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The Hydrant

The Hydrant is a platform conceived by the Youth Rising Cultural Focus Committee that serves as a creative think tank and platform that amplifies the voices, stories, and impact of emerging leaders in the arts community. Acting as a hub, The Hydrant connects young creators to one another, to mentors, new inspirations, and audiences. It provides, inspiration, opportunities, and resources, and local organizations active on issues most important to young people, their families, and communities the most.


Seattle producer DJ Ivan aka Melonic206 is a modern-day Amadeus, sampling legends inspired by legends.

Jac is a multifaceted creative from the Seattle area. As a founding member of Hydrant, he synthesizes art, tech, and pop culture to help bring people together.

Diana Rodriguez
I’m a passionate student and photographer who tend to make quick decisions that lead to funny experiences(most of the time). I value friendships, family, and the desire to learn something new and be better every day. I am committed to making a better world for the little ones, so they could have the resources needed to achieve their dreams. I am responsible for always trying to participate in everything, no matter how much extra time I have to make. I want to create as much art as I can and make people question why art is so important. I am inspired by music, people who chase their dr
eams, and stories being told with real feelings.

ZAG, real name Amr Awwad, is a Hip-Hop artist, Spoken Word Poet, and DJ. Originally from Zagazig, Egypt, he has moved to Seattle at the age of 15 to pursue a career in Hip-Hop. Leaving behind his friends, family, and society in search for his unique voice in the diaspora. Driven by his passion for social justice and Equity work, ZAG has been vocal and active in the Hip-Hop and Spoken Word community in Seattle, performing at many venues including The Moore Theatre and MoPop’s Sky Church. ZAG is also a 2016-2017 Seattle Youth Poet Laureate Ambassador. In the future, ZAG hopes to go back to his hometown and start his own nonprofit, helping youth know their rights through art and self-expression.

Kathryn Powers
My name is Kathryn Powers and I am a half-Asian 18-year-old from the Seattle area. I'm positive, outgoing, and good at problem-solving, when it comes to projects that impact others. These things have served me well during my time in the PNW visual arts community. While working on art, I love using different mediums in the methods of both traditional and digital-based art. I love to make art, because it gives me a unique way to connect with myself and others. I value the creation of positive new relationships with different people, the expression of personal freedoms, and the people that are committed to doing what they love.

Roman Nova
Roman Nova, an abstract Seattle artist who speaks about addiction, politics, his connection with his higher power, and how to be the greatest you can be in this world.

Carter CostelloMy music is for the ones who don’t have music about them yet. The ones who have felt a pain inexplicable by the average mouth. Since I was a child, I didn’t fit. A consistent group of friends, a feeling of being accepted, and a conscious purpose were all absent. Stealing, drug addiction, suicidality, and self-harm, were all introduced to me younger than they should be introduced to anyone. From ages 14-16 I lived in various institutions across the United States, extending my stay with every mishap. While on the run in Tucson, Arizona, high on crystal meth, for the first time ever I thought that I might be wrong. I looked up at the stars, and prayed for whatever is meant to happen. And now it’s happening.

Folk Voice

Folk Voice started in California in 1987 before we knew about Folklife. We moved to the Pacific Northwest in the early '90s and performed at Folklife ever since!


Founding member of the galvanizing Filthy Fingers United crew, Diogenes is a purveyor of potent originality boldly combating the sonic banality of mainstream beat making.

Viewers are asked to support artist by making direct donations or supporting a cause of their choosing. To support Diogenes, please make a donation in their behalf to Seattle Artist Relief Fund Amid COVID-19.

IFTHEN (Filthy Fingers United) featuring SCRiBE THE VERBALIST and DORK STEEZY

IFTHEN creates. Mostly things you can listen to.

Viewers are asked to support the artist by making direct donations. To support If Then and Filthy Fingers, please donate or make a purchase on their Bandcamp:

Tacoma Refugee Choir

The Tacoma Refugee Choir is not your typical choir. Since 2016, this thriving community has united people across all cultures, colors, and religions, finding new ways to inspire love & hope using the transformative power of music.

Viewers are asked to support artist by making direct donations. To support Tacoma Refugee Choir, please make a donation directly on their website

David Maloney

Veteran songwriter - Reilly & Maloney over 40 years - established solo performer with 13 solo albums and CDs (2 Grammy Nominations).

Viewers are asked to donate directly to artists or causes of their choosing. To support David Maloney, please donate to Northwest Folklife on his behalf.

Kierah Raymond

Kiérah is an award-winning Celtic fiddler from White Rock BC. She has completed her A.R.C.T. with the Royal Conservatory of Music receiving one of the highest marks ever given. With an Irish/Scottish heritage, however, Kiérah’s passion is composing and performing traditional and contemporary Celtic fiddle music. Kiérah captivates her audiences by taking fiddling to a completely different level demonstrating her mastery of the instrument and radiating her love of the music. Kierah's third album “Stonemason's Daughter” won a Canadian Folk Music Award and she has also written BC's first book of all original fiddle tunes.

Kabuki Academy

Kabuki Academy is founded and run by Mary Ohno. She is currently teaching traditional Japanese shamisen and nihon buyo dance in the Seattle/Tacoma area as well as Japanese language lessons. She and her students perform all over Seattle& International. 

Viewers are asked to support artist by making direct donations. To support Kabuki Academy, please donate on their site

Squirrel Butter

Based in Seattle, Squirrel Butter performs traditional and original music influenced by Appalachian, early country, jug band, and blues artists from the late 1800s through 1950s.

Mule Hawks, presented by Wintergrass

Three-Piece Stringband playing Bluegrass and Swing!


Eduardo Mendonça

Eduardo Mendonça has played, composed, and directed various genres of Brazilian popular music in the US, Canada, Nepal, and Brazil since 1974.

Viewers are asked to donate directly to artists or causes of their choosing. To support Eduardo Mendonça, please donate to Show Brazil on his behalf.

iBuildBridges Foundation

iBuildBridges Foundation use music and storytelling to inspire individuals to actively build relationships with people of different backgrounds.

Smokey Brights

Fronted by husband and wife duo Kim West (keys and vocals) and Ryan Devlin (guitar and vocals,) Smokey Brights is a rock band out of Seattle. West and Devlin’s songs are made eminently danceable by Nick Krivchenia (drums) and Luke Logan (bass.)

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Sistas Rock the Arts

Multigenerational musicians and performers

Dunava Balkan Women's Choir

Dunava (“the Danube”) is Seattle’s premier Balkan women’s choir, made up of singers with a passion for intricate harmonies, and approaching each song, whether lament or celebration, with authenticity and respect.

Viewers are asked to donate directly to artists or causes of their choosing. To support Dunava Balkan Women's Choir, please donate to Radost Folk Ensemble on their behalf.

Trio Guadalevin

Named for the ancient river gorge that divides the city of Ronda in Andalusia. Trío Guadalevín explores the deep roots that bind the Americas with Southern Europe, the Maghreb and West Africa. These roots stretch across the ocean and intermingle Indigenous, African, Arabic and European cultural expressions.

Dale Russ

I've been playing Irish Fiddle since gas was .50 a gallon.

Sarah Comer

A gifted storyteller, Sarah has brought new life to old tales at the annual Bonfires Beaver Pelts and Boogeymen Halloween storytelling event, Pioneer Days, and most recently her one-woman show Telling Stories, where she explored common themes in folktales and the ways storytelling has changed – and in other ways stayed the same – across the centuries.

Benjamin Hunter

Funky, Folky, Futuristic, Fiddle

Sue Truman

Sue Truman discovered crankies, a centuries-old art form, in 2011 and it has been her passion ever since. She has performed and taught workshops on both US coasts and Canada.

The Geoducks

As nine year olds, Hank, Henry, and Diego created their band to spend time together and share their love of music.  Soon, this trio, wielding their clarinet, fiddle and mandolin, discovered busking and the joy of reaching an audience. Whether in ferry lines, at farmers' markets, or out on the lawns each year at Folklife, the Geoducks put together a lively set of traditional old time tunes that draws a crowd. No single event has been more spectacular for them than playing the Fisher Green Stage at Folklife last year, where every passerby was pulled in and hollering for more.

Bailadores De Bronce

Bailadores de Bronce promotes the beauty and richness of Mexican traditions through music and dance in the Pacific Northwest.

Arts Corps presents Youth Speaks

Arts Corps is a nationally recognized youth arts education organization that works to address the race and income-based opportunity gap in access to arts education.

Sera Cahoone

Sera Cahoone has earned great praise from KEXP, NPR series Tiny Desk Concert, First Listen and Songs We Love. Her work has been featured on UPROXX, ELLE and KEXP.

To support Sera Cahoone, please donate directly to her through Venmo User @-Sera-Cahoone

Olisa Spyc-E Enrico

Born and Raised in Seattle, Washington, Olisa Enrico AKA Spyc-E is a passionate creative who explores the imperfections of humanity through music and theater. Her specialty is improvisational songwriting, rhythmic poetry and youth development.

Viewers are asked to support artist by making direct donations. To support Olisa, please donate directly to her on Cash App. http://cashapp $olisaenrico

Rell Be Free

In full effect Rell Be Free is an eclectic musician, underground educator, and multifaceted entrepreneur continually expanding his original and high energy platform.

Viewers are asked to support artist by making direct donations. To support Rell Be Free, please donate directly on Cash App: $FreeMunny or Venmo: @rellbefree

Lone Wolf and Kub

Lone Wolf and Kub are a father/son rap duo based out of Washington State. Composed of father Shao Sosa and son Nobi, the two spit naturally next to each other, presenting a unique chemistry that is impossible to recreate.

Viewers are asked to support artist by making direct donations. To support Lone Wolf and Kub, please donate directly on Cash App at $nobi509 or on Venmo: @nobi509