Tango Dance with Ilana Rubin and Tony Fan, Steve Brady, and Shad and Niwako

Shad and Niwako

Shad is a guitarist and vocalist for the Mermelada tango orchestra and has been playing with them for 4 years. Prior to this, Shad played with the Bandoneon Massacre tango orchestra in Champaign, IL. By day, Shad is a software engineer. By night, Shad loves to play music with others, and has been in many other pop bands and choirs throughout the years.


Niwako is the solo violinist for the Mermelada tango orchestra and has been playing with them for just over 2 years. Niwako has been playing the violin since she was three. She studied the Suzuki method growing up in Japan. She has played in numerous orchestras, including the University of Tokyo orchestra. Niwako is a multi instrumentalist, and has played bass, ukulele, and drums in various other bands throughout the years.

Scheduled performance time: Saturday, May 23 - 6:15pm | Category: Participatory Dance