The Roadhouse: Participatory Dance & Workshops

Welcome to The Roadhouse: Workshops & Dances, the channel for participatory dance! Join in a workshop or dance from the comfort of your living room. If you would like to directly participate in the stream, register for the dances here!

The Roadhouse: Participatory Dance & Workshops Schedule:

Songs of the Heart, Native American Flute by Peter Ali

Peter Ali has inspired and comforted many through his music and sharing for more than a decade. Hearing the call of a Native American Style flute on the wind at a low point in his own life Peter found his way towards healing through purchasing and teaching himself to play his first flute. Peter comes from a unique blending of cultures. His Mother originating in Sonora Mexico is of Mayan Pima and Southern European descent. His Father is of Berber descent leaving his child hood home on the coastal region of Morocco North Africa.

Contemporary African Dance Workshop with Etienne Cakpo

Etienne Cakpo is an award-winning dancer, choreographer and musician from Benin, West Africa, specialized in instruction and performance of traditional African dance from Benin as well as contemporary African dance styles.

Sing-a-long Maritime Chanteys with Wayne Palsson

Wayne has been singing chanteys and maritime songs for 20 years. He focuses on songs with rich tones reflecting the fishing and maritime trades. Wayne hosts the NW Seaport Monthly Chantey Sing and sings in the local group Strikes A Bell.

Tango Dance with Ilana Rubin and Tony Fan

Tango History and Passion. Join Ilana and Tony for a participatory Tango dance.

Steve Brady

Steve makes his living as a piano technician. When not working, he enjoys dancing Argentine tango, and playing piano with the Seattle tango band Mermelada.

Shad and Niwako

Shad is a guitarist and vocalist for the Mermelada tango orchestra and has been playing with them for 4 years. Prior to this, Shad played with the Bandoneon Massacre tango orchestra in Champaign, IL. By day, Shad is a software engineer. By night, Shad loves to play music with others, and has been in many other pop bands and choirs throughout the years.


Niwako is the solo violinist for the Mermelada tango orchestra and has been playing with them for just over 2 years. Niwako has been playing the violin since she was three. She studied the Suzuki method growing up in Japan. She has played in numerous orchestras, including the University of Tokyo orchestra. Niwako is a multi instrumentalist, and has played bass, ukulele, and drums in various other bands throughout the years.

WB Reid & Bonnie Zahnow with Michael Karcher, Caller

WB & Bonnie have played for contra dances many decades

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Dear Crow with Noah Grunzweig, Caller

Dear Crow is a collaboration of Seattle area musicians Brian Lindsay and Penka Jane Culevski. Old-time tunes with sweet double fiddles, tight vocal harmonies, sparkling banjo: a sound that is both nostalgic and bright with possibility.

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Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar with Kory Tideman

I started playing slack key. I've played with various groups and hula halau in the Seattle area at festivals and private shows.

Dance with Dora

A native of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, Dance with Dora’s founder and creative director, Dora Oliveira, is a master of her craft who has been choreographing, performing, and teaching Afro-Brazilian dance and music to adults and kids for over 30 years.

Sing-Along with STRUM hosted by Uncle Rod

STRUM was started just over 7 years ago by Chontel Klobas and Uncle Rod at the Ballard locks. We got permission to play there for 6 weeks. 6 years later, we have grown to over 100 members and perform various sing-alongs of 4 to 20 players, all over the Sound and beyond. The relationship with the Ballard locks is wonderful as we play every Wednesday in the Summer, and in their concert series. We meet twice a week, and have grown to be a true STRUM ukulele Ohana. Spreading happiness in ukulele!

Dromeno (The Govetas Family)

Internationally acclaimed Greek/Balkan band Dromeno pulls from the deep musical fabric of the Balkans with traditional dance tunes from Greece and beyond with clarinet, accordion, and captivating vocal harmonies.

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Dance the Shim Sham (a Swingin' Line Dance)

Becca Lucero and Hallie Kuperman are swing-dance instructors (and fans of the late, great Frankie Manning).Toby Hanson is music director of the Valse Café Orchestra. Viewers are encouraged to donate directly to artists or causes of their choosing. Please consider contributing to the Century Ballroom:

Alex Sturbaum with Susan Michaels, Caller

Alex Sturbaum is a multi-instrumentalist and singer based in Seattle. They play solo as well as with Countercurrent, The Waxwings, and other bands.

Audrey and Ben with Isaac Banner, Caller

Audrey is a New England fiddler living in California who plays in The Free Raisins, with Larry Unger and Wake Up Robin among others. Benjamin Jaber is an accomplished Irish musician, playing uilleann pipes, wooden flute and tin whistle.

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Moved By Words

In 2020, Moved By Words (an Indigenous, Black, Person Of Color lead organization) has organized a writer's weekend and livestream event in partnership with Northwest Folklife. New Voices 2020 is a showcase of award-winning writers in the Pacific NW.

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Lucy Fei of Bachata Seattle

Bachata Seattle represents the salsa and bachata community of Seattle. Our aim is to spread the love of this latin dance, bring talent to train dancers and make social events accessible to everyone!