret, ITS, Tahitian, Aikido, etc. It all blends into her dance. She has been a producer of the monthly show “Skinny Dip” and a regular performer in Seattle for over a decade.


PAPALAPAP! Puppet & Story Theater

QUIXOTE! Puppet Story Theater

Max Eberhard Eichner, was born in Berlin, Germany, in 1953. Living now in Bellingham, WA, along the shores of the Salish Sea, he pedals on his bicycle to audiences here, there and everywhere. His puppetry re-works and mixes memories of puppet and mask theaters that have been puzzling and awing his thoughts till today. Raised by a murder of crows, Shae Uisna flew before she could walk, and sang before she could speak. Snatching imagery from her most beautiful night visions, Shae "spirals out through center, dancing the dream into day" using masks, puppets, music, and shadows.


Path with Art

Art transforms communities.


Path with Art Veterans

PwA Veterans Choir

Path with Art transforms the lives of people recovering from homelessness, addiction, and other trauma by harnessing the power of creative engagement as a bridge to community and a path to stability. In partnership with the Seattle Opera, the Path with Art Veterans come together with shared experience and a creative voice to tap into and share human expression and healing.

Patty Leverett

Shared Argentine Tango demonstrations


Paul Chiyokten Wagner

Coast Salish Storyteller flutist

International performing, Award winning Native American flutist & Coast Salish- WSANEC’ (Saanich) Nation Storyteller Paul Chiyokten Wagner shares the spirit & voice of the Coast Salish lands and sea, his songs have come to him with visions of healing and prayer for all relations (tree people, animal people and human people). Chiyokten's debut Native flute CD "Journey of the Spirit" has been honored with the "Best Native American Album of 2009" JPF Award, a CD-Baby-affiliated international award. Chiyokten has shared the stage & collaborated with many prominent artists such as Eyvind Kang, Bill Frisell, Kitaro & Seattle Symphony Orchestra.


Paul Silveria

Old-Time banjo songs

Paul Silveria is a musician and community organizer who has connection at the heart of his work. Paul has spent 15 years developing his repertoire of folk songs, instrumentals, and vintage-styled originals - played on the banjo and presented with the stories behind the music. Paul is also a renowned square dance caller who has performed at festivals, written a dance calling guide, and taught square dancing at over 200 school performances.


Payge Turner

Alt Rock Soul

Payge Turner, a Seattle musician, originally started her career in Kansas City, is taking the Seattle scene by storm. Her alt rock/soul/progressive vibe is very unique to listen to. Bending and meshing genres isn’t something she’s afraid of. With a sound so bold and rich, Turner still finds a way to make you feel every emotion, by bringing authentic lyrical content to all her fast and slow songs. Her live performances are something you’ll never forget; you’ll leave more emotional and sweaty than when you came in.


Peace Building with Music

musician and community activist

Barbara Dunn PhD LICSW MT-BC is a professional musician and social worker/music therapist. Her doctoral work focused on Transforming Conflict w. Music. She currently has a private psychotherapy/music therapy practice in Seattle. She has recorded 4 albums and engages in musical performances throughout the Puget Sound region and beyond. www.barbaradunn.com


Percy Hilo + Friends

Original Americana and Sing-a-long!

We are four friends who met through music, parties, and mutual friends. We share belief systems, a love of music, and enjoy just getting together. Our music is just plain fun and also meaningful and appropriate for adults and families.

Pete Seeger Sing-Along

Annual Pete Seeger Sing-Along

For the past 6 years Peter McKee and other members of this group have gathered to lead a large Folklife audience in celebrating the songs and life of Pete Seeger. Come join us again this year!


Peter B. Lewis (formerly Uncle Peter)

True and Magical Stories!

Peter B. Lewis is an inspirational storyteller. His stories are as ancient as the craft itself from Aesop to the Brothers Grimm to native tribes of North America and the universal teaching stories of our great great grandmothers. His storytelling style includes original sound effects and music, like going to the movies with the picture in your mind. Peter’s audiences range from children in pre-school and kindergarten to adults who seek to be inspired and uplifted – Peter is here to entertain – the learnings come later as you recall his stories days later.


Peter Spencer

fingerpicking guitar, original songs

Peter Spencer is one of this country's premier folk guitarists. He taught for years at Dusty Strings and currently teaches guitar and voice at the Seattle Guitar Store. He was a founding member of the Fast Folk songwriters collective in Greenwich Village, NY and those recordings are now part of the permanent collection at the Smithsonian. He has released six albums of original songs, a live album of acoustic blues, and an instrumental album of Christmas music for solo guitar. In 1982 he won the first annual Greenwich Village Bob Dylan Imitators Contest.


Petunia, Jan Peters & Devin Champlin

Honky-Tonk Old Time Country

All this provided by Robert Blake for the Stringboard Jamboree Stage. We more info found our site links: https://petuniaandthevipers.com/photo-video/, https://www.jansongsproductions.com/, https://devinchamplin.bandcamp.com Stage Plot Left to Right: Harmonica mic, acoustic guitar mic/vocal mic, mandolin/fiddle mic/vocal mic


Pine Top Pickers

Southeast meets Northwest Fiddlegrass



High Energy Fiddle Tunes

Bill raised Sarah on Irish music, and then Sarah found Erik. Now they play mostly-Irish music around the South Puget Sound, with some French Canadian, Klezmer, and modern contra tunes thrown in.


Play the Didgeridoo!

Doug Bridges/Ted Hunter

Doug Bridges is a NW artist and musician who has been performing and teaching about the Didgeridoo for over 25 years. He has shared about the muse, techniques and even therapeutic possibilities as a listener and player of the Didgeridoo and has collaborated with vocalists, instrumentalists and performance artists including clinical therapists. Ted Hunter is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist who has been co-facilitating Play the Didgeridoo workshops with Doug Bridges for over 25 years. Both Doug and Ted have taught and performed at a multitude of festivals and venues through out the Pacific NW and Alaska.


Canadian steps and tunes.

The word PODORYTHMIE is Quebecois for "foot rhythms". It is also the name of a a five member group hailing from the U.S., France and Canada. They are known for their high energy and good time performances of French Canadian music and dance. Fiddle, accordion, songs and lots of hard shoe step dancing interspersed with crankie (moving panorama) shows makes their performances unique.


Portage Bay Big Band

Keep on Swingin'

Portage Bay Big Band’s Annual Events include the University Street Fair, the Wallingford Wurst Festival, Freeway Park Dancing Til Dusk, Salmon Days, Strawberry Festival and multiple concerts and dances at Bellevue’s Music at the Market Stage, and Third Place Commons in Lake Forest Park. The Portage Bay Big Band also performed the Issaquah Concert on the Green Series and weddings at Seattle’s Downtown Sculpture Park and Four Seasons Hotel.


Practical, professional guide to a successful performance for solo voice and guitar

David Maloney veteran performer

Tips, encouragement and savvy advice from this longtime, veteran songwriter and performer.


Energetic Groovy Good time

PRIMOE, Is a rapper from Burien WA, He hopes for his music to inspire the kids from his neighborhood and he is not afraid to show where hes from.



Psychedelic beats instrumental live


Protest, Peace, Justice

Lisa, Bruce, & Gary

Puddletown Squares NW

modern western squaredancing

Puddletown Squares established 35 yrs age to support Modern Square Dancing. We offer classes, workshops and public dances open to all, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Our membership is comprised of dancers who participate in all programs


Pulse of Positive — Rhythms for Life!

Mary Tolena

Qabila Folkdance Company

Arabic Folk Dance

The award winning Qabila Folkdance Company was created in the fall of 2011 under the direction of Aubre Hill. Dedicated to sharing the joy of Arabic folkdance, Qabila performs at a variety of festivals, theatres, and events as well as teaches workshops, lectures, and classes for schools and other organizations representing folk dances from across the Arab World and beyond. Our work centers on a strong belief that art can build bridges of understanding across cultures, ages, gender,s ideologies ,and backgrounds and allows us all to belong. Be a part of the Arabic folk dance revolution!



TequilaFunk Latin Funk Afro Dance

Play to honor our past, present, and embody our future. Music is a gift that is meant to be shared. It is our weapon against fear. Our purpose is not just to play music, but use it. We offer ourselves and honor this power with respect and celebration


Radost Folk Ensemble

PNW's premiere Balkan ensemble

Radost has been performing the dance and music folklore of the Balkans and Eastern Europe since 1976. Several members are second generation Radost dancers who grew up in the "village" of the ensemble, embodying the idea of "legacy". A number of our members are immigrants from, or have heritage from Eastern Europe and carry the traditions of their ancestors forward to future generations. Radost performs at festivals and schools around the Northwest. Our youth group welcomes new members.


Raising Hazel

Powerful songwriting, intricate harmonies

Raising Hazel are Avery Hill (Portland), Jaspar Lepak (Seattle), and Mandy Troxel (Orcas Island). Formed in the spirit of friendship and a love of musical craft, these multitasking mamas have their recipe down: powerful songwriting, intricate harmonies, and a healthy pinch of attitude. Performing songs with the intimacy and authenticity of stories passed down through the ages (usually around a kitchen table), Raising Hazel represents what women have always known: there is a lot one can do on her own but the richest experiences are the ones we share together.


Rajiv Bharadwaja and Team


Rajiv began taking lessons at a young age from Sri. S. A. Shashidhar in Bangalore. He also trained for a brief period under vocalist Sri. C. M. Venkatachalam in San Diego CA and then for a few years from Sri. Ashok Kumara in Bellevue WA. Vocal has helped him refine his fingering techniques on the flute and appreciate the finer aspects of shruthi and laya. Rajiv resides in Redmond WA and is a software engineer at Google. When he’s not working or listening to music he enjoys analyzing the various ways in which the cosmos and music are intertwined.


RakasaFit - Core Fitness Belly Dance

Suzanna Davis

Suzanna is a professional belly dance artist and event host, performing and teaching for over 15 years and assimilating her diverse background in African, jazz, contemporary, ballet, theatre, fitness, and more. Through RakasaFit™ she makes belly dance accessible to all and engages it as a movement practice for improved muscle tone, posture, stamina, fluidity, and strength to support all activities. Her RakasaFit™ classes have been running nonstop since 2017 and there are now multiple instructors and locations throughout the region and beyond. Suzanna also hosts the popular Belly Dance Off, one of the region's biggest belly dance events since 2010!


Raks Maleka

Dynamic Belly Dance Troupe

Raks Maleka hails from the University YMCA Belly Dance class, taught by Katia Sahar. They meet every Monday night to dance and to come together as friends. They have been dancing together for over 12 years, and are known in the dance community for their fun, upbeat, and dynamic performances.


Ralph Porter

What It Do!

As seen on Kevin Hart's Comedy Central series "Hart Of The City2" in 2017 Ralph got his start doing stand-up comedy becoming the first local comic to win the Anchorage Laugh Off Comedy Competition three years straight. Back in Washington Ralph became a presence in the local comedy scene. Winning the Best Local Comic in Tacoma Washington 2010 and The King5 Best of Western Washington Funniest Local Comedian 2010 and 2015 Ralph claims to be "Almost Famous." He's still working on that title. Ralph is known to make you laugh and laughter is the best medicine so add laughter to


Ralph Reign

Psychedelic Jazz/Funk Infused Hip-Hop.

Rapper. Producer. Astral Traveler. Soul Seeker. Originally from NYC, now living, loving, and creating in the PNW. Ralph Reign ducks out the astral plane to helm a jazz and funk-infused hiphop realm , woven with conscious and delicately crafted lyrics.



Music with a message/soul.

*attached to email along w/ stage plot


Recess Monkey

Three teachers who rock!

Drew, Jack and Korum are three GRAMMY-nominated Seattle teachers who have been making music for family audiences for 15 years.


Red Crow with Maureen Collier, Caller

Interesting Contras. Smiles! Groove...


Renegade Rose Morris

Fun dances, great tunes!

Renegade Rose Morris was founded in 2002 in Portland, Oregon. Our performances feature dances and songs in both traditional and contemporary English and American Morris traditions, played on accordion, whistle, and drum. Over time, we have added new dances, including some original dances composed by Linda, our Foreman, and songs in unison and harmony. Our motto is “Fun dances to great music.”


Rhythms Of India Dance School

Folk Dance

To get everyone excited about the high energy of our culture and performing arts of India. For the Indians - to get inspired by the rich and vibrant nature of our dances..... for Non-Indians... to give them a first hand glimpse of our culture through the dance art-form. Get our children involved... as they become familiar with dances and performing arts of Indian heritage, and develop self-confidence and self-esteem.


Riff Raff with Eric Curl, Caller

Rapscallions and Ragamuffins

Riff Raff has been playing contra dances in the Pacific Northwest for over 30 years! The membership of the band has changed over time but the unifying principles of roguery and hooliganism have endured from the very beginning.


Rik Wright's Fundamental Forces

Like jazz, but not.

Rik Wright is an innovative modern progressive jazz guitarist who is known for his genre-bending performances - world beat one minute, rock the next, a touch of jam band and back to the core of jazz. Blending forward thinking arrangements with a solid groove that listeners can tap their toe to, his Fundamental Forces quartet has an undeniable allure that has propelled him all the way to the top of the jazz radio charts.



Revolutionary Poets

Rise Up! Action Band

Political street music, ahoy!

We, Rise Up! Action Band, bring emotion, empowerment, validation, and solidarity to encourage political activism. We do this by gathering together to play music and create artistic spectacle at political events. We are an open membership band, so if you play brass, woodwinds or drums you can join us at any time. Just come talk to one of us after the show.


Rita Smith - Rounding Up

Rounds and Rounds


Robert Deeble

Philosophical Folk Pop

Robert Deeble is an American singer-songwriter based in Seattle. His recordings have been noted for their orchestrated arrangements a subtle minimalist style of production and lyrical content. Robert's first album released in 1994 with folk heroine Victoria Williams. Subsequent recordings included music industry veterans such as Rachel Blumberg (The Decemberists) Aand Stephen Hodges (Mavis Staples). His 2012 release Heart Like Feathers received critical aclaim and regular rotation on XM Satelight's The Loft. His most recent release BELOVED (2018) is a very personal account of the adoption of his daughter which which has also received critical acclaim.


Robert Sarazin Blake

Bellingham Song & Story

For 20+ years Blake has performed all over the US, Ireland & Germany. His 2017 double Album ‘Recitative received an A- from legendary Rock Critic Christgau who wrote ‘'Chants that riff on the titles WORK, COUPLES, and SINGLE WOMEN are as instantly indelible as the Springsteen, Weill, Reed, and Van Morrison lifts woven in’.



Tribal Fusion Bellydance

Rocais is a Tribal Fusion Bellydance troupe from Duval Washington. Members are Shelby Alexander, Coila Craig and Martina Crowe-Hewett.Its our 6th year here at Folklife and every year Rocais is proud to be apart of this special Seattle show! Rocais performs all of the Seattle area and you can catch more of their shenanigans at www.bellyfringebellydance.com


Rowan Fae Irish Dance

Modern/Traditional Irish Dance

Rowan Fae Irish Dance is a small, recreational, Irish Dance school based out of Renton. We accept dancers of all ages and backgrounds. We dance at local festivals around the state such as the Washington State Fair, Seattle Irish Festival, Winterfest and Renton Multicultural Festival.


Rowdy Mountain

Authentic Fresh Original Mountainmusic

Portland, OR based Rowdy Mountain performs traditional and original bluegrass. Their music is not only rooted, but relevant and entertaining. Watch their show and you will laugh, you will dance and you will be moved.


Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, Seattle Branch

Learn Scottish Country Dancing

Cynthia West has been dancing since the age of three. After graduating college, she wished to continue dancing. Through her Scottish roots, she found Scottish Country Dancing. During ceilidhs (parties), groups will dance their favorite dances. Scottish country dances have been recorded as early as the 1600's. In 1923, the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (RSCDS) was founded to promote dancing. Today, RSCDS has branches around the world. The RSCDS Seattle branch has multiple weekly dance sessions around the city. Cynthia earned her teaching certificate in 2012 and joined the Seattle branch in 2018.


Rumbles & Rhythms

Jim Boneau

Jim leads Rhythm Events with Purpose to invigorate human spirit and nurture community growth. Jim’s passion for drum circle facilitation shows in his commitment to community drumming in his hometown of Seattle WA. For the past 15 years Jim has been a leader in the growth of the recreational drumming community as Chair of the World Rhythm Festival, Organizer and session facilitator at the Folklife Rhythm Tent, and sponsor of drum circle facilitator training from Village Music Circles and Jamtown. Jim is also uses rhythm in his professional practice of leadership coaching and organizational development.


Runes of Neptune

PNW Funky Medicine Music

We have all gathered from around the Seattle area with a couple similar loves, Nature and Music. We all have different musical backgrounds and came together to create a fusion of musical medicine. We have a classically trained Saxophone and keyboard player, a Funky bass player that’s been playing over 10 years in the Seattle Scene. A world traveling drummer, and two front men vocalist that have been playing music separately most of they’re life. Once they came together it’s been pure magic since. We sing healing music laced with free flow improvised vibes for the soul body and mind.




I'm a singer, rapper, producer, mixer, and overall a guy that jus wants to make good music



Seattle Bluegrass

Ryegrass has been a Bluegrass band in the Seattle area since 2001. John Burke picked with core revivalist folkies of the ‘60’s and helped bring fiddlers Benny Thomasson and Mark O’Connor into the limelight. Steve Marx on banjo is a musical grandson of both Groucho himself and Gus Kahn of Tin Pan Alley fame. Jim Hanna and Paul Michel are old Ohio boys; Jim honed his guitar chops in and around L.A. in the ‘70’s; Paul haunted traditional masters in Appalachia, New England, and County Clare. Gray, the newest member of the band, holds the band together.

Saeed Abbas & GyeNyamé Music

Traditional Ghanaian Dance Music

Saeed Abbas has performed and taught traditional West African percussion since he was 16. After acceptance into Ghana's prestigious National Dance Ensemble, he performed the rich indigenous rhythms of his county in many parts of the world. He was invited to the US to teach at a disabled school in 2002 and decided to stay performing on both coasts. His credits include Berklee College of Music, Dartmouth and the Kennedy Center.Passionate about Ghanaian music, Abbas shares his fire with audiences!!


Samba Olywa

Groovin' Community Samba Band

Samba OlyWa is an amateur percussion and dance group dedicated to building community through learning and sharing of samba and other rhythms and dance. Samba OlyWa is community-based, providing opportunity for anyone to join and learn. The group formed in 1994 and has been going strong ever since, performing in a variety of festivals and parades around the Puget Sound region.

Samba Reggae

Daniel Nery dos Santos

Bahia In Motion teaches Brazilian dance, Capoeira (Brazilian martial art) and Zumba in Seattle and runs yearly tours to Bahia, Brazil. Their work is rooted in the Brazilian cultural traditions of Northeast Brazil, but also includes dance forms from Rio de Janeiro and other parts of Brazil. Bahia In Motion collaborates with local organizations to provide educational workshops and performances. Past collaborations include Seattle Theater Group, Pacific Northwest Ballet, Spectrum Dance Theater and Fremont Arts Council. Bahia in Motion values the importance of building community and creating awareness around health, wellness, culture and the healing arts.


Sandi Fernandez

Indie folk rock

Sandi Fernandez is a singer songwriter currently based in Seattle WA. Her powerful raw voice and catchy melodies deliver toe tapping grooves to her audiences. Their style is reminiscent of artists such as The Decembrists, First Aid Kit, and Neutral Milk Hotel. She draws upon the deep connection with her family to write music that reflects the love and challenges that come from these formative relationships. Her music explores the pain of loss the beauty of love and the importance of home. She wraps it all up into a melody driven belting style of Americana folk music.


Santa Poco

Pedal Steel Honky Tonk

With songs about rough and tumble characters mixed with emptying whiskey glasses, Santa Poco offers the type of slide guitar-emboldened tunes that float throughout a dusty roadhouse or romping dance hall. Thorough storytelling mixes with mean electric leads that inspire folks to don their ten-gallons, pull the boots up over their denim blue jeans, and hit the town for beer swills and swing dances 'til dawn. They put out their first record July 26, 2019. You can hear it digitally on Spotify and Apple Music and via purchase through this website on 7" Vinyl and CD.


Sarah Comer

Stories old and new.

A gifted storyteller, Sarah has brought new life to old tales at the annual Bonfires Beaver Pelts and Boogeymen Halloween storytelling event, Pioneer Days, and most recently her one-woman show Telling Stories, where she explored common themes in folktales and the ways storytelling has changed – and in other ways stayed the same – across the centuries.


Sarah Jane Scouten

Traditional-original Canadian folksong

Three-time Canadian Folk Music Award nominee, Sarah Jane Scouten's music delivers a signature mix of vintage folk and country, with modern sounds and subjects. Sarah Jane is steeped in North American and British folk music from years of finding folk music at its source, from the folklorists of Vancouver Island to all-night old time jams in West Virginia, Sacred Harp singing in Kentucky, the song craft of Nashville, two-stepping in Louisiana and her Glasgow roots. Touring throughout North America and Europe, this seasoned performer boasts a top-notch live show and considerable acclaim for her last three full length albums.



Future crystals

Father BeanOne producer hip hop for 20+ years for many locals and some national acts , son Saunjay 17 picked up music a few years back and they now great music together bridging the gap between old hip hop and new hip hop


Savannah Demers

Unapologetic fusion

Savannah demers is a fusion performer based out of renton washington.


Saving Daylight with Jesse Partridge

Lose an hour dancing!

Saving Daylight melds two powerhouse rhythm players and accordionists with one of the Northwest's finest fiddlers. Brian Lindsay, Amy Englesberg, and Alex Sturbaum have been playing together in various configurations for many years, but dancers agree that there's something special in the air when they combine as Saving Daylight.


Savoy Swing Club Performance Troupe

Lindy Hop Jazz Dance

Savoy Swing Club is a local 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to American vernacular dances of the early 20th century, most notably Lindy Hop, Swing, Charleston, and vintage jazz dance. We began in 1993 and have made over 450 appearances up and down the west coast. Our organization teaches classes, has a youth outreach program, and sponsors dances and events open to the public. Please visit savoyswing.org for more information.


SCARF Socially Conscious Artists Foundation

First generation immigrant struggles

The mission of SCARF is to "Create and foster art that brings awareness around social issues to galvanize change". We created this org to use the artistic voice of passionate artists for the greater good of the community. We hope to shine a light on social issues that may otherwise be glossed over and forgotten as mere statistics. With our work, we intend to strike an emotional chord in the audience.


School of Rock Seattle House Band

High Caliber Youth Musicians

School of Rock Seattle House Band is a group of talented young musicians that perform regularly all over the greater Seattle area and beyond. These students are not only among the most proficient musicians at the school, they are leaders and mentors to their peers and ambassadors to School of Rock. They’ve had the opportunity to perform at notable events and festivals such as Capitol Hill Block Party, Summerfest, Bumbershoot, Live on KEXP, Ballard Seafood Fest, and NW Folklife Festival to name a few. They are a high caliber family friendly cover band sure to entertain and impress any audience!


Scratchdog Stringband

Darker hue of bluegrass

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Scratchdog Stringband is a rag tag group of singer songwriters hailing from the four corners of the United States. Over the past five years they've released sveral albums, toured the country and even Russia. They're looking forward to taking their innovative brand of high-energybot stomping bluegrass to the masses with the release of their new album: Fire, Fumes and Smoke.


SCRiBE The Verbalist

Alchemical, Hip-hop, Edutainment, Arts

In ancient times the SCRiBE was trusted with the knowledge of the ages. This he transposed upon scrolls and tablets in the language of his people so that they would remain as a testament of that which has been and that which is yet to come. Verbalist spoke the words of the SCRiBE to all the people. He spoke to those who could have read them but would not and he spoke to the illiterate who could only listen.From humble beginnings in The Bronx Estates and secondarily Kings County comes one trained in BOTH disciplines SCRiBE The Verbalist.



Award Winning Celtic Folk

Over the last 12 years, SeaStar has played bars, coffeehouses, train stations, hardware stores, video arcades, house concerts, big auditoriums, festivals, and has toured in eight countries! They are noted as sounding “authentic” and “timeless” with their tangle of dusty dreams, salty seas, and rays of hope. They are a unique fusion of Celtic, Folk, Maritime, Americana, and Bluegrass, with echos of psychedelic and rock. SeaStar doesn't fit into one genre. They love it all. Just honest, hardworking folks who love a good gathering of people to commune in music. Music is medicine in a broken world. Let's come together.


Seattle Cheta

Bulgarian Folk Performance

Seattle Cheta: performing Bulgarian folk traditions. We sing, dance, collect traditional costumes, and breathe love into them. Seattle Cheta - the performance group at the Bulgarian Cultural and Heritage Center of Seattle (BCHCS) was established in April, 2014, for participation in Verea Bulgarian Festival in Chicago. The name is a combination of “seattlecheta” – people from Seattle and “Seattle Cheta” – a band with connotation to the heroic Bulgarian Enlightenment. Seattle Cheta attends community events and festivals such as Bulgarian Christmas celebrations, Verea-Chicago Folk Festival, NW Folklife Festival, Antika Bulgaria Festival (San Francisco), International Night at Bellevue College, and others.


Seattle Jewish Chorale

Historical/modern Jewish music

Founded in 2008 the Seattle Jewish Chorale is a volunteer non-profit multigenerational mixed auditioned community choir. Our mission is to engage audiences of all ages and backgrounds with the beauty and diversity of the Jewish experience by performing works from across the spectrum of the Jewish choral repertoire. We believe that music can unite people and bring about “tikkun olam” (a healing of the world). Our repertoire includes songs in Hebrew English Yiddish and Ladino in a wide variety of styles and genres: sacred and secular; a cappella and accompanied; classical jazz folk and pop.


Seattle Kokon Taiko

Rhythm, Movement, Spirit

Taiko is a dynamic synthesis of rhythm, movement and spirit originating in Japan and evolving as a folk art over the last several hundred years. In Seattle Kokon Taiko, we try to combine the ancient with the modern; our repertoire is a mix of traditional pieces and contemporary compositions.Through taiko, we hope to contribute to the development of a uniquely Japanese American art form –Japanese in origin, American in expression– that weaves threads of continuity between generations and builds bridges of understanding among people of all nationalities and walks of life.


Seattle Mandolin Orchestra

Mandolin-based community ensemble

Since 1983 the Seattle Mandolin Orchestra has dedicated itself to preserving, promoting and extending America's mandolin ensemble tradition, New members always welcome!


Seattle Pacific University Gospel Choir

Contemporary Diverse Talented Students



Since its founding in 1985 Seattle Peace Chorus has acted on its mission to communicate through music the desire for a just and peaceful world. Through musical citizen diplomacy the chorus builds bridges with people in countries where our governments have become alienated. While international tensions and political struggles between governments threaten our future and heighten anxiety the chorus reaches out to ordinary citizens through music to soothe fear and inspire harmonious relationships.


Seattle Raging Grannies

Social commentary/political satire

We are enraged about the poor conditions that many people are forced to endure in their lives and about the condition of the earth that we will leave to our precious grandchildren. We sing out to gain respect for all persons and encourage everyone to grow above their prejudices. We rage against "corporate greed" and sing for a world in which JUSTICE is evident everywhere and PEACE reigns. We are wisdom minstrels!

Seattle Skandia Spelmanslag

Big Sound from Scandinavia

We are an “open membership” group. Anyone who shares our interest in playing traditional Scandinavian folkdance music is welcome to join. All instruments are acoustic and include mostly violins and rhythm instruments such as accordion acoustic bass and guitar. We meet at the Swedish Club 1920 Dexter Ave. No. Seattle. The group practices most Sunday evenings from 7:00‐9:00 p.m. The spelmanslag will play approximately ten to fifteen public performances each year including Skandia Folkdance Society's Third Friday dances, The Swedish Club pancake breakfasts, and the Nordic Museum.

Seattle Song Circle

Bring your vocal chords

Seattle Song Circle started at the Second Folklife Festival when early folk singers thought it good to meet every week instead of annually. We gather to trade material, sing along or play along as the turn goes around the circle.


Seattle Songpa Sandae Nori and Wave Dance Group

Korean Traditional Performing Arts

Kevin Okcheon Shim is the founder and leader of the Seattle Songpa Sandae Nori group. He has been learning, practicing performing and teaching Songpa Sandae Nori for 43 years. He is the only master of this intangible cultural asset in Washington state and is the reason for its existence and growth in the local area. He regularly travels around the world to perform and give workshops and returns to Korea yearly. Jean Sook Yang founder of Wave Dance Group holds a major and masters degree in traditional Korean performing arts and has been performing and teaching for 22 years.


Seattle Sound Music Awards

#SSMAs2020 @ Folklife

The Seattle Sound Music Awards continues to forge inclusitivity between Seattle's grunge and hip hop community. Established in 2014, we're committed to breaking indie artists from the PNW worldwide.


Seattle Theater Group

Dance Performance & Workshop

DANCE This provides young artist training and performance opportunities in cross cultural and contemporary dance. Each year the DANCE This production brings together hundreds of young artists and community members from diverse backgrounds to share their culture through the art of dance. Guest artists have included Napoleon & Tabitha from So You Think You Can Dance, Savion Glover, Joffrey Ballet, Mark Morris Dance Group as well as Broadway professionals. Classes for high school youth are available through the DANCE This Intensive and the DANCE This Camp at Centrum during the summer.


Seattle Twerkshop

New Orleans Twerk Performance

Seattle Twerkshop brings the best of New Orleans Bounce, Soca, Afrobeats and Twerk and the spirit of Mardi Gras in performances and Dance Fitness classes. Twerkshop is the brainchild of Daughter of New Orleans Tricia Diamond and infuses the African Diaspora beats of its members. Choreographers Tricia, Jkela, Micki, Cliff bring their soca, bounce, twerk, afrobeats and dancehall roots to every performance and look forward to transporting you to the wards of New Orleans in this performance that has to be seen! Seattletwerkshop.com


Seattle Twerkshop: New Orleans Bounce and Twerk Workshop Mardi Gras Style

Seattle Twerkshop: Tricia Diamond

From the wards of New Orleans to Seattle Center, join us as we bring you a dance experience where you will learn or perfect your New Orleans Bounce, Mardi Gras March and twerk with Seattle Twerkshop's Boss Twerk (Tricia Diamond) in a fun workshop that will have you letting the Good Times Roll to music from Big Freedia to the 79ers gang and hip hop music and more


Seattle Waldorf High School World Rhythm Orchestra

Lagos to New Orleans

Gordy Ryan leads this World Music Orchestra at the Seattle Waldorf High School. He performed with Babatunde Olatunji for 30 years and has recorded with Santana David Sanborne Nile Rodgers and many more as well playing on many film soundtracks with Eddie Murphy Spike Lee Bruce Langhorne and many more. He has conducted World Rhythm workshops in North America Europe and South America for decades including 20 years at Esalen in Big Sur and 20 years at Hollyhock in B.C. He has played on Grammy winning albums. Gordy loves the 'generation pass down' in musical education.

Seattle Youth Poet Laureate / Writer in the Schools

Youth Poet Laureate Finalists



Scottish Gaelic Songs &Tunes

Seirm is a céilidh band of singers and musicians who create traditional and innovative Scottish Gaelic music together. The main musical program of Slighe nan Gaidheal Washington's Gaelic language and cultural society Seirm performs at various community events to promote interest and awareness of the Scottish Gaelic language music and song tradition. Originally formed as a 4-part a cappella choir in 1996 to participate in the Gaelic singing competition known as Mòd Vancouver Seirm transitioned to the current format following the conclusion of Mòd Vancouver in 2007. Seirm will compete in the Royal National Mòd in Scotland in October 2020.


Selassie I Soldier

all about love

Jah blessing and love to all

Sera Cahoone

Hi Devon

Americana singer-songwriter Sera Cahoone grew up in the Colorado foothills. The daughter of a dynamite salesman she played her first gigs on drums in a dive bar's open blues jams at 12. A young adult she moved to Seattle where she played drums with the adored indie rock group Carissa’s Wierd and later Band of Horses. She then went on to release four solo records two with Sub Pop. In 2019 Cahoone received a Gold Record for her work with Band of Horses.


Servants of the Rich

Irish acoustic folk music

Servants of the Rich began in 2001 in Seattle performing Irish folk music at local pubs, including Kells, Molly Maguire's, Fado, and The Harp. Two part harmonies, guitar based music with a mandolin and fiddle.


Shahrazad Dance Ensemble of Seattle

Folkloric Dances Middle East

Shahrazad Dance Ensemble, founded in 1978 in Seattle, performs folkloric and fusion dances at cultural festivals, showcases, and other events. Troupe members have taken classes from leading dance ethnologists Helene Ericksen, Morocco of New York, Dr. Kay Hardy Campbell, Nadia Hamdi, Leila Haddad, Hadia of Calgary, and others. In a colorful, lively performance, the troupe presents original folkloric versions of Egyptian Saidi dances, Moroccan dance, Gulf States dance choreography by Dr. Campbell, and American 1970s cabaret dance.


Shanghaied on the Willamette

Plundered Sea Songs

With vocal harmonies and a fleet of acoustic instruments, Shanghaied on the Willamette performs songs plundered from land and sea. Their lively music reaches back into maritime traditions, to fishing, paddling, sailing, and to the early days of Portland, Oregon. Fiddle, banjo, harmonica, bodhran, guitar and mandola blend with voices to tell you a story, make your foot tap, and bring a smile to your face.


Shanties Sung Aboard Video Games

Wayne A Palsson

Strikes A Bell sings familiar and catchy sea songs guaranteed to get all members of the audience joining in on the chorus. The group met at Northwest Seaport’s Monthly Chantey Sing where sea chanteys and other maritime music are sung aboard historic vessels and in other maritime venues.


Shapenote Singing Demonstration

Powerful American Roots Music

First and foremost, we're not a choir. We're a group of singers who are passionate about the tradition of shape note music. We sing for ourselves with no director, no rehearsals, no auditions, and no accompaniment. The tradition we sing from is as old as the United States itself, and is a living tradition that's been continuously practiced since its inception centuries ago. There has been a group of us in Seattle in some form or another since the 70s. This is what we look like now! If you like what you hear, come join us!


Shapenote Singing Mini-Convention

There has been a shape note singing group in some form or other in Seattle since the mid-1970s. The tradition of shape note singing is as old as the United States itself. We sing for ourselves and for each other, with no director, rehearsals, and conductors. We don't aim to sound pretty, but we put our passion and energy into every note and have a ton of fun!The convention format, which this workshop takes, is how shape note music is meant to be experienced: not by being part of an audience, but by SINGING!


Sharyn Lee and The Sundowners

5-piece Western Swing Band

we have been performing country western swing for about 25 years. We showcase for www.NWWSMS.com and have been nominated many times with Academy of Western Artists Awards, winning in 2014. We play a 1940's retro sound. and we love Folklife!


Sheri Roberts Greimes & JoMomma

Blues, Rock and Country



Thai Classical, Folk Dance

We're from Thai community in Washington State. We would like to promote Thai culture with Thai Classical and Folk Dance. We are volunteer performers to perform with other festivals and communities.

Side of the Tide Morris Dancers

Oregon Coast's Border Morris

Side of the Tide is a Border Morris dance team from Oregon’s south coast. Enthusiastic musicians provide the lively tunes as the troupe performs high energy dances with knacking staves and ringing bells. Side of the Tide embraces an ancient English dance tradition while keeping it fresh for today’s audiences.



Sincere God Magnetic

Mathematics, Bars & Beats


Sistas Rock the Arts

Multigenerational musicians and performers

SRTA’s provide a place for people of color (specifically people of African descent) to feel welcomed acknowledged and heard. SRTA’s created a community of people who dance sing laugh and have a good time together. For many it is like therapy for some it's like a work out on stage and others its opportunity to move/exercise on the dance floor. We provide a multigenerational stage and opportunity for artist collaborations. Our platform is social justice focused and uses art to raise the consciousness of our provides a space for community members who have been displaced by gentrification to return home.


Sitar Ensemble by Pacific School of Indian Music

Indian Classical Sitar Ensemble

This is an Indian Classical Music Sitar performance by the students of Pacific School of Indian Music. Pacific School of Indian Music is run by Sampada Bhalerao. She has given many solo sitar performances at Northwest Folklife Festival and at many other venues in Pacific Northwest area. She started learning sitar with her mother at very young age in India. She continued learning and performing sitar after she moved to Seattle in 1992. She lives in Sammamish WA and teaches sitar as well as vocal music to children and adults.



Turkish Music Delights 4All

SiyaVend is a group of local musicians from Seattle area. We play music from Anatolia, Balkans and the Middle East, using acoustic instruments native to those lands. All our songs are authentic pieces passed on from generation to generation. We strive for a connection with the audience where both the performers and the audience have an uplifting experience.


Sky Blue

Heavenly Dance Music

Sky Blue provides a panoramic vista of musical environments. They choose their material from the Great American Songbook of Jazz Standards. Their repertoire includes soulful blues, playful swing tunes, and lush waltzes. Smooth vocals and tasteful instrumental arrangements provide rhythm and content for dancer and listener alike. One fan says, “Listening to Sky Blue both stimulates and soothes my senses. It's like having a strong cup of coffee with a piece of French silk pie.” They have played for many dance events in the Seattle area since 2006.


Sky Valley Prairie Band

Toe-tapping Cajun/Creole Dance Music

Living in the Sky Valley area of Washington state and bringing you the toe tapping sounds of authentic Cajun and Creole style music of Southwest Louisiana. We enjoy playing the old style Cajun twin fiddling to the ever popular Zydeco. Repeated trips to Louisiana have provided us with years of study and practice with the masters of this genre. We play this music out of our deep love and respect for the music, the culture, and the people who create it. Laissez les bons temps rouler!


Small Pleasures with Jay Finkelstein, Caller

Northwest and Yankee Music

Since 1996 Vivian Williams (scholar of NW trad dance music, currently Sr-Sr Fiddle Champion of US) and Phil Katz (contra musician since 1979, w/ musical roots in NH) have brought together the traditional musics of the Northwest and New England for contradance playing. Shelly Jenkins, born in NH, has run, played, and called a little contra dance in Yakima for over 30 yr. Our backup musicians are both callers, and our caller is a musician embedded in the Olympia contra dance community. All of us are long-time dancers.


Smilin' Scandinavians

More than just polkas

The band coalesced around a group of talented young performers at Cornish College of the Arts in 1995. Since that time, they have become masters of the polka world, playing festival all around the western US and Canada and being nominated for prestigious awards by the Polka Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. Despite all the fame and success, this plucky little band still puts the same euphoria into each polka performance. This is a band all Northwesterners should be proud of.


Smoky Mokes Ragtime Ensemble

Ragtime and traditional jazz

We all play in various bands but we get together once a year in this configuration to play at Folklife, because we love Folklife and the traditional ragtime and jazz we play. Gene Silberberg is the compiler of "Fiddle Tunes I learned at the Tractor Tavern..." book containing 565 traditional fiddle tunes. He also plays banjo in the Ain't No Heaven Jazz Band, along with clarinetist Zane Smith and tuba player Al Rustad. Glenn Dudley plays banjo and guitar in several jazz and swing bands, and John Davis is a highly sought-after guitarist.



Family Fiddle Tunes

Snorkmaiden is: Stella Logan,10 years old, who has been playing fiddle tunes since age 5 and her parents who accompany her on violin, guitar and banjo. The group plays a variety of American, Celtic and European fiddle tunes and vocal music


SONG RISING! All voices and people welcome

Alexandra, Brooke and Rick

Brooke, Alexandra and Rick love community singing for social and climate justice. We say: "You don't need to be a singer. Join in as one voice. Come learn and share a song!" Alexandra's website is full of varied videos, with songs in Spanish as well as English. Rick leads "Sing Like Pete Seeger Liked" sing-alongs around Seattle area. We're all three focused on that better world we know is possible, and making it happen! And, as it happens, singing together has got to be part of it!


Songs of Courage and Resilience in Hard Times

Percy & friends

Songs of the Heart Native American Flute by Peter Ali

Native American flute songs

Peter Ali has inspired and comforted many through his music and sharing for more than a decade. Hearing the call of a Native American Style flute on the wind at a low point in his own life Peter found his way towards healing through purchasing and teaching himself to play his first flute. Peter comes from a unique blending of cultures. His Mother originating in Sonora Mexico is of Mayan Pima and Southern European descent. His Father is of Berber descent leaving his child hood home on the coastal region of Morocco North Africa.


Songs of the Sea

With John Alberti

Songs That Live On Sing-Along

Norm Brecke, Anne Rutherford

Before becoming a full-time professional storyteller, Norm was an award-winning teacher. He’s told stories from Oregon to South Carolina, L.A. to B.C. This is his 12th year as a performer at the NW Folklife. Anne Rutherford has been a featured teller at the National Storytelling Festival, Teller in Residence at the International Storytelling Center and five-time winner of Northwest Folklife’s Liars Contest. Her CD “The Habit of Joy” is an Award winner. Festival. Anne & Norm often perform and lead workshops as a duo, and love introducing people to the surprising power of good storytelling and singing together.


Songwriters in Seattle Showcase

Songwriters in Seattle Showcase

Jim lends his smooth, tenor vocals and strong flatpicking guitar work to a variety of catchy original songs and cover tunes. A veteran performer, he has spent most of his life as a hobbyist musician, playing in bands ranging from folk-rock to bluegrass to solo singer-songwriter performances. Jim currently performs both solo and with the local bluegrass band, Ryegrass.


Sonny Bonoho

I love music •

Google sonny bonoho


Sound and Fury Morris

Kilted Morris With Bells!

Sound & Fury Morris & Sword have been dancing around Seattle and the rest of the west coast of North America since the waning days of last century. These are dance traditions dating back a long time, from various regions of England. Traditionally, Morris Dance is a community-based activity and a street performance tradition, with dancers showing up, often outside a pub, to perform close to their audience. When the performance is over, the dancers will retire to the pub, where their grateful, adoring audience treats them to the finest ales and ciders on tap!


Sound Crossing String Band with Amy Wimmer, Caller

Lively Oldtime Dance Music

Members of the band met 22 years ago at a jam at Northwest Folklife, found that they enjoyed playing music together. They really love playing for dances and think Amy Wimmer is an amazing caller.


Sounds Singers Japanese Choir

Building Friendship Through Music

The Sound Singers Japanese Choir was founded in 2009. We perform a wide range of music, including songs in the Japanese language and also from many other languages and cultures. Membership is not limited to Japanese people, we have members also from the United States and other countries. We perform all over the Puget Sound area and present a popular annual concert, along with our famous Japanese bake-sale! We are proud members of the Greater Seattle Choral Consortium.


Stay Tuned with caller, Rosemary Lach

Participatory English Country Dance

Karen Iglitzin, violin, played with the Philadelphia String Quartet. They toured India and South America as well as the US. She has been fiddling since the mid-1980's. Roger Nelson, pianist, professor at Cornish college of the Arts for 40 years is a conductor and prolific composer. He and Karen taught at a university in China in 1997. Their daughter, Ariana Nelson received her MA at Julliard and started her professional cello career with the Houston Grand Opera orchestra. She has played with Yo-Yo Ma and was part of his "Silk Road" Project. They have recorded 2 CDs.

Stephanie Anne Johnson and The Hidogs

Folk, Blues, Country, Soul

After a successful stint on NBC's The Voice Stephanie Anne Johnson joined Tacoma sideman Jesse Turcotte on a series of musical walks down the back alleys of American music. True Hidogs at heart they dreamed of a field they could run and romp in that had all their favorite musics growing as one golden grass that could sustain dogs of all colors and breeds; All that swampy Chicago blues of the 50's all that Soul from the 60's all that outlaw and California country from the 70's and all that good funk and hip hop from ever since....


Steve Church

Solo singer-songwriter acoustic guitarist.

Steve blends a unique combination of country-fied blues, pop sounds and alt-swing to his baritone vocal delivery. Influenced by jazz greats, blues legends and country western idols – it’s unsurprising to detect the flavors of each in the recipe of his performance. He writes and sings of lost love, found hope and the complexities of relationships – with each other, with our world and with ourselves.


Steve Henegar - Storyteller

Truth & Lies Forever

Mid-westerner Steven Henegar celebrates the wonderful variety of stories we use to share our lives. He calls up the everyday and the fantastic to discover feelings and experiences that connect us all. The twenty-five year veteran performer and workshop leader blends the easy conversation of his family’s storytelling with incisive imagery shaped by a decade in the theater as an actor, writer and director. Truth & Lies mined from a long life looking around.


STG's More Music @ The Moore

Multi-genre Teen Music Collaboration


Storytellers of Anatolia


Since 2012, we have been telling stories from Anatolia in our Turkish Showcases. These stories are about the numerous ethnic communities that make up the 80 million population of Turkey and their daily lives. The stories are presented with music (recorded or live) and dance.

Strikes A Bell

Singable Sea Chanteys!

Strikes A Bell sings familiar and catchy sea songs guaranteed to get all members of the audience joining in on the chorus. The group met at Northwest Seaport’s Monthly Chantey Sing where sea chanteys and other maritime music are sung aboard historic vessels and in other maritime venues.


Stuart Williams and His Amazing Students with Sherry Nevins, Caller

Fun tunes, everyone dance!

n I teach the music I have loved all my life. That is traditional or "old time" fiddle music. I have been fortunate to have met and learned first hand from a number of masters of this age old art fiddlers here in the Pacific Northwest who themselves learned from long lineages of fiddlers and who played for dances. I have been teaching music full time now for 20 years: private lessons group classes and workshops at camps and festivals around the Northwest. My students have been my best teachers as far as letting me know what works and doesn't.

Suhita & group

Sambalpuri Folk dance


SUPA - Seattle Ukulele Players Association

Forecast calls for UKULELE

Seattle Ukulele Players Association (SUPA) is a Washington nonprofit corporation founded in 2003 to promote fellowship, entertainment, performance and education among ukulele enthusiasts in the Puget Sound region. All styles & all skill levels are welcome at our monthly song-circles and activities.



Cuban Son/Son Cubano


Surreal Storytelling with Strange Women

Storytelling with Strange Women

Inspired by strange women and surreal storytellers like Catherynne M. Valente and Aimee Bender, Kate dreamed of creating a platform to showcase voices of the peculiar. Surreal Storytelling with Strange Women was born August 2018. At each Surreal Storytelling event, four women take the stage to provide an evocative evening seeping with poetry, prose, and personal anecdotes. The setting is soft, yet severe. Demanding, magical, bewitching. Kate strives to shine the light not only on established authors but emerging writers as well.

Susan Burke/Eric Anderson

Fiery cape breton fiddle

Susan burke and eric anderson have shared decades of Cape Breton and Scottish music, in addition to active contra dance careers, since meeting at the Festival of American Fiddle tunes in the 80's.


Suzanne Girardot

Squares with Zip!

Suzanne has been calling for almost 40 years, and squares are her favorite dances to call and teach. Her teaching is clear and concise, and the combination of her calling with the music gives the dancers a driving pulse to pick their feet up off the ground!

Swamp Soul Cajun/Zydeco Band

Louisiana Dance Music

Karen Kaser and John Morris have traveled to Louisiana for many years to learn the music of Southwest Louisiana and have played in their band: Swamp Soul for 15 years. Julia Derby, Dave Grixoni, Kevin Kilmartin and Grant Steele are local Seattle musicians who enjoy and play several different styles of music but play with the band for dances and other performances.


Swedish Slängpolska - the easiest!

Bob Hamilton

We (Bob and Lisa) have been Scandinavian folk dancing for more than thirty years. Each. They have also taught for much of that time, and regularly travel to Scandinavia to experience the wonderful music and dancing in its natural setting. Our focus is to get beginners up on the floor dancing and having a good time while still being true to the form. We think you will have a lot of fun!

Swing Criollo - Costa Rican Social Dance

Swing Criollo Video Demonstrations

I spent the first 16 years of my life living in Latin American countries. Being a dancer and owner operator of several websites that track dance events I have a strong interest in collecting and demonstrating dance styles. On a trip to Costa Rica 4 years ago while participating in a "Waltz Flash Mob by Bicycle" in Costa Rica's capital San Jose I had the opportunity to learn about this wonderful Latin dance called "Swing Criollo" or to some "Tico Swing" . (Tico means Costa Rican). It changed me. I hope it changes you. Sincerely, John A Davis, Dancing Slob


Swing Dancing for Everyone

Ari Levitt

Ari has been teaching and performing nationally and internationally for over 25 years. A much-loved Seattle instructor, he is well-known for both his fun, energetic, and delightful classes that can't help but inspire students with a love and passion for dance, and for his clear articulate teaching style that can make even the most complex steps easy to understand and fun to do. When not dancing Ari is a physician on faculty with Singularity University's "Exponential Medicine” and is a pioneer in the burgeoning field of "Experiential Wellness" which combines medicine with music dance & the Arts.



Western Swing

Swingmatism is a western swing ensemble formed in 2016 by violinist Paul Anastasio, guitarist/vocalist Eric Madis, mandolinist/vocalist Pete Martin, bassist Greg Glassman and drummer Don Berman. After Paul's move to Louisiana in 2017, Pete, Greg and Eric continued as an acoustic trio. They reformed the quintet for the annual swing dance at the 2017 Northwest Folklife Festival with the temporary addition of violinist Paul Elliott and drummer Will Dowd. After a period of continuing with individual careers, the band reformed in 2019 with the addition of violinist/vocalist Kat Bula and steel guitarist/vocalist Orville Johnson.


Te Fare O Tamatoa

Tahitian Druming & Dancing


Team Nrutya

Bollywood Fusion Dance

thad wenatchee

lo-fi hip-hop instrumentals

i like to make beats. i like to look at graffiti. i like folk music. i like to listen to jazz a ton. i like to write rhymes & i like to spit rhymes. i enjoy doing most of these things in my bedroom.


Thai Wayside Band

Modern Thai dance music

Thai Wayside band or “Khon Kang Tang” is a musical group of both musicians (Thai and American) and dancers who love music and performing arts. The band was formed in 2016 with several members of the Pong Lang Ruam Jai band and made its first debut at the University of Washington Cultural Fest. With Viroj Buraparate as the band leader, their music covers diverse arrays of styles, ranging from Thai classical, Thai Northern, Thai Northeastern styles of music to Thai modern pop and rock music. Our talented dancers come from the Siam Olympia team led by Nat-thanik Hall.


The Ballard High School Fiddlers

Fabulous youth fiddlers!

This group of fiddlers hails from Ballard High School. They play a range of fiddle styles, ranging from bluegrass to irish to swing to oldtime to country and everything in between!

The Braxmatics

Funky Seattle Dance Party

Funkin' up the place, with the Bass in your face, from outer space, with a bit of dash and a lot of Grace, to capture the flag and win this Race, to the top of the galactic Mountain of Boom, where we funk harder than an Elephant in the Room, and leave smokey clouds of danceable Plumes, on which to fly with our soul livened Crew...!


The Burying Ground

Country Blues and Ragtime

The Burying Ground trades in authentically delivered rustic old-timey country-blues and swinging jazz-flecked folk music. The core duo Devora Laye (washboard vocals saw) and Woody Forster (guitar vocals) are known for songwriting that illuminates the human experience and reflects the modern day. It is today’s commentary on a framework of vintage music. They have been charming diverse crowds across all ages and musical tastes in large and small venues throughout Western Canada United States Netherlands Belgium Germany and Ireland. They have released three albums that have all hit radio charts. The duo are accompanied by a rotating cast of musicians.


The Contraries with Valerie Cohen, Caller

David Kaynor Tribute Band

We are applying as a tribute group to David Kaynor, who has been a friend, fiddle buddy, and mentor to the members of the group. Most of the tunes and some of the dances we are doing were written by him.

The Cross-Town Ramblers with Paul Silveria, Caller

Two fiddles, no waiting.

Kate, Morgan, Catherine, Tony and Carmen have played together in various combinations, and individually with Atlas String Band, The Barn Owls and Peckin' Out Dough, among others. Folklife is an excellent proving ground for new possibilities, so here we are.

The Dancing Silhouette

Folk dances of India.


The Fentons

We are a Roots/Alt.band

The Fentons began playing their own brand of Country music in a North Seattle basement in 2009. Since then they've brought their sound and songs to thousands of new fans of all ages from dark clubs to bright festival stages. In addition to their live performances the band has released five CD's "Twist In The Twine" "Little Window" "You+I+Us+Them" and "Bad Choices - Live".



Lively tween neotraditional trio

Seattle natives Henry, Hank and Diego began playing music as soon as they could get their hands on instruments. Now moving into their teens, Hank is first a classical violinist, Henry a jazz pianist and Diego a jazz clarinetist. As The Geoducks, they find common ground in a mix of upbeat old time, bluegrass, folk, jazz, blues and a smattering of other genres. They all contribute vocals, Hank plays fiddle and mandolin, Henry piano, mandolin and drums and Diego clarinet. The Geoducks draw crowds of old and young alike at Folklife, farmers markets and neighborhood festivals.


The Gortexans

Upbeat country western swing

The Gortexans play a mix of western swing, country, swing and rockabilly. They do traditional songs from these genres but also do originals that stay true to these styles of music. Their musical heroes are Bob Wills, Merle Haggard, Buck Owens, Hank Williams, Asleep At The Wheel and Commander Cody. They have been regular performers at the country swing dance at NW Folklife. You can learn more about them and hear samples of their music at: facebook.com/TheGortexans.

The Hackles

Evocative songwriting, powerful harmonies.

The Hackles are Luke Ydstie and Kati Claborn. They met in 2008 at band practice and have been playing together most days since then in a variety of musical projects. As The Hackles, they focus on collaborative songwriting, evocative harmonies, & intimate arrangements for guitar and banjo. They live in Astoria, Oregon with their daughter & cat. Their sophomore album “A Dobritch Did as a Dobritch Should” was released in November 2019.


The Harmonica Pocket

Acoustic Folk for Families

Silly and sweet, The Harmonica Pocket is a young at heart duo from Port Townsend Washington. They have performed for busloads of children and their grownups in theaters, schools, libraries, and festivals nationally and internationally. The Harmonica Pocket’s current groovy-green family album “Sundrops” won a Parents' Choice Gold Award and was recorded at their solar-powered home studio. Shows feature ukuleles, guitars, sweet vocal harmony, hula hoops and colorful spinning flags. They sing about bugs, vegetables, and a diaper-wearing superhero, love Dr. Seuss, and eat a lot of ice cream.


The History of Blues Music, Movement, & Dance

Ari Levitt

Ari Levitt: Ari has been teaching and performing nationally and internationally for over 25 years. A much-loved Seattle instructor, he is well-known for both his fun, energetic, and delightful classes that can't help but inspire students with a love and passion for dance, and for his clear articulate teaching style that can make even the most complex steps easy to understand and fun to do. When not dancing Ari is a physician on faculty with Singularity University's "Exponential Medicine” and is a pioneer in the burgeoning field of "Experiential Wellness" which combines medicine with music, dance, & the Arts.


The Jack Maybe Project

Folk, Blues, Jazz

Jack Maybe was forged in the fires of the American sound. The sirens of Blues, Jazz, Folk, and Bluegrass grew nearby and he was able to learn their tunes. Through the centuries, he found different beasts who were his kin, and together they began to sing the songs of the Old Monsters who roamed the earth before they. The monsters change form and ferocity, but the songs remain the same.


The Jaydogs

Old Dogs, New Tricks

We are a mostly acoustic band featuring guitar mandolin bass harmonica and vocals. Our influences are the folk rock country and blues from the second half of the 20th century . Our first CD "Almost Live in Brian's Basement" recorded at Black Rain Sound studio; features 10 original songs by two songwriters Doug Bowes and Kieran Phelan. Jay Hollingsworth handles lead vocals on 7 tracts and Doug handles lead vocals on the 3 tracks he wrote. We both share harmonies for the other. Jack Lenior rounds out the band playing bass. The Jaydogs have been together 4 years.


The Jesus Chords

Garage Country

Grew up together on San Juan Island. Played in the woods together as kids, and in Band all through school. In 1999, we decided to start a Country group. Seemed revolutionary at the time. Since then we’ve written over 100 original songs—true stories, political satire, nonsense. We’ve played most of Seattle’s seedy venues (a few of which are still around) and we always pack Herbs Tavern back in Friday Harbor.


The Jewel Box Boys

Bluegrass, Swing, Whatever Else!

Joe Ellingson and Lee Callender, guitarist and fiddler of local bluegrass band The Warren G Hardings respectively, met bass player Jonti Simon while jamming at a house party in Seattle. Jonti recently moved to Seattle from New York City where he played many genres of music, mainly jazz. The three of them enjoying nerding out on many musical styles and are excited to bring their sound to Folklife!

The m9

High Energy Romani Brass

Founded in 2013, The m9 draws inspiration from high-energy brass bands from across the globe to create a unique soundscape where East and West collide. The new global fusion sounds of the rich Balkan Romani brass tradition form the core of a repertoire which excites, invigorates, and inspires curiosity about one of Europe's most misunderstood minorities.


The Market Street Singers

Choral Classics Sing-along


The Moonshine Revival Tent

Fantastical Story & Song!

The Moonshine Revival Tent combines the dynamic storytelling of Bret Fetzer with the lovely vocal harmonies of Sari Breznau, Mike Gilson, Christine Longé, and Jillian Vashro. These stories-with-songs use the traditional narrative structures of fairy tales, but with a distinctly American iconography—instead of castles, cabins and coal mines; instead of potions and magic wands, liquor and cigarettes; instead of princesses and fairies, farmgirls and the Devil himself. Musical styles range from folk songs to murder ballads to 1920s hot jazz.

The Mossbacks with Sherry Nevins, Caller

Seattle's Old-Time Youngsters

The Mossbacks were formed four years ago, when Oliver, our youngest member, was only nine years old. We all had a love for old-time fiddle music, so we started playing together. Since then, we have played for many gigs and events around Seattle and at Folklife the last three years!


The Mountain WIlliams with Suzanne Girardot, Caller

Old-Time Stringband

The Mountain Williams are a loose, ever changing collective of Old Time musicians that precipitates out of the old-time community whenever there is a need for fiddle tunes! In this roll of the dice, we have Eric Schweizer, Bex Winnick, and Donald Polardy, who range from Olympia to British Columbia

The Muddy Souls

Northwest Bluegrass

Bio: Born out of the belly of the acoustic music scene in Eugene, Oregon, The Muddy Souls were formed in the Fall of 2018. They combine bluegrass/traditional music with original songwriting and lively instrumentals for a memorable show that is sure to get your feet dancing and your face grinning.


The Musical Socks Stringband with Amy Carroll, Caller

Fun tunes, fun dances!

Bonnie Zahnow became an old-time fiddler in the 1980s. For nearly 10 years she played for dances at the G-Note and New Melody Taverns, family dances and with the Mexican music ensemble "Los Chalados." She performs as a duo With her husband WB Reid, and in other groups. An accomplished fiddler, guitar accompanist, and singer, specializing in old-time country music, jugband and blues, and Mexican and Hispanic music. Bonnie Zahnow has performed and/or taught at Fiddle Tunes, Merlefest, Lark in the Morning Camp, San Diego Roots Festival, The Caspar World Music Festival,. She has toured extensively


The Nettles with Kelsey Hartman, Caller

Funky fresh folkadelic frolic!

Folkadelic! The Nettles propel contra dances with powerful melodies, wild improvisation, and driving rhythms. With fiddle, guitar, bass, trumpet, and a phat groove, The Nettles draw from Irish and international music to American oldtime and rock, putting it all through their folkadelic kaleidoscope. Laura Brophy's powerful fiddling and Rob Birdwell's trumpet create strong, lyrical melodies and the punch of brass, lifting the dancers as the instruments take flight. The band's mighty rhythm engine is Kevin Johnsrude on guitar and Michael Proctor on bass. The Nettles' music retains the driving energy of its roots but adds new excitement to every show.


The New Iberians Zydeco Blues Band

Stumptown Zydeco

Emerging from the silt and runoff of the Bretz floods, the New Iberians have been terrorizing audiences from Vancouver BC to Venice Beach for nearly 22 years. Grab your foul weather gear and your dancin' shoes, it's the New iberians!


The Northwest Junior Pipe Band

Northwest Junior Pipe Band

Founded in 1995 Northwest Junior Pipe Band is Washington State’s only competitive youth bagpipe band. NWJPB teaches Scottish bagpiping and drumming to kids ages 8 to18 promoting the values of excellence teamwork and community involvement. Each summer you will find the band at several local Scottish festivals including the Bellingham Highland Games Skagit Valley Highland Games and the Pacific NW Highland Games in Enumclaw.This year the band travels to Glasgow Scotland to compete in the World Pipe Band Championships. NWJPB is always looking for kids who are interested in learning Scottish bagpipes and drums. Meet the band after the show.


The Not-Its!

Kids first rock concert!

The OK Chorale

Real People Singing Together

We are a community of folks who love to sing with others in four-part harmony: folk, popular, Beatles, classical, holiday, Irish, Broadway. Noauditions. Rehearsals are fun and no one gets hurt.


The Oly Mountain Boys

Northwest Flavored Bluegrass

The Oly Mountain Boys are a South Puget Sound bluegrass institution, picking and singing around Olympia, Washington since 2008. They bring a Pacific Northwest sensibility to the bluegrass sound through traditional tunes and original compositions, and showcase the power of the American bluegrass music tradition.


The People's Echo

Participatory singing for justice

The People's Echo is a Seattle based song circle community for social and climate justice focussed folx. All people are welcome. We believe that group singing can shift the tone of the atmosphere and also within ourselves. And Seattle needs us to sing. The intention of creating this space is to infuse the streets and our movement with original songs that can be used as powerful tools for change.


The Piney Gals

Old-Timey Gals Sing/Fiddle/Dance!

The Piney Gals perform traditional songs and fiddle tunes dug from the roots of American folk music. Kate Lichtenstein (the Barn Owls) and Charmaine Slaven (Squirrel Butter, The Tallboys) started singing together in 2017 on their back porches and living rooms, and found that their voices, taste in repertoire, and sense of humor meshed well together. We think you'll enjoy the music that these two ladies of old-time music have arranged.


The Québécois Music Jam

Doug Plummer and Friends

The Pacific Northwest has a vibrant French-Canadian music scene of home-oriented sessions full of tunes, food and drink. You can find us in Seattle, Olympia, Bellingham, Portland and Vancouver, BC.

The Raccoon Carnival with Craig Wolfe, Caller

Wild animal craziness

The Raccoon Carnival is a large and diverse band that plays music for contra dances. Led by Sarah Comer, we meet every Thursday at the Phinney Ridge Neighborhood Center. We are dedicated to making music and dance fun and accessible to all and are always happy to welcome new band members to the Carnival!

The Ragshakers

Gothic Folk Punk Collective

The Ragshakers are an ever-revolving folk punk orchestra. Sometimes a raucous three piece, sometimes a scrappy duo, the Ragshakers keep their signature sound by strummin’ fast one minute and playing slow, eerie ballads.


The Rallies

skyward-facing positivity

While the four-piece band The Rallies are based in the Pacific Northwest their sound is as American as ingenuity. The group with roots in the Seattle and Tacoma areas of Washington State is one slice Americana twang one slice surfer harmony one slice mid-west jangle and one more slice sunny coastline indie rock. Infused with skyward-facing positivity the quartet is part of the great forever-sewn quilt of the country's hopeful music.


The Rhapsody Project Songsters

Hear Joe Seamons and Briar perform in virtual collaboration with their students!

The Rhapsody Project Songsters explore their heritage through various styles of American Roots music. In partnership with Northwest Folklife, these students have meet every other week for over a year to study their instruments and learn from many culture bearers throughout Seattle. In addition to performances in town, the group takes a trip each summer to spend a week celebrating our American heritage at the Pt. Townsend Acoustic Blues Festival! We host various community events and concerts throughout the city, see our website to learn more!


The Rhythm Rollers with Charlie Fenton, Caller

Traditional New England Contra

The Rhythm Rollers have been a Northwest institution for over three decades, offering hard core traditional New England Contra Dance music. The band originally formed around the late Bob McQuillen of New Hampshire, and continues on in the spirit and tradition of that great musician.


The Rouge&Noir Tango Orchestra

Argentine Tango 1920-1960's

Tango Orchestra founded in 2002 to play for Argentine Tango dancing, Folkife, and the Tango Ball. This will be our 18th performance for Folklife. Violinist may audition to play with the Orchestra.


The Roustabouts

Bluegrass and Americana Music

Based in Seattle, these folks play a mix of high energy bluegrass, soulful folk and some tunes that are just kind of weird. But mostly, the Roustabouts have a lot of fun making music together. Forming over 10 years ago, with an emphasis on strong vocals and harmonies, they cover songs from Gillian Welch and Danny Barnes to The Rolling Stones and Camper Van Beethoven. Having played parties and benefits everywhere from Madrona to Wallingford, these guys are ready to rock Seattle Center.


The Salmonberries

Rock and Roll


The SpeakEasy Band

Prohibition Era Music 1919-34

The Surly Goats!!

Superpowered Irish Craic Band!!

Created by friends who wanted to enjoy each other's company while getting free drinks The Surly Goats have created a lasting impact on Irish music in their own particular way. After years working as a spy network in the Congo our heroes have settled down in the South Sound area to raise kids and spread the joy of traditional Irish instrumentals and songs to an unsuspecting audience. And possibly sell a few T-Shirts on the way to pay for snacks.


The Sweethearts of Sigma Chai

Waltzes for the masses

Dina Blade is a singer and guitarist who spent her early childhood watching old cartoons with jazz soundtracks and has been enthralled with the music ever since. An effervescent performer with a devotion to the timeless songs from the 1930s and 40s Great American Songbook, Dina has has graced stages in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Cuba and Brazil. Her group today plays waltzes for dancing.


The TimeZones with William Watson, Caller

Contras RexBlazer SueSonger

Rex and Sue (The TimeZones) have joined musical forces across many miles for nearly 20 years, during which time they have played numerous contra dances together.


The Try-Works with Phae Vaughn, Caller

Whale of a time!

The Try-Works are a new duo based in Seattle. Penka Jane and Alex bonded over a mutual obsession with trad music and Moby-Dick. Together, they bring a fresh and exciting sound to dancefloors and concert stages. Penka's sweet, old-time-influenced fiddling and Alex's powerhouse guitar and foot percussion are sure to lift your feet.


The Vashon Sessions

Transatlantic Collaborative Folk Project

The Vashon Sessions is a collaborative music project whose goal is to bring together some of the Pacific Northwest’s best folk musicians to create something new. ​Each summer a dozen or so musicians gather in a little house on Vashon Island, which has been converted overnight into a recording studio, and make an album. The Vashon Sessions incorporates Celtic, Americana, bluegrass, old-time, maritime, and other styles, and aims capture the joy that musicians feel in playing together; in short, to capture the best of contemporary folk music.


The Waxwings with Lindsey Dono, Caller

Smooth grooves, rockin' tunes

The Waxwings formed in 2016 for a one-off gig with Cedar Sanistreet, and chose the name "Cedar and the Waxwings" for that gig. Since then, Amy, Jesse, and Alex have been playing as a trio and occasionally a quartet, and delighting dancers all over. This Folklife, they are delighted to welcome back Cedar Sanistreet to join them once again.


The Weavils

Bluegrass, Americana, Swing

Based out of Seattle, the Weavils have been performing at concerts, festivals and private events throughout the Pacific Northwest for over 20 years. The Weavils are a group of good friends, brought together by a love for hot picking, cool tunes, and getting audiences on their feet. They have tapped into American Roots Music, including rapid fire bluegrass, folk music done right, swing tunes and even a Cajun piece now and again.


Third Eye Bling

beat set with crew

Third Eye Bling, is an emerging Hip-Hop producer who's catching the ears of many of Seattle's notable artists, collaborating with the likes of Gabriel Teodros, Yirim Seck, Alpha-P and Silas Black. Hie dedication to the craft resonates sonically with dirty kicks, snapping snares, infectious bass lines, instrumentation and chopped samples. He may be regarded in a similar vein as Alchemist, ‪Pete Rock‬ and ‪Organized Noize‬. His ability to adapt to new and old music technology has provided for a range of unorthodox integration and his unique sound.


Tim Uecker and Pina Di Rosa

Contemporary/Classical Italian Music


TinnFelen Hardanger Fiddle Ensemble

Scandia Gammal Dance Music

Around 1880 an immigrant from the village of Tinn in Telemark Norway arrived in Poulsbo with a Hardanger fiddle. Passed down through the family this instrument was given to Phil Wilkinson, the leader/arranger of the group. TinnFelen began in 2003 with 2 fiddles exapnding to 4, adding woodwind and rhythm instruments for our first Folklife performance. We regularly play for Skandia dancing Nordic Museum Scandia cultural events; Sons/Daughters of Norway. We primarily play dance music but encourage individuals to study the more traditional repetoire. The group is open to all capable fiddlers. We hope you enjoy the performance!


Cajun Dance Music

Touloulou has been together since 2013. Current members include John Hurd on accordion, Karen England on fiddle, Steve Perry on fiddle, and Elena DeLisle on guitar. They share a love of the long tradition of Louisiana French music and dance.



Electric Sea Harmonies Ahoy!

TLSea is a multi-instrumental, full bore harmony mostly maritime band. Backed up by members of Emerald Fire, leader Lara Allan evokes the spirit of her mother, Teresa Morgan and family band the Cutters. TLSea embraces the ruckus of a good shanty as well as ballads of lost love with haunting harmonies. TLSea features Lara Clark on lead vocals, Kelley Kenison on Acoustic Guitar & vocals, Pamela Burdwell on Mandolin, Recorder & vocals, and Deanna Kenison on Bass Guitar & vocals.


Todd and The Toots

Acoustic reggae and ska.


Todd Christoffel

Seattle songwriter and performer

Todd Christoffel is a long time Seattle songwriter and founding member of Songwriters in Seatlle and front man and songwriter for the folk-rock group "don't ask".


Tom Humphreys

Thoughtfully rendered acoustic songs.

Tom is a longtime singer-songwriter with 35 years of words, notes and chords churning in his heart and head. He writes songs in the great, cross-pollinating traditions of Americana. Straddling blues, folk, rock and country, Tom tries to find the new twist in the old road, and to touch your heart, your mind and your funnybone.


Torongo - Seattle's Bangladeshi Dance Team

Bangladeshi Dance


Trio Tsuica

Romania, Hungary, and beyond

Trio Tsuica plays café and dance music from Romania, Hungary, and nearby countries. The group began in 2010 with three musicians on violin, accordion, and cimbalom—the hammered dulcimer’s extra-large, east-central European cousin. In need of a firm foundation, the ensemble eventually added a bassist. Since “Tsuica Quartet” just doesn’t roll off the tongue the same way, the ensemble became Portland’s only four-member trio. Tsuica is a traditional Romanian brandy distilled from plums.


Trish Anderson

vibrant lively funny unexpected

Trish Anderson started telling stories in 2017 to help take the edge off one particular episode in her past and to get her arms around something that didn’t fit neatly into all the other life experience categories. Well, it worked. And she discovered that stories could resonate far beyond just making you laugh. “Like any good art, stories can distract us from our daily heap of sorrow,” she says, “and sometimes even give hope and healing." In real life, Trish sorts and organizes words, ideas, images and objects as a technical writer and illustrator.


Two Rivers Morris

Wild Border Morris Dance

Two Rivers Morris dances border Morris in Eugene, Oregon and up and down the West Coast.


Ukestra Seattle

Ukulele joy and musicality!

Ukestra Seattle (US!), under the direction of Sunga Rose, is a group of ukulele musicians who are dedicated to bringing the joy and musicality of the ukulele to audiences everywhere. This 12-member ensemble plays a variety of music, from classical works by Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, and Brahms, to original renditions and sing-along favorites from the 1940s, ‘50s, ‘60s and beyond. Members have a variety of experience on the ukulele and other instruments and have all been brought together by their love of this 4-stringed underdog of the music world. Let US change the way you think about the ukulele.


Uncle Pappy

Beloved irascible children's entertainer

Uncle Pappy has appeared at schools and parties across the country as well as with the New Old Time Chautauqua, and has captured the hearts and funnybones of fans young and old from coast to coast (and even in the middle!)


United States Chinese Paining and Calligraphy Association

Chinese painting & calligraphy

The US Chinese Painting and Calligraphy coordinates seminars hold exhibitions give lectures and publishes collections of numerous Chinese paintings. As president of the US Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Association Dr Hongduan Yang is an advocate for traditional Chinese art and uses his expertise to cultivate the cultural exchange between China and the West. Today’s exhibition will highlight the years of collaboration between a master and his student. This demonstrates the high level of skill technique and artistry that is required in traditional Chinese art.

University Presbyterian Gospel Choir

Gospel Applied

Upendo Moore / Erika White

The incredibles

Urvasi Dance Ensemble

Odissi Indian Classical Dance

Urvasi Dance Ensemble under the direction of Dr. Ratna Roy performs classical Odissi dance in the tradition of Guru Pankaj Charan Das and the temple dancers of the Puri Temple in Odisha. The Odissi dance style is characterized by the unique sculpturesque quality, the separation of the upper torso from the lower half of the body, and in the constant juxtaposition of rhythmic strength with lyrical torso movements.


Uuhai Band

Mongolian Traditional Music performance



VADER TOTS is a project stemming from fun, joy, dance, groove and melodies. Dio and Max met while busking, and shortly after Max had moved to Seattle from Hawaii. We try to aim to always love what we do, and have fun with the sonic spectrums we enjoy. We play with a fair amount of energy and really aim to get our cardio in during our shows. Max Benoit - Bass Dio Jean-Baptiste - Drums


Valse Café Orchestra

Yes, Waltz Me, Please.

Seattle’s Valse Café Orchestra coalesced in 1999 with a singular goal: to win the hearts of good dancers with post-modern renditions of dance hall classics. As the ensemble evolved and its popularity grew it delved into realms of musical theater and performance art and today performs in concert as well. Size of the ensemble varies from three to a dozen musicians depending on the scope of performance and budget. The orchestra’s eclectic repertoire celebrates a romantic mélange of bygone eras and cultures: Paris in the thirties. Hapsburg Vienna. Yiddish melancholy. Gypsy romance. Sophisticated Manhattan swing (even some Bob Wills).


VamoLá! Brazilian Drum & Dance Ensemble

Brazilian Drum & Dance

VamoLá is a Drum and Dance Ensemble from Seattle. They combine live Brazilian music with energetic dancers in stunning Brazilian costumes. They perform many types of Brazilian music and dance from around the country of Brazil. They'll even be teaching how to dance Samba Reggae (pronounced Samba Heg-gay in Brazil) so come on up and dance along! vah-moe-LAH is Portuguese for "Let's Go!" and we do just that — we get people going!


Vancouver Fiddle Philharmonic

Large Group Fiddle Mayhem!

The Vancouver Fiddle Philharmonic is made up of string orchestras and friends from Skyview and Columbia River HS in the Vancouver (WA) school district. Sarah O'Mara and Dave Keckes-Chartrey consider themselves fortunate to get to work with them every day.

Vancouver Morris Men

Traditional English Folk Dance

We were formed in Vancouver BC Canada in 1982 to maintain English folk traditions, specifically the Morris, locally. We use our performances to celebrate the changing of the seasons throughout the year. The Spring and Summer are the seasons when we perform South Midlands morris, while Welsh Border morris and Molly are performed during the Autumn (Fall) and Winter. Most of our mummers plays are performed at the appropriate traditional seasonal time - however, we have one, modern play which we perform year round.


Vawachi II

Exhilarating Zimbabwean-style marimba!

The nine-member Vawachi II Marimba Ensemble is a new-old marimba group comprised of several veterans who first met and performed with Dumisani Maraire 40+ years ago, along with a few more youthful musicians who keep us on our toes! We play some of the old Dumi songs, dip into the repertoire from the fondly-remembered Seattle groups Kutamba and Musango and have added newer mbira-oriented arrangements by leader Claire Jones. Seven marimbas plus hosho and a bit of this and that. Still rockin’.


Vela Luka Croatian Dance Ensemble

Croatian Music and Dance

Vela Luka Croatian Dance Ensemble, founded in 1975, perform music and dance of Croatia. Anacortes, on Fidalgo Island, is home to Vela Luka, where 1/4 of the residents of the community are descendants from another fishing village, Vela Luka on the island of Korcula, Croatia. Our performers represent 4 generations who continue to introduce and share the extraordinary dance, music and costuming to the world. Forming a cross-cultural link between the Puget Sound region and Croatia, the ensemble strives to preserve Croatian folkways and culture for generations to come.


Victoria Balkan Dancers Kariatis & Sini Balkani

Victoria's Exciting Balkan Dancers

Kariatis celebrates 40 years of dancing this year. We perform traditional dances, mostly from Bulgaria Macedonia Greece Romania and Serbia, that have been choreographed for stage. We have performed at Folklife many times over the past 20 years and enjoy the festival even when not performing. Sini Balkani, created 6 years ago, is a dance group (ages 8 - 75) that follows closely the revived interest in traditional dancing in Bulgaria and performs dances currently popular and danced at the numerous folk dance parties in Bulgaria. Five of the the dancers are in both groups which participate in community events.


Victory Chicken Stringband with Joanna Stodden, Caller

Crowing good dance tunes

The members of Victory Chicken have been loving old time music for decades and Joanna loves to create community, together we love bringing people to their feet to dance and move together

VIPs - VAM in Performance

Youth Dance Ensemble

VIP’s - “VAM in Performance” is a youth performance group based at VAM Studios - School of Dance in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. The VIP's are multi-talented young performers who incorporate tap dance, ballet, contemporary, jazz, and musical theater song and dance into a fun, interactive, and inspiring experience.The group has performed at numerous events including the Fremont Solstice Parade, Globetrotter's Pre-Show, The Make-A-Wish Foundation fundraiser "Christmas Spectacular", assisted living homes in Seattle, and the Fremont Festivus.


Vision Distinguida

Latino guitars

We are VisionDistinguida, We play hispanic music called Musica sierreño , We have been in a group for almost 6 Months


Vivian Williams

traditional northwest fiddling

Vivian has played the fiddle for 60 years and is well known for her depth of understanding of many styles of fiddle music. Not only is she a champion fiddler in many different contests in the US and Canada, she is also a composer, publisher, editor, recording artist, workshop teacher and folk music researcher, consultant and historian. She is an accomplished bluegrass and old time dance fiddler, playing regularly for contra dances in the Seattle area. She has a special love of the Pacific Northwest fiddling style and is passionate about keeping the art of fiddling alive and well.


Ancient Belarusian Folk Songs

VOLYA (Freedom in Belarusian) is a Belarusian folk group based in Seattle Washington (USA). It was created in 2009 with the mission of introducing the people of the Pacific Northwest to the beauty and richness of Belarusian folklore. The group’s repertoire consists of traditional songs from different regions of Belarus with a particular emphasis on ancient Belarusian songs many with roots in pre-Christian and Medieval times which performed in authentic style. The group is proud to wear original hand-made traditional folk costumes created in the late XIX century and donated to VOLYA by Belarusian villagers.


Vox Botanica

dance of the dandelions

Rooted in belly dance, Vox Botanica delivers botanical transmissions through performance art. Esoteric, unorthodox, and heavily experimental, they also fuse spoken word and fire dance into their offerings.

Vyunok (Morning Glory in Russian)

Traditional Russian Choir

Vyunok was formed in the year of 2018 in order to perform at the Russian Community Center Bazar, the annual fundraiser. The idea of children learning the traditional Russian folk songs from their mothers and performing them on stage with their parents resonated with many families. Since then the group has been very active, performing at various festivals and functions, Seattle Children's Festival, among others.


Waltz For Fun

Ari Levitt

Ari has been teaching and performing nationally and internationally for over 25 years. A much-loved Seattle instructor, he is well-known for both his fun, energetic, and delightful classes that can't help but inspire students with a love and passion for dance, and for his clear articulate teaching style that can make even the most complex steps easy to understand and fun to do. When not dancing Ari is a physician on faculty with Singularity University's "Exponential Medicine” and is a pioneer in the burgeoning field of "Experiential Wellness" which combines medicine with music dance & the Arts.


WB Reid & Bonnie Zahnow

Oldtime Tunes & Songs

WB Reid & Bonnie Zahnow have been performing for decades in Seattle and throughout the country. Their shows are centered in old time country music with side trips into jazz, blues, Mexican music, and tin pan alley songs. They have performed at festivals and concerts, dances, preschools, old folks homes, farmers markets, parties, and just about any place where acoustic music is valued. As teachers, they've nurtured several generations of musicians through lessons, classes, and music camps.


Wendy Bagnato

Hypnotic visceral alterna- folk/rock

Wendy Bagnato grew up around musicians but never imagined she would take to any stage. After moving to Seattle from LA with zero connections she spent a lot of time alone writing. Soon the first songs were born. She eventually decided to leave the house to sing them. Her performance style is based on sharing songs as as an experience and connection to not easily expressed human emotions. It's hard to peg her genre as the influences of folk, rock, alternative, new wave, and R&B she grew up with are mixed together to form her own sound.


Wes Weddell

Frontman, Sideman, Writer, Teacher

For the past twenty years, Wes Weddell has worked multiple shifts in the engine room of Seattle’s roots music scene as frontman, sideman, writer, teacher, and community-builder. “Always heartfelt and well-constructed” (Seattle Weekly), listeners have come to expect Weddell’s regionally-rooted songs to “speak for themselves” (No Depression). Weddell has been Folklife's Singer/Songwriter Community Coordinator since 2009. His 2019 album is titled "Somewhere in the Middle."


West Coast Swing with the Seattle Swing Dance Club

Seattle Swing Dance Club

Seattle Swing Dance Club is the oldest continuously running West Coast Swing Dance Club in the world since 1965. The Seattle Swing Dance Club goal is to offer opportunities to learn and dance what we think is one of the best dances in the world!


WHAT WOULD PETE SING? Songs Pete Seeger sang, or ones he'd love sung now!

Rick Harlan and Friends

Rick Harlan the song leader for our next workshop grew up excited by the 1960's folk music revival. He was particularly inspired hearing live recordings of Pete Seeger who seemed to have a knack for getting large numbers of people who didn't know each other to sing out together loud and long! After Pete Seeger died X years ago Rick decided to honor Pete's memory by doing like Pete did! -- helping people to get over their inhibitions and sing for justice, sing for the earth, sing for freedom, and sing for the fun of it! So let's SING!


Where Traditions Meet: Ambieca Saha and Akhilesh Vadari

Kathak VS Bharatnatyam showcase

Ambieca a prominent Kathak dancer from India is known for her captivating stage presence. An electrical engineer and finance graduate from Harvard she is one of the few Kathak artists on this side of the world. Trained in the Lucknow Gharana for 17 years under Guru Alaknanda and Guru Rani Khanam Akhi a 17-year-old professional actor dancer & choreographer, A National Young Arts Silver Medal winner. He has directed and choreographed solo and group performances for various shows. He founded House of Kala a non profit organization to promote performing arts among youth, raised $42000 for kids with special needs.


Whozyamama Cajun and Zydeco

WHOZYAMAMA Cajun and Zydeco

Claudette Boudreaux from Dulac Louisiana plays accordion in the Boudreaux-Allen family and friends bringing songs from south louisiana in the cajun, creole and new orleans style.


Yung Fuego

Hip-Hop artist, Rapper

Best known as a Seattle native, Yung Fuego has been building his solo career as a talented Hip Hop Artist since 2018. Influenced by the community, culture, and sounds of his hometown, Yung Fuego aspires to perform music that speaks to fans across the musical spectrum. His signature style has become synonymous with a diverse collection of melodies and a style unlike anything else.



Hip-Hop Poet, Emcee

A Hip-Hop Artist, Producer, Poet, and DJ orginally from Zagazig, Egypt. ZAG is a 2016-17 Seattle Youth Poet Laureate Ambassador and has performed at many venues around Seattle including the Moore Theatre and MoPop's Sky Church. Discussing topics ranging from religion and spirituality, politics to braggadocious raps, ZAG always aims to speak his truth in his art and encourage others tro seek theirs.


Tasty Balkan Treats

Zakuska plays for Folkdancing groups in the Puget Sound area. We play and sing a wide variety of traditional dance tunes primarily from Balkan countries including: Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, Greece and Turkey. One of our passions is to keep Balkan folk dance music alive in the Greater Seattle area – we love to play and sing these great tunes.


Zaphara's Middle Eastern Dancers

Egyptian Cabaret Bellydance!

A master instructor & entertainer in the Pacific Northwest Zaphara is one of the few belly dancers in the US of Greek heritage. She has appeared in night clubs and taught workshops throughout the Northwest and other US cities. She has appeared on local Canadian Japanese & National TV shows (ABC's 20/20). Zaphara has co-produced hosted and performed in 4 one-hour TV shows on public access; Belly Dance 101 My Big fat Greek TV show The Cairo Connection and It's Greek to me. Zaphara has traveled to Greece Egypt Turkey Bogotá Columbia & the United Arab Emirates to study/perform.

Zorina Wolf

Feel the Groove