The Hydrant

The Hydrant

The Hydrant is a platform conceived by the Youth Rising Cultural Focus Committee that serves as a creative think tank and platform that amplifies the voices, stories, and impact of emerging leaders in the arts community. Acting as a hub, The Hydrant connects young creators to one another, to mentors, new inspirations, and audiences. It provides, inspiration, opportunities, and resources, and local organizations active on issues most important to young people, their families, and communities the most.


Seattle producer DJ Ivan aka Melonic206 is a modern-day Amadeus, sampling legends inspired by legends.

Jac is a multifaceted creative from the Seattle area. As a founding member of Hydrant, he synthesizes art, tech, and pop culture to help bring people together.

Diana Rodriguez
I’m a passionate student and photographer who tend to make quick decisions that lead to funny experiences(most of the time). I value friendships, family, and the desire to learn something new and be better every day. I am committed to making a better world for the little ones, so they could have the resources needed to achieve their dreams. I am responsible for always trying to participate in everything, no matter how much extra time I have to make. I want to create as much art as I can and make people question why art is so important. I am inspired by music, people who chase their dr
eams, and stories being told with real feelings.

ZAG, real name Amr Awwad, is a Hip-Hop artist, Spoken Word Poet, and DJ. Originally from Zagazig, Egypt, he has moved to Seattle at the age of 15 to pursue a career in Hip-Hop. Leaving behind his friends, family, and society in search for his unique voice in the diaspora. Driven by his passion for social justice and Equity work, ZAG has been vocal and active in the Hip-Hop and Spoken Word community in Seattle, performing at many venues including The Moore Theatre and MoPop’s Sky Church. ZAG is also a 2016-2017 Seattle Youth Poet Laureate Ambassador. In the future, ZAG hopes to go back to his hometown and start his own nonprofit, helping youth know their rights through art and self-expression.

Kathryn Powers
My name is Kathryn Powers and I am a half-Asian 18-year-old from the Seattle area. I'm positive, outgoing, and good at problem-solving, when it comes to projects that impact others. These things have served me well during my time in the PNW visual arts community. While working on art, I love using different mediums in the methods of both traditional and digital-based art. I love to make art, because it gives me a unique way to connect with myself and others. I value the creation of positive new relationships with different people, the expression of personal freedoms, and the people that are committed to doing what they love.

Roman Nova
Roman Nova, an abstract Seattle artist who speaks about addiction, politics, his connection with his higher power, and how to be the greatest you can be in this world.

Carter CostelloMy music is for the ones who don’t have music about them yet. The ones who have felt a pain inexplicable by the average mouth. Since I was a child, I didn’t fit. A consistent group of friends, a feeling of being accepted, and a conscious purpose were all absent. Stealing, drug addiction, suicidality, and self-harm, were all introduced to me younger than they should be introduced to anyone. From ages 14-16 I lived in various institutions across the United States, extending my stay with every mishap. While on the run in Tucson, Arizona, high on crystal meth, for the first time ever I thought that I might be wrong. I looked up at the stars, and prayed for whatever is meant to happen. And now it’s happening.

Scheduled performance time: Saturday, May 23 - 11:00am | Category: Music